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In Syria and Beyond, What Would It Even Look Like If the U.S. Truly Wanted Peace in the World?


In Syria and Beyond, What Would It Even Look Like If the U.S. Truly Wanted Peace in the World?

Robert C. Koehler

Donald Trump got “presidential” again and fired about $150 million worth of cruise missiles at Syria, accomplishing God knows what.

Meanwhile, the United States, in its humanitarian largesse, has so far allowed 11 Syrian refugees into the country this year, of the more than 5 million external refugees the country’s civil war has produced.


‘Steven Kinzer, writing in the Boston Globe, believes otherwise: “From Washington’s perspective, peace in Syria is the horror scenario. Peace would mean what the United States sees as a ‘win’ for our enemies: Russia, Iran, and the Assad government. We are determined to prevent that, regardless of the human cost.”’

From Washington’s perspective, indeed, for I have no quarrel with Russia, Iran, nor the Assad government. Color me not represented by Washington–film at 11…


The article omits one basic fact that seems frequently forgotten: The USA has been a key actor in stoking this war since around 2004. Initially, the CIA trained and armed opponents of President Assad in the hope of overthrowing him. This did not quite work out, though some of these groups later became part of ISIS. Since 2011 the US military has been actively involved in the civil war and (as I understand) presently control about 1/3 of Syria’s territory. Without the US involvement, I suspect there would be no (significant) unrest in Syria. As is, just over half the population has been forced away from their home; with more than 6 million internally displaced and around 5 million as refugees outside of Syria (Wikipedia).


Keep in mind that the vast majority of those refugees fled territory controlled by the rebels. Several hundre4ds of thousands have returned to Syria moving back to territories the Assad Government has recaptured.

I do not agree that the groups initially supported by the US subsequently morphed into ISIS. They were supporting ISIS and Al Qaeda linked groups KNOWINGLY from the get go.

Much the same happened in Libya where Qaddaffi indicated that the groups that France the UK and the US were training and supporting were linked to terrorist groups. This was all but admitted to by the US Government.



What are U.S. interests here?

good question, mr. koehler! that phrase “to protect national interests” has become the favorite media excuse to justify the unconscionable. what exactly are u.s. interests in syria? oh, the blatant hypocrisy! the politicians and media angry that russia may have committed the greatest crime and interfered with the sanctity of our “democratic” elections, scream “foul” while without even a hint of apology promote regime change around the world.

just as viet nam and the korean war were proxy wars with china. the u.s is now “playing war in seria” to punish china and russia. well, the boys do get a chance to test out their new military toys. #46 got to appear very presidential as he boasted “mission accomplished.” yeah, we’ve heard that before! and russia also got to show off their ability to repel u.s. incoming missiles. what in reality was accomplished? target practice!

"No American pilots were killed, according to the Pentagon, and as of now, the U.S. does not know if there were any civilian casualties.”

“And it never will, because it doesn’t matter! Not when we do it.”

now, i’m no chemist, but the u.s. claims to have bombed into oblivion all of assad’s alleged storage sites. doesn’t that release those dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere?


Yes, he (JFK) was. His fate was thus sealed.


Yes,to me, JFK’s legacy is that he proved what happens when any president resists the pressure of the war profiteering, trillion $, deep state of the US war empire. My view is that the deep state made it very clear not to cross it’s criminal cabal, because all presidents since JFK have been stooges of the MIC and war mongering, presidents. Right after JFK was assassinated in Dallas, Jackie exclaimed: " they have shot Jack."

Notice she said “they”.


Have they been stooges, or have they been blackmailed, in fear for their lives ?


No, from my perspective, it is much more subtle than that. They do not have be told; because they know the parameters and the consequences of crossing the MIC. Thanks for your reply.


Yes indeed. He resisted Empire and destroyed most of his immediate family and his male son. They’ve played ball ever since. Well they took down Nixon but not in a box. He was warring as expected. There were other reasons for his removal. Taxes I believe.


You account of the Syrian Civil War is a fact-free zone. So the aspirations of the Syrian people - starting with their peaceful Arab Spring uprisings in 2011 against the brutal Assad, has nothing to do with it? The Syrian people are just CIA agents or something? The peace of oppression is an acceptable peace to you?


Here’s some inconvenient news and commentary for you all…

Or do you all consider even Mozzam Begg a “shill for imperialism” now?

(https://www.democracynow.org/2018/4/19/headlines/syria_un_chemical_weapons_team_comes_under_fire_delays_inspections )

(https://www.democracynow.org/2018/4/19/moazzam_begg_on_syria_a_no )


People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage. Intellectual myopia, often called stupidity, is no doubt a reason. - quote by John Kenneth Galbraith

People of privilege, meaning conservatives and neoliberals, will not trade peace for profitable wars until they are personally at risk of their complete destruction. And even then, who knows? Conservative stupidity knows no bounds.


Or this:



The US in opposing Iran and Assad is serving as a proxy mainly for Israel, and secondly for Saudi Arabia, with the blessing of the self-serving industrial-military complex. Or am I missing something here? Perhaps a pipeline? And don’t insult me by claiming we’re acting on humanitarian concerns.

What our problem is with Russia, I can’t figure out. It’s not explained by the fact that it interfered in our elections. Rather, the problem with its having interfered in our elections is said to be that it;s an adversary. If interference in our election by a foreign government were a problem per se, then the major culprit would not be Russia.


Yup, that is a good description of Assad too.


How the US Occupied the 30% of Syria Containing Most of its Oil, Water and Gas


Northeastern Syria is an important region owing to its rich natural resources, particularly fossil fuels in the form of natural gas and oil. Indeed, this area contains 95 percent of all Syrian oil and gas potential — including al-Omar, the country’s largest oil field. Prior to the war, these resources produced some 387,000 barrels of oil per day and 7.8 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually, and were of great economic importance to the Syrian government. However, more significantly, nearly all the existing Syrian oil reserves – estimated at around 2.5 billion barrels – are located in the area currently occupied by the U.S. government.

In addition to Syria’s largest oil field, the U.S. and its proxies in northeast Syria also control the Conoco gas plant, the country’s largest. The plant, which can produce nearly 50 million cubic feet of gas per day, was originally built by U.S. oil and gas giant ConocoPhillips, which operated the plant until 2005, after which Bush-era sanctions made it difficult to operate in Syria. Other foreign oil companies, like Shell, also left Syria as a result of the sanctions.

With the U.S. now occupying the area, the oil and gas produced in this region are already benefiting U.S. energy corporations to which Trump and his administration have numerous ties. According to Yeni Şafak, the U.S. along with the Saudis, Egypt, and Kurdish officials held meetings where decisions were made to extract, process and market the fossil fuels harvested in the region, with the Kurds being given a handsome share of the profits. As of 2015, the Kurds were said to be earning in excess of $10 million every month.


Check out my link line 17


How can any thinking person believe at this point that this is about “combating terrorism”, or that the US really gives a damn about the Syrian people. What they say and what they do are very different things.


I read another few thousand US troops were sent to Syria. I really would like to see Russia run them all out of that nation. Who wants to be gouged much higher for a gallon of gas? If you don’t think it’s a gouge you’re sleeping.