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In the Beginning We All Believed: Ramparts' Warren Hinckle Dies


In the Beginning We All Believed: Ramparts' Warren Hinckle Dies

Warren Hinckle, the truth-telling, hard-drinking editor known as the "godfather of gonzo journalism" for publishing the likes of Noam Chomsky, Eldridge Cleaver, Hunter Thompson and Che Guevara, has died at 77. From starting Ramparts and Scanlan's to years of newspaper columns, read one obit, Hinckle "delighted in tweaking anyone in charge of anything and muckraking for what he fiercely saw as the common good."


another loss.
Ramparts was an amazing project once. Nothing since has replaced that rag in its prime.


His death makes room for more of his type. We must never forget that, as the population of the world grows, more and more and more people in the Hinckle mold are coming up. We all need to give them support and guidance to step out in his tradition. Every oak tree, in its lifetime, drops thousands of acorns. Help them grow!




Indeed - I read Ramparts cover-to-cover when it came in the mail each month … and those covers were themselves amazing works of art.


I still remember reading Ramparts in those San Francisco days of long ago.
Warren HInckle, RIP


They don’t look the same, but Jon Stewart and family have same bent, the media is just different.

And who could have come up with C_cks not Glocks in Austin,
if we hadn’t all been trained so well in spirited disrespect for ignorant authority.


It’s sad the costs to publish even a humble rag have gotten so high as to make it economically brutal for dissident reads to get out there. AS good as the internet can be, it’s also amazingly expensive. Cost barriers always seem to be the strongest line of defense for power in capitalism.

Now that you mentioned cover art, I need to see if I can’t dig some old ones up someplace.


Here’s an online Ramparts magazine collection of pdfs:

click on the “Large Covers” link to see the cover art. There’s so many there that are still relevant today.


thank you brother Pearl!