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In the Dumps? Ten Ways to Fight Trump


In the Dumps? Ten Ways to Fight Trump

Christopher D. Cook

If you care about everything from civil and human rights to economic justice and climate survival, Trump’s impending presidency is terrifying—but the amount of wreckage he can cause depends in part on how people respond. Already, a Dump Trump rebellion is rising up in the streets and online; it’s also worth remembering Trump lost the popular vote, the Senate is close to tied and not filibuster-proof, and things have a way of see-sawing in American politics.


"What’s needed is not just shouting, but some serious monkey-wrenching: national strikes, filibusters, congressional sit-ins and more. Think big and think strategic, think blocking Trump not just opposing him": Agreed. When all else fails, total non cooperation.


In keeping with the advice in the article, the November talk by Richard Wolff on an economic perspective since the October session.
Notable is a perspective on worker owned cooperatives and the barometric news that the top 20 transoceanic container shipping corporation will not be seeing profits in 2016.
Global Capitalism: What Now? Economics and the New Government [NOVEMBER 2016]


I have an idea. Let us NOT form a circular firing squad here on the Left. Over the last 40 or 50 years I have seen so many squabbles and so much infighting over trivial matters that I have pulled back in disgust. Even on this site we have had posters accuse each other of not being pure enough, or not being Left enough. What does that do to further our cause? Please keep that in mind as we struggle to organize and reorganize our cause.


Begin the fight NOW.
On Dec. 10 Louisiana holds a run-off election for Senate.
The Dem is a good old boy named Foster Campbell. Foster Campbell is a former Classroom Teacher, Public Service Commissioner, and State Representative. He has done a lot of good.
His web site is foster@fostercampbell2016.com.
WE can take this seat making the Senate 51-49. Next year we will get a shot at the So. Carolina seat being vacated by Jeff "KKK" Sessions.
This is what progress looks like.
Contact the Campbell campaign maybe send a few bucks and offer to make calls.
He was on the Rachel Maddow show last night, check it out.


I just joined this site. You are correct. The guy working in mill, factory , mine, or the person who has investments may not agree with everything the uber-left puts forth. They love their country, they love fresh air, clean water , good schools, health care and their neighbors. They might go out and shoot a deer, once in a while
They may not care about GMO foods, electric cars, and yoga. They might like a hot dog and a beer on the fourth of July.
It seems, to me, that too many progressives are quick to turn their backs on folks who are not 100% in line with their thinking.
Their fears and concerns are real. They want what progressives have to offer but see the messengers as "all or nothing" demanders. The GOPstopo has tagged us as "elites" where did that come from?
I was in sales for years, some of you have heard of Zig Ziegler. At a seminar he gave this lesson God gave us Two Ears and One Mouth, we should use them in that proportion".
Let's listen more.


Great post! Most of my friends and neighbors are working class and share my views. The ones who are not left-leaning are still friends because our kids go to school together and play sports together. We hunt and fish together. We play music and drink beer/homebrew together. Some of us even eat tofu and drive hybred cars. Out here in rural MN, even us Lefties want what is best for our Country. We elected Jesse Ventura as Governor, so we probably have a bit of an idea what Trump will be like. Unite with your neighbors! In two years there will be another election. Like my Grandpa used to say, "You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar."


Totally off-topic post here, just wanted to say that I haven't seen you around lately. Hope all is well and that you're back to posting. I'm sure we disagree on some things but I've always liked your posts.


I won't doing any more fighting. I have fought my entire adult life attempting to get a moderate supreme court but in two very key elections, the GOP won, inexplicably, and stacked the courts with right wing demagogues, forever putting that vision beyond my reach. Simply put, I give up. I am done caring about the fate of Americans who cannot even be bothered to get off their asses to vote. No more phone banks, canvassing, donations, signs in my yard. I will be very hard pressed to ever vote again in this sham democracy. If progressives want any share of the pie, they need to put up a candidate that doesn't have the stench of corporate dollars on them. Good luck getting such a person elected.

I will fight no more forever.


Democratic Party overhaul is going to be the hardest nut to crack due to the widespread corruption in the Democratic Party Leadership. We have the corrupt DNC to thank for the Donald Trump presidency. Except for Bernie Sanders, there was no real competition for the nomination because the insiders (and super delegates) had already determined that it was "Hillary's turn" and they did every single thing they could, legal or illegal, to make Hillary the nominee. They even boosted Donald Trump because in their single minded strategy, they thought that he would be the easiest to demonize and therefore beat. (See the WikiLeaks memos.) Everyone but the DNC knew that Hillary's negatives, real or imagined, were the biggest stumbling blocks in the election, but the DNC paid that no heed. They had a populist candidate who could have easily beaten Trump, but there was no way that the DNC would support Bernie Sanders because he did not represent their Corporate interests.

Unfortunately, the corrupt Democratic Party leadership will be very hard to counter in 2020. Right now, they are (mistakenly) thinking that after fours years of don Donald and his sidekick Pence, they will be able to put up any Democratic Party candidate and take back the White House, regardless of position or qualifications. Maybe Chelsea? Who knows who they will offer except that we know that the candidate will be neither Progressive nor Liberal. The people who control the purse strings control the Democratic Party. The voters do not control the Democratic Party. That needs to change.

In four years, we will see a repeat of the 2016 "lesser of two evils" election unless somehow we can take back the Democratic Party and make it a Party of the People rather than the Party of the Corporations.


Thank you. I've been busy getting ready for winter here in MN, which arrived this morning at 8:30 AM. I also work half time, although I am "retired." Like many folks I am recovering from this bizzare election and wondering what the fallout will be.


Fortunately the fallout will most likely not be fallout.
But it most likely will be global climate catastrophe.
Either way, things do not look good.


There's something odd about a lot of these post-election articles. They all say we need to fight against the Trump agenda, and it is implicit that we should fight because it is Trump's agenda.

In other words, these articles wouldn't have appeared if Hillary had won, and it would seem that all the pre-election "let's elect Hillary and then hold her feet to the fire" were completely two-faced and insincere.

Granted, there is also the message that we need to overhaul the Democratic party, but the reason isn't because the Democratic party needs to be overhauled, it's because the Democratic party lost.


I posted this on another site this morning, but it looks like it will fit here as well. Also, I wonder why some clever writer hasn't covered the Jesse Ventura / Trump parallels.

We in Minnesota elected Jesse Ventura as our Governor for similar
reasons. We were tired of the duopoly putting up candidates because it
was "their turn." We wanted CHANGE and we got it in spades. At the time
I would tell my excited friends, "Just wait until it's YOUR ox that is
getting gored." And gore Jesse did. By the end of his term he had
alienated just about everyone in the State. Poof! Jesse was gone.... So
the Republicans and Democrats simply went back to offering the next one
who's turn it was.



Russel Means pointed out in one of the articles I read by him that the word Revolution can translate into a circle where you always return to the place you started from.

Very much the same happens in our politics where we go around and around in circles first electing conservatives and then Liberals and always returning to where we were.

The Party system so many Countries have can lead to that.

What we really need is evolution. The entire structure if the system needs to change.


Already, a Dump Trump rebellion is rising up in the streets and online; it’s also worth remembering Trump lost the popular vote, the Senate is close to tied and not filibuster-proof, and things have a way of see-sawing in American politics. (emphasis added)

I have to admit, my biggest hope right now is in "something unforeseen."


The entire structure if the system needs to change.

Agreed. Just wondering if we have enough time...


How about a complete boycott of all things with the Trump name on it? Boycott Adelson at the same time.
There must be some money he sucks out of the 99%. Don't feed him.



Black Cat Dude....I understand how you feel & have had some of those same feelings....but unless you plan to emigrate, you need to keep fighting.

I fought the George W. Bush admin every step of the way (short of armed resistance, though it may come to that), from implementation of the Patriot Act to War in Iraq to Tax Cuts for the Wealthy, you name it. Yes I lost, and with this last election, my losing streak is starting to make the Cleveland Browns look like perennial winners.

But Guess What: I can look at myself in the mirror with pride and can sleep with a clear conscience (although I havent been able to sleep much lately due to anxiety).

We could be seeing a repeat of history with Germany in the 1930s. Back then, there were Germans of great character who gave everything they had to fight the rise of Nazism. They failed because there were to few of them. But they can count themselves as bright lights of humanity and face the firing squad with heads held high.


Badmooie, I agree with most of what you say. Hell, I am a redneck in many ways who likes football, hockey, and the MMA.

I even view the guns I own as necessary now, for I may need them to fight the fascists, who have no reservations about using guns.

But their are some principles that are non-negotable. We cannot triangulate the way the Clintons have done, because that is a recipe for failure. I am talking about the Wall Street / Corporate cancer in the Democratic Party.

The formation of the DLC in the 1980s to make sure the Democrats got in good with the Wall Street / Corporate Oligarchy sowed the seeds of what we are seeing today. The Democratic Party is now the epitamy of the grossly overweight relative who preaches clean living, diet, and exercise.

I am