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In Symbolic Call for Peace, Tens of Thousands Form Human Chains in Honduras


In Symbolic Call for Peace, Tens of Thousands Form Human Chains in Honduras

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In the face of rising violence, including two recent murders of local land rights activists, tens of thousands across Honduras formed human chains on Sunday in a symbolic call for peace.

TeleSUR reports that 40,000 Hondurans participated in the actions, which took place in the capital of Tegucigulpa as well as scores of other cities.


It appears that the coup orchestrated by Hillary in 2009 is paying off for the reactionary Capitalists that she put in charge in Honduras.
Then again maybe it's not.
If it were the extra-judicial murders and the unrest in the streets wouldn't be taking place.
Hillary as president is going to be a nightmare.


Oh yes, Hillary Clinton's Honduran democracy continues to brutalize the progressive environmental movement in Honduras, so unsurprising. Lets add up all the victims of the post Zelaya regime and see how the US supports human rights around the world.


Honduras - more blood on Hillary's hands.


Though we read about it and talk about it, I'm not convinced that it is fully understood that we (all humanity) are fighting a global system of violence and death.

The destruction and chaos of this violence will always affect the developing and under-developed nations first as the people don't have the resources and systems in-place to ward off the vile and sinister machinations of the elite ruling class.

We, in the U.S. have a situation right now with the protestors of DAPL, that has the potential to lead to the level of violence and death by the State that is occurring in Honduras. Will it happen? Possibly, but probably not this year.

However, I believe that such State-authorized and administered violence and death is on the immediate horizon in the U.S. and the E.U. as the oppressed people are increasingly becoming more agitated, organized and are participating in direct action dissent.

To support my opinion on the intentions of the State, we simply need to look at the number of unarmed victims that have been murdered by a militarized police force in the U.S. in the last couple of years.

The State will not allow any dissent to grow in numbers and power without doing everything in its power to extinguish it.


I agree that: "The State will not allow any dissent to grow in numbers and power without doing everything in its power to extinguish it."

HRC will not hesitate to do the same repression here that she did in Honduras if she has to! The only difference between America and Honduras is that in Honduras Amerika's foreign policy is overtly fascist; in Amerika, American domestic policy is covertly fascist for the average American that has been so brainwashed, misled, and lied to by the propaganda of the fascist MSM.


....and without a second thought.

I can't tell you how much I wish Americans would pay attention to what is going on in Europe ... especially the U.K. and France where some real grassroots agitation and dissent are becoming commonplace. Watching how the State handles the ever-increasing dissent in Europe should be seriously watched and studied as similar or identical methods will be used against dissent in the U.S.

Violent and oppressive history by the State, as the enforcement arm of the global elite ruling class, is in the making ... and it hasn't even gotten a good start yet.

I have two primary concerns:

  1. Most people can't or refuse to see and intelligently analyze what is going on around them on a global basis, and

  2. We, the global working class, are not prepared for the onslaught of chaos, violence and death that is sure to come on a global basis. No continent or country will escape the carnage.

This will be the elite ruling class' (capitalism's) last stand as the global economic system, a system that is only surviving on non-collectable debt, is at the very brink of collapse. The atrocities and carnage will have no limits.


Also, the U.S. economy is dependent on the petro-dollar and ever since the U.S. went off of the gold standard and made the deal with the devil,(the Saudi's horrible regime) to militarily, protect one of the most egregious dictatorships in the world in exchange for the petro-dollar we have been vulnerable to economic devastation.

The wars in Iraq and Libya had nothing to do with terrorism and everything to do with not allowing Saddam or Khadaffi to potentially threaten the petro-dollar.


Lest some forget, Iraq and Libya were advanced societies ... especially economically. What has been done to the people of Iraq and Libya is well beyond immoral.

(I'll stop at this point before my anger gets the best of me.)


Good point: " I look around and most of the brains seem to already been BLEACH-BITTED.


I agree, Oliver Stone has done a good job over the years making films that expose a lot of contradictions in the claim of US exceptionalism. And it may not be anymore or less brutal, it is definitely in possession of technology that makes running an empire so much more efficient