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In Tense Exchange Over Bailouts, Warren Accuses Mnuchin of Putting 'Wall Street Buddies' Before US Workers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/19/tense-exchange-over-bailouts-warren-accuses-mnuchin-putting-wall-street-buddies-us

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Grandstanding is what Liz Warren will be remembered for. Her other noteworthy achievements have been to kneecap Bernie Sanders’ momentum to the nomination, first in 2016, when she decided not to endorse Sanders before the MA primary, and again in 2020, by calling Sanders a liar and a sexist, and not endorsing him before Super Tuesday.


Warren is not part of the effort to build a revolution. Too right-wing democrat.
She will hopefully be useful in the senate.


Mnuchin is doing exactly what Warren, Pelosi, et al expected him to do. Now Warren is spouting her important sounding words, which will be followed by no action. Why is this behavior never called out?


Putting ‘Wall Street Buddies’ Before US Workers

Correcting if I"m wrong but isn’t that exactly what the Dem leadership* and most Dems actually DID in the first few Bailouts?


Democrats need to start getting extraordinarily specific on the legislative language used in these bail-outs.

No more leaving the details to anyone in this mis-administration - period!


Didn’t she vote for the first stimulus(heist) package?


It is the system Senator. The chance to speak up and point this out was during the campaign and while it is nice of you to say something now where was your voice when it could have made a serious difference - even when the latest bailout was up for a vote. Why the wait when this was obvious from the start? Could it be that your connections to this very system are so close that it was impossible for to make a serious stand?


EW put her DNC buddies before the American People

Bernie put his DNC “freinds” before the American People

Pelosi put her Donor class before the American People

Chuck Schumer put his donor class before the American People

The “Squad” put their allegiance to the DNC before the American People

Biden is lucky when he can put one word in front another in front of the American People

The entire Democratic Party has put their priority of Party over Principles.

The solution will not be on the ballot. Good Luck.


Listen it’s just another joke for the Joker and his buddies…do you really think he cares about anybody except those with money and power.

We really need to wake up ,this kind of taking has been going on for so long now for three millennia in fact .
You see the winners of life get to call the shots those with the stuff ; here’s how it works in reality…remember we are just making it all up it’s called make-believe.

Everything can truly be on earth as it is in heaven, when the time of separation is over and the time of unification is at hand. Unification with God, unification with all others, and with every living thing. This is what God has come to tell us once more through the messengers of today. You will know them as God’s messengers because they will all be bringing the same message: We Are All One. This is the only message that matters. The fact that you have so far failed to receive it (you have heard it often, but you have failed to receive it) is what has caused every misery, every sorrow, every conflict, every heartache in your experience. It has caused every murder, every war, every rape and robbery, every assault and attack, mental, verbal, and physical. It has caused every illness and dis-ease, and every encounter with what you call death. The idea that we are not One is an illusion.

The human race has been living with illusions for a long time. This is not because the human race is stupid, but because the human race is very smart. Humans have understood intuitively that illusions have a purpose, and a very important one. Most humans have simply forgotten that they know this. And they have forgotten that their forgetting is itself part of what they have forgotten – and therefore part of the illusion. Now it is time for humans to remember.

The Ten Illusions of Humans are very big, very powerful illusions that you created during the earliest part of your experience on Earth. And you create hundreds of smaller ones every day. Because you believe them, you have created a cultural story that allows you to live these illusions and thus make them real. They are not really real, of course. Yet you have created an Alice in Wonderland world in which they seem very real, indeed. And like the Mad Hatter, you will deny that what is False is false, and that what is Real is real. You have, in fact, been doing that for a very long time. A cultural story is a story that has been handed down from generation to generation, across centuries and millennia. It is the story that you tell yourself about yourself. Because your cultural story is based on illusions, it produces myths, rather than an understanding of reality.

The Ten Illusions of Humans will be found below, in parentheses. Preceding each Illusion is the cultural story of humans that the illusion has placed into the reality of many people:

  1. God has an agenda (Need Exists)
  2. The outcome of life is in doubt (Failure Exists)
  3. You are separate from God (Disunity Exists)
  4. There is not enough (Insufficiency Exists)
  5. There is something you have to do (Requirement Exists)
  6. If you do not do it, you will be punished (Judgment Exists)
  7. The punishment is everlasting damnation (Condemnation Exists)
  8. Love is, therefore, conditional (Conditionality Exists)
  9. Knowing and meeting the condition renders you superior (Superiority Exists)
  10. You do not know that these are illusions (Ignorance Exists)

This cultural story has been so ingrained in you that you now live it fully and completely. This, you tell each other, “is just the way it is.” You have been telling each other that now for many centuries. Indeed, for millennia after millennia. For so long, in fact, that myths have grown up around these illusions and stories. Some of the most prominent myths have been reduced to concepts such as “Thy will be done,” “Survival of the fittest,” “To the victor go the spoils,” “You were born in Original Sin,” “The wages of sin are death,” “Vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord,” “What you don’t know won’t hurt you,” “God only knows,” and many others, equally destructive and non-serving. Based on these illusions, stories, and myths – here is how many humans have come to think about Life:

“We are born into a hostile world, run by a God who has things He wants us to do and things He wants us not to do, and will punish us with everlasting torture if we don’t get the two right.

Our first experience in Life is separation from our mother, the Source of our Life. This creates the context for our entire reality, which we experience as one of separation from the Source of All Life. We are not only separate from all Life but from everything else in Life. Everything that exists, exists separate from us. And we are separate from everything else that exists. We do not want it this way, but this is the way it is. We wish it were otherwise, and, indeed, we strive for it to be otherwise.

We seek to experience Oneness again with all things, and especially with each other. We may not know why, exactly, yet it seems almost instinctual. It feels like the natural thing to do. The only problem is, there does not seem to be enough of the other to satisfy us. No matter what the other living thing is that we want, we cannot seem to get enough of it. We cannot get enough of love, we cannot get enough time, we cannot get enough money. We cannot get enough of whatever it is we think we need in order to be happy and fulfilled. The moment we think that we have enough, we decide that we want more.

Since there is ‘not enough’ of whatever it is we think we need to be happy, we must ‘do stuff’ to get as much as we can get. Things are required of us in exchange for everything, from God’s love to the natural bounty of Life. Simply ‘being alive’ is not enough. Therefore we, like all of Life, are not enough.

Because just ‘being’ isn’t sufficient, the competition begins. If there’s not enough out there, we have to compete for what’s there. We have to compete for everything, including God. This competition is tough. It is about our very survival. In this contest, only the fittest survive. And to the victor go all the spoils. If we lose, we live a hell on Earth. And after we die, if we are losers in the competition for God, we experience hell again – this time forever.

Death was actually created by God because our forebears made the wrong choices. Adam and Eve had everlasting life in the Garden of Eden. But then, Eve ate the fruit of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and she and Adam were driven from the Garden by an angry God. This God sentenced them, and all their progeny forevermore, to death as the first punishment. Henceforth, life in the body would be limited, and no longer everlasting, and so would the stuff of Life.

Yet God will give us back our everlasting life if we never again break His rules. God’s love is unconditional, it is only God’s rewards which are not. God loves us even as He condemns us to everlasting damnation. It hurts Him more than it hurts us, because He really wants us to return home, but He can’t do anything about it if we misbehave. The choice is ours.

The trick is, therefore, to not misbehave. We need to live a good life. We must strive to do so. In order to do so, we have to know the truth about God, and we cannot avoid offending Him, if we do not know right from wrong. So we have to know the truth about that. The truth is simple to understand and easy to know. All we have to do is listen to the prophets, teachers, sages, and the source and founder of our religion. If there is more than one religion and, therefore, more than one source and founder, then we have to make sure to pick the right one. Picking the wrong one could result in us being a loser. When we pick the right one, we are superior, we are better than our peers, because we have the truth on our side.

This state of being ‘better’ allows us to claim most of the prizes in the contest without actually contesting them. We get to declare ourselves the winners before the competition begins. It is out of this awareness that we give ourselves all the advantages, and write our ‘Rules of Life’ in such a way that certain others find it nearly impossible to win the really big prizes. We do not do this out of meanness but simply in order to ensure that victory is ours – as rightly it should be, since it is those of our religion, of our nationality, of our race, of our gender, of our political persuasion who know the truth, and therefore deserve to be winners. Because we deserve to win, we have a right to threaten others, to fight with them, even to kill them if necessary, in order to produce this result.

There must be another way to live, another thing that God has in mind, another larger truth, but if there is, we don’t know it. In fact, it is not clear whether we are even supposed to know it. It is possible that we are not supposed to even try to know it, much less to truly know and understand God. To try is presumptuous, and to declare that you have actually done so is blasphemous.

God is the Unknown Knower, the Unmoved Mover, the Great Unknown. Therefore, we cannot know the truth that we are required to know in order to meet the conditions that we are required to meet in order to receive the love that we are required to receive in order to avoid the condemnation that we are seeking to avoid in order to have the everlasting life that we had before any of this started. Our ignorance is unfortunate, but should not be problematic. All we need do is take what we think we do know – our cultural story – on faith, and proceed accordingly. This we have tried to do, each according to his or her own beliefs, and thus we have produced the life that we are now living, and the reality on Earth that we are creating.”

This is how most of the human race has it constructed. You each have your minor variations, but this is, in essence, how you live your lives, justify your choices, and rationalize the outcomes. Some of you do not accept all of this, yet all of you accept some of it. And you accept these statements as the operating reality not because they reflect your innermost wisdom but because someone else has told you that they are true. At some level, you have had to make yourself believe them. This is called make-believe. Yet now it is time to move away from make-believe and toward what is real.

This will not be easy, because Ultimate Reality will differ a great deal from what many people in your world are now agreeing is real. You will literally have to be “in this world, but not of it.” And what would be the purpose of that if your life is going well? Nothing. There would be no purpose. If you are satisfied with your life and with the world as it is, there would be no reason for you to seek to shift your reality and to stop all this make-believe. This message is for those who are not satisfied with their world as it is.

You beat me to it. I’m not sure if Liz realizes it yet, but she could have been the lynchpin in the genesis of a modern progressive movement. Instead, she chose to play ball.
I don’t want her to go away mad. I just want her to go away. Forever.


I have more respect for McTurtle than Warren. At least he’s honest about ruining our democracy. That’s his goal. Warren is good at grandstanding but her goal continues to elude me. Why does she claim to be progressive, yet when it comes time to support a hugely popular campaign like Bernie’s, she pretty much ruined his chances by not endorsing him. Hi Mitch. I hate you but at least I know where you stand.


Hey Elizabeth: Speaking of Steve Mnuchin, how about hunting up your esteemed colleague Kamala Harris and asking her why Mnuchin isn’t in jail, hmmmmmm?


“Facism will come to America wrapped in a flag and carrying a bible”. ~ Upton Sinclair


Persons as Mnuchin are a plague in and of themselves, and do not belong in the U.S.A.


Too late


Liz talks the talk. As a progressive she’s still in diapers and crawling on all fours.


Thanks, Lizzie. Go back to campaigning for VEEP.


watch out the people who monitor the internet are reading

Liz, as long as you continue your defense of Capitalism the Capitalists will say “bipartisan” and “unfair” to you. You made the wrong choice, torpedoing Mr. Sanders. You had a chance to fight the “rigged system” you talk about so much. Now you’re just providing the Dems with another “we tried” excuse.