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In Tense Exchange Over Bailouts, Warren Accuses Mnuchin of Putting 'Wall Street Buddies' Before US Workers

A 1/2 trillion dollars is allot of money. At “10 to 1” multiplier, that’s 5 trillion dollars at “30 to 1” multiplier, that’s 15 trillion dollars. Money from tax revenues its 15 trillion, but, through, money from the FED it’s 5 trillion dollars. But people out of work, how about reducing the size of their home mortgage by 1/3 ($900,000. mortgage to a $600,000. mortgage or $600,000. mortgage to $400,000. home mortgage, which would cost approximately 3 trillion where people could ride this thing out rather than 15-18 million family foreclosures which is approximately 63 to 75 million people will be homeless

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