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In Terms of Combating Climate Crisis, Renowned Naturalist David Attenborough Declares: 'We Cannot Be Radical Enough'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/09/terms-combating-climate-crisis-renowned-naturalist-david-attenborough-declares-we


We cannot fail to have a global war on the coming climate crisis or in my view, millions could perish in the future. Forget Isis; forget the Taliban; forget al-quaida and other so -called terrorist groups because the world wide terror that is coming our way, if the whole world does not declare the global climate crisis an emergency… will have dire consequences for the whole planet.


We are still moral monsters who feel entitled to own as “property” another conscious, thinking, feeling, caring, socially aware sentient being just because that other being belongs to another species.

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Dire consequences for the whole planet took up residence in the White House two and a half years ago.

Been praying for a bullet to free us all since.


I chose a fat embolism in the office pool.

But whatever works.


That’ll do.

I’m for not leaving that up to chance.

David Attenborough is the only luminary that has dared to mention the major problem underlying the Climate Crisis, overpopulation. Coupled with gross inequality, the prognosis is dire.

To take on the climate crisis we may have to take on the religionists that prohibit birth control and abortion. It seems they prefer nuclear war as an overpopulation control that will somehow raise the faithful up to heaven.

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Hells bells…we aren’t even being a teensy bit radical. I’m old but my grandchildren aren’t…we are de facto killing our progeny.

It goes far beyond the idiot 45 and started long before that. It is the capitalist way…to eat your own for profit. It is the neonotademocracy way. Korten wrote about when Corporations Rule the World and Naomi Kline spoke to it. Even Eisenhower warned us long long ago in his farewell speech. Beware the MIC! . They prey upon our world and our people.

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We all are well aware of history. We merely seek justice for the millions whose lives have been negatively affected by this human’s abuses.

There is another nutty leader in another large country to the south, who has set out to destroy the Amazon, its flora and fauna, and its peoples.

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Regardless of my admiration for him as a documentary maker, he is simply mouthing platitudes.

Attenborough said that humanity “cannot be radical enough” but he never ever challenges the economic system, he never names the culprit of climate change as capitalism but rather assigns blame to people…he is an active proponent of Population Matters, that we have a over-population problem, not that there is an issue on how we fairly distribute our resources.

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Authoritarianism isn’t confined only to the United States of America.

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David Attenborough is one of the few people on the planet who actually understands the urgency; he’s absolutely right. Anyone opposed to fighting global warming on a global scale is complicit in the Trump Administration’s global murder/suicide.

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Yes, but nobody is willing to join me in the most obvious “radical” action that needs to be taken to keep humans from causing the extinction of 95% of the world’s species in the next 100 years - drastically reducing world population by severly rationing fertility and childbirth through lotteries, forced sterilization and abortion for 3/4’s of the population, regardless of wealth or station in life. I am NOT a Fascist-Nazi-eugenicist. I am someone who is willing to face the truth and tell it, because those invested in the fantasy of unlimited growth will never do so.