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In Synchronized Strikes Around the World, Workers #Fightfor15



Feel the BERN!


Global solidarity among employees and workers is a good solution to the elites' version of Globalization. Good to see the synchronous strikes in so many diverse regions!


Maybe someday we can get rid of fences and borders and flags and armies and war...just...Imagine..................


About 100 years ago there was a movement called the Wobblie's that had as there slogan: WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE! They were destroyed and called communists, reds and treasonous anarchists by the press. Some were even hanged.
Unfortunately, they were way before their time, but now with the world wide net, it could be time.


I can't wait to see the Wal-Mart workers joining in on the strikes. They should expose that fascist Hitlery's contribution to their horrible living conditions as a former Wal-Mart board member. What a shame and a telling revelation of her sleazy character. No honorable human being would join Wal-Mart executive circle of devious twisted crooks.


Thank you, Ms Knight, for this informative article! You won't read this from the main stream media!
Which is too bad...even the masters need to know what the proles are up to. Of course, the masters have their own sources of information - the goal is to keep the news from everyone else!


One thing Mr. Sanders has already accomplished is reinforcing the melting away of solidarity among workers. It is a start and his impact is felt. I appreciate any support of our hard working people around the world, to lift all of us up, and make corporate board rooms do more to lead in re-investments of The People, rather than PURE, ALL OUT GREED. He is one of the very few in the Congress right now who've stood up against all out insanity in Wall Street, corporate Board Rooms, and in Voting Rights. He has had it right for a very long time. It is only just now that people are starting to SEE his decades of standing with The People!


I do think that CARE of our elders/seniors will be better care if the workers doing that care are better paid and can feel some better security while doing their jobs. It only stands to reason that when you are financially doing better, you do your job better. I applaud all those who lovingly, and with pride perform the job of caring for others. We are all God's children, and we need to show it by reinforcing good supportive salaries to all workers of all job types. Not just Wall Street boys and Tech Giants.