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In 'Terrifying' Indictment of For-Profit System, 12.7 Million Americans Have Lost Insurance Due to Coronavirus

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/30/terrifying-indictment-profit-system-127-million-americans-have-lost-insurance-due

I have been lookin g at what COBRA is in the USA more closely. I had initially thought it intended to Cover workers between jobs but the reality is it a subsidy to insurance companies . Ex employee pays 600 dollars a month or some such to a private insurance provider and this bill proposes the Government helping to pay that.

Just cover their health care . What the hell are insurance companies needed for?


That’s easy: campaign contributions. There used to be luxury cruises involved, as well. Maybe there’s some hope the cruises can resume…

It’s called COBRA because it’s a snake, and it bites. All these arrangements are (now so obviously – with our unsightly immiseration splashed all over the world stage) nothing more and nothing less than the shackles of wage-slavery. Everybody knows that.

Now Orangeman “pushes the envelope” – as is his wont – by ordering workers to work, exploring innovative paths to supercharged USAmerican slavery in the 21st century.

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Ok, One more Time…

Ask yourself - “Do I want to pay for insurance, or do I want to pay for Healthcare?”

  • Private Health insurance Companies do not provide healthcare - They only pay the bills . For this ‘service’, they skim 20% +/- off the top for themselves, leaving less of your money for your care. Overhead for Medicare is 2% or less.

  • Private Insurance companies have no incentive to keep prices down in fact the more healthcare costs go up, the more money THEY make.

  • Private-based insurance companies make their money by DENYING Healthcare NOT by PROVIDING healthcare.

  • For Profit insurance means Less healthcare = more profit. How will that motive affect their decisions for you and your family?

  • Private-based insurance still leaves you with Corporate Death Panels . Their requirement for profit sits between you and your doctor and dictates what care is available to you, or not.

  • Private-based insurance still includes co-pays, deductibles, limits, MEDICAL BANKRUPTCY, and for most, ties you to your employer. If you lose your job, you probably lose your healthcare care.

Isn’t this a No-Brainer?

Ask yourself - “Do I want insurance, or do I want Healthcare?”

If you answer, “Insurance,” your brain has been compromised.


Insurance has long been a financial instrument to collect huge pools of money and invest it. Also to build big, new, office buildings and golf courses.

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The number of murkins who lost insurance represent less than half of the murkins who have lost their jobs, once again confirming the failure of employer based medical insurance.

Trump, Moscow Mitch and the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP are working toward M4N, the N meaning NONE, not M4A.

The number of murkins who lost insurance represent less than half of the murkins who have lost their jobs, once again confirming the failure of employer based medical insurance Half of the laid off didn’t have insurance before the crash.

"If we take anything away from this pandemic, it’s that…“

…Congress isn’t interested in getting healthcare right, they’re interested in taking care of their donors.

Insurance companies are a corrupted monopoly. They share data and fix prices. Originally, individuals had difficulty getting individual coverage for healthcare costs, and needed to join group plans written for companies. The coverage was meant for the healthier section of the population and left the poorer less healthy segment of society to be covered through Medicaid or no coverage at all except pay out of pocket. The large insurance companies act as a middle entity between doctors/ hospitals and companies/corporations, and collect large panels of patients to be bargained for. This guaranteed patients at the door. It also meant more profits in the insurance company pockets and discounted payments to the clinicians and hospitals, and supposedly less expense to contracted companies which offered their workers healthcare coverage as a benefit. But each year these costs increase, putting strain on the companies.

Insurances are protected by law to perform this function because they also need to carry a large surplus of money or a secondary insurance to cover potential losses in any one year.

It has become even more of a racket in recent years by their concern mostly for bottom line profits, and often deny payment for care for various spurious reasons.
Cobra is a federally mandated program that allows continuous insurance coverage for about 40 weeks after a job is lost, to ex worker and family if covered previously. There is little control on front end costs, premiums upwards to 700 to 800 plus dollars a month and still very high deductibles and coinsurances and copays. Often unaffordable to many and it is only a temporary measure.
Medical insurances including Medicare as presently written do not cover long term care in nursing facilities or assisted living facilities.
Medicare for All universal (and one payer system) care is a birth to grave coverage for healthcare costs and pharmaceuticals at lower costs then the systems in place at present. That is what is needed in the USA, and it is what every other industrialized civil country in the world provide their citizens. But it is supposedly cost prohibitive in the richest country in the world. As we know, most of money in USA is in the hands of the super rich or for military spending, the citizens are treated as indentured servants. Time to change this.