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In the Age of Covid, Elder Care Should Be an Election Issue

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/31/age-covid-elder-care-should-be-election-issue

USA’s uniquely negligent, parsimonious elder-care system is certainly an international scandal. But it’s very tightly bound to neoliberal visions of the alienated micro-familial unit, jetsetting off hither and yon to pursue the impossible dream of breaking free. We can see initial traces of USA-like senior-care hellholes invading other countries, or at least we used to, before COVID. USA looks like the global leader and epicenter of the senior-neglect pandemic.

But how you’d make that into an election issue is problematical, as I don’t see any political parties around here whose arms are not drenched in blood up to the elbows in the shame of this. Along with negligent prisons and migrant detention camps, negligent elder-care confines have been the main reason California’s COVID outbreak remains totally out of control. Along with the rest of the country (and with Sweden and UK), California is apparently betting our economy will hum like a well-oiled machine once we get rid of all this terribly expensive dead-wood. That is: In California, we officially score eternal damnation.

Moral claims (for example, “_____ should be an election issue,” or “government should ________”) have no role to play in neoliberal (fascist) governance. The only imperative that politicians recognize in the neoliberal era is this: Enhance the power of corporations to prey on the People and steal the nation’s commonwealth.

Excellent article and hats off to Ann Klosinski!!!

We could start by replacing Seema Verma and Alex Azar with actual human beings. Then we could actually evaluate facilities that actually follow the protocols they claim. We could also increase funding for alternative care.