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In the Absence of Charges, Protesters Demand 'Justice' for Tony Robinson


In the Absence of Charges, Protesters Demand 'Justice' for Tony Robinson

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In the absence of justice, residents of Madison, Wisconsin and other demonstrators say they will seek it on their own, one day after local officials announced they would not press charges against the police officer who killed local teenager Tony Robinson.


Arrest Walker!!!


I live in Madison, and have been following this case closely.

Unlike other such deaths, we don’t have a very clear sense of just what transpired between the officer and the deceased. Given that reality, it may be that Kenny’s actions were legally justified, but for Ozanne to make that declaration absent any substantiation other than Kenny’s account seems a biased judgment.

He could have stated that there’s insufficient evidence to charge the officer. That may or may not be the case, and I hope we’ll discover more on that matter over time.

But the larger issue is that regardless of the facts in this case, police - the state - have and will continue to oppress and kill “the other”, and the “law” will shield them from the just consequences of those actions, which include the violent and often militarized response to the community’s righteous anger over its treatment.

That reality will not change via “reform” or “training”, but through a transformation of power relationships in this state, this country, and around the world.

As long as the appeal to fear finds fertile ground in the hearts and minds of those, like me, who aren’t (as yet) directly affected by this police state of mind, it will be able to continue its rampage with impunity.

We must reject the drive to divide, see cleary at whose side we should stand, and move together to change a world rapidly devolving into dystopia.

Both our conscience, and our own best interest, demand it.


Right, because the police have never done anything bad in communist countries.


I wont answer this directly, because I take it from your question, that you do not regard China under Mao Tse Tung as having been properly communist, and I think we can therefore skip one round of question and answer.

So what is your definition of communism, which is different to the one that we are used to, which you have not made clear. Please lay out your version of utopia.

In any case, if your definition differs from Mao’s definition, then shouldn’t you call it something different so as to properly facilitate communication with the rest of us? Labelling your ideas as communism, will associate them with Mao, and result in their dismissal before anyone has even a chance to consider them.

Are you hungry? Would you like some shit on a plate? Our definition of shit is really “Chocolate Mousse”. Dont let the name put you off, its actually very yummy.


It does not look like much is going to change. I read that the police unions, courts and lawyers protect the cops, and it would take huge change in laws to hold them responsible. They have legal rules for arrest, and a fine line about violence and brutality, IF one supposedly resists. Who is not going to resist a bit or panic at an order, when faced with bodily harm? Their unions are too strong.
IT is interesting or disturbing that NOT a single instance of black cops killing whites, anywhere in the US, OR any riots, mistrust and fear, by whites over black cops!! This is enough to determine that the white supremacist cops are causing the fear and murders. I saw the film about the KKK history, thru the white supremacists groups, and the white cops in blue and not white seem to be the new KKKlan.


The reason communism has been so demonized over the last100 years is,( whether one argues communism is a good or bad form of government) that is irrelevant, but what is relevant is that communism is a form of government that is a nightmare scenario to the Oligarchs, Plutocratic billionaires, Wall Street and the criminal fascists and war mongers in the Pentagon.


I think Ice Cube said it best: “Fuck the police.”


Libertarian socialism, not communism. Communism ends up the same way as capitalism, as in both systems a small group of people ends up controlling both state and industry.


Our media did not give this important story much attention.


Excellent, sagacious reply.


Yes, let us not never forget…like the fact that the kid was losing his mind while on shrooms, that he was yelling at imaginary people, scared his friend so bad that he called the cops on him, punched and choked random strangers, ran into traffic, and then assaulted a cop. Seriously, there real problems of police conduct in this society that need to be addressed. But you undermine those causes by parading this incident around as some travesty of justice.


What does he have to do with any of this?