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In 'Targeted Strike' Against Environmental and Racial Justice, Trump EPA Curbs State Power to Reject Fossil Fuel Projects

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/02/targeted-strike-against-environmental-and-racial-justice-trump-epa-curbs-state-power


The states will be happy to step aside and let the fossil fuel industry destroy state environments.
I am reminded of our states fight to deny a questionable copper mine. We sent them packing.
Another was a long drawn out fight between our white Walleye fishermen against the tribal fishing rights. The tribes won.
Trump is in for a long battle on his EPA overreach.


So, this goes out to any Trump supporters out there: tell me, how does THIS equate with “freedom”?


This statement is naive and attempts to mislead;

“This president and this administration are at war with justice and well-being—particularly for the communities that lack these fundamentals the most.”

This author is trying to blame everything on Trump and prime people to vote for a war monger Democrat. Do not forget Truman was a democrat who dropped atom bombs on innocent civilians waving the white flag. The entire US government is at war with justice, well-being and Earth.

The same descriptive anti-life and war monger accusation can be made against every president in my life-time. It doesn’t matter who or what party. The US is a terrorist totalitarian military empire and all the parties and branches are the same.

You like your smiling baby kissing representative or senator? When did they come to you in your district or state and reveal the grotesque and macabre nature of the government you sent them to with your vote. My guess is never.

Trump is merely a tv actor, like Ronald Regan, but at a time when the rot has become visible as a riot.


Wheeler said in a statement Monday that new rule comes in response to an April 2019 executive order from Trump, and is intended to “curb abuses of the Clean Water Act that have held our nation’s energy infrastructure projects hostage, and to put in place clear guidelines that finally give these projects a path forward.”

The unsaid part of Wheeler’s statement, “Because no project should never be without a path forward, no matter how bad the environmental impact.”


Trade agreements do that, they preempt national laws. So this is another example, of local laws being used to fraudulently conceal the problems caused by FTAs

US corporations are perhaps the largest users of “investor-state” suits so it stands to reason they would want to conceal this from us.

Corporations in extractive industries often bring ISDS suits against countries that seek to protect essential resources from the “right to frack”, right to mine, (rights to extract all the wealth at fire sale prices) etc, asserted in trade agreements, often against states, communities or indigenous peoples.

Corporate Europe Observatory recently made a video about a Romainian town that was trying to defend itself

“For 20 years, residents of beautiful Romanian town Roşia Montană have fought plans to build a toxic gold mine, which would have destroyed their home and the environment. They stopped the project in court, where the mine was declared illegal”.


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F you the rethug’s are criminals and need to rot in hell.

SMDH anyone that voted for this pos can kma.

I mean the pipeline in question is an extension on a line that runs from Pennsylvania through New Jersey and New York. That’s the definition of a interstate project, so restricting state jurisdiction? You might want to reread the commerce clause of the US Constitution…

Now granted this article is primarily about the new rule changes, however I fail to see how the rules are taking greater jurisdiction away from states on interstate projects?

Additionally there seems to be significant bias in approach for how utilities will operate with this new rule as discussed in the following statement: “This incentivizes pipeline companies to withhold information states would need to fully assess a projects’ impacts on water“.

There’s a 12 month reporting period for states to require submission of information for the permit. Unless the procurement of access permits is likely to take longer than a year (not including legal disputes), it is in the best interest of companies to provide information in order to meet planed milestones for creation of a project and begin preconstruction bidding. I don’t foresee any scenario in which a company would intentionally lose a year of cost on a potential project just to reduce submittal requirements with a state government regarding an environmental access agreement.

Lastly it’s difficult to tell which court case the article is referencing (as it doesn’t include a case number or title of the case), but if it’s referring to: PUD No. 1 of Jefferson County v. Washington Department of Ecology then I don’t understand how this new rule is related?

The case held that the utility was required to meet water flow certification requirements of the state of Washington and not just the requirements of FERC. But thats really not what this rule is talking about. The rule is not requiring that projects only meet federal requirements - the rule is stating that states have a year window to deny or accept a permit. I fail to see the relevance of this Supreme Court case and this new EPA rule.

You don’t like pipelines - fine, but take a second and change the type of infrastructure in question and really ask yourself if this ruling is beneficial or harmful for the expedited development of critical infrastructure necessary for energy security.

For example in the Green New Deal, progressives demand 100% renewable by 2030. Given the geological and water discharge/volume limitations in the US, the grand majority of projected generating assets in the 100% renewable portfolios are going to be solar and wind. In order to utilize large utility scale wind and solar farms you’re going to require massive scales of high voltage transmission infrastructure.

Just as pipelines cross over streams, rivers, lakes and environmentally sensitive areas so do transmission lines. This infrastructure requires the exact same access permits as these pipelines.

If we are really going to try to achieve mass deployment of this infrastructure does it make sense to allow states to hold certification approval but require resubmission of permit applications while they review information to make a decision that has historically extended the overall timeframe of preconstruction and installation of critical infrastructure?

Your argument is less than comprehensive, and rotting in hell can’t be achieved on this plane of existence. But it appears that when someone dares utter truth you take offence. That’s no way to be. The Dems want to hold you down while the oligarchs screw you every bit as much as the Republicans now. Perhaps less CNN and MSNBC and more information sources on YouTube could help you grasp reality better. You won’t be any happier, but perhaps you won’t have to respond to valid opinions like a jerk anymore.

Thank you for your thoughtful reply to MCullenNE. I was going to wander off into which sports team (s)he might prefer for intellectual stimulus and guidance. Then I saw this news of a president addressing scientists, various experts and academicians; I know of no North American president who can share original and thoughtful insights with real experts and scientists…

Chinese President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, presided over a symposium attended by experts and scholars in Beijing, capital of China, June 2, 2020.

“Only by developing a strong public health system, improving the early warning and response mechanisms, comprehensively enhancing the capacity for prevention, control and treatment, weaving a tight prevention and control network, and consolidating the wall of quarantine, can we provide a strong guarantee for safeguarding the people’s health,” Xi said.

“Since the epidemic outbreak, China has been upholding the vision of building a community with a shared future for humanity and working closely with the World Health Organization and related countries,” Xi said.

Xi added that China will continue to fulfill its international obligations, fully play its role as the world’s biggest supplier of anti-epidemic materials and work together to build a community of health for all.


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"[A] one-year deadline for permitting decisions and restricts the scope of what state and tribal officials can consider."

Now, why do you suppose those white supremacist elitists stole all that land and lives from the First Nations? They sure as hell did not do it for our collective health, now did they? US America has always been for sale from the first landing of those ships full of settler colonialists full of pride in the “superiority” in their lack of melatonin.

"Following Trump’s announcement that he would deploy the military to crush protests against police violence throughout the country, the Democrats are working to cover up and downplay Trump’s illegal and unconstitutional coup d’état…

“In contrast to the heroism of the demonstrators, who showed up by the tens of thousands in defiance of Trump’s threats, the Democrats have responded with their typical display of fecklessness, cowardice and complicity.”


Pesky thing that Tenth Amendment.