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In the Era of #MeToo, Will Trump's Accusers Finally Be Heard?


In the Era of #MeToo, Will Trump's Accusers Finally Be Heard?

Sonali Kolhatkar

Why is Donald Trump still immune from the equal-opportunity whirlwind of public shaming?


Men–good hearted men, that is–really need to step into this fight. The discrimination and violence also victimizes us by diminishing the trust in us that would otherwise be vested in us by the first-in-line victims–the women themselves. Such violence is an affront against society itself and must stop. The wink, wink, nod, nod and boys-will-be-boys narratives must be quashed. It took me a long time to realize that I was not a magnet for victimized women, but that victimization was so prevalent. It is my sincere hope that other good hearted men join me in outrage and punishing the offenders and preventing such egregious behavior in the future. On this day of Thanksgiving, I thank my late parents for showing me that love and marriage are a partnership of equals.


This is insane but I was watching C Span the other AM. A caller ( male) from Maine stated that the bible teaches that men naturally “misbehaved” and that it was up to schools to teach more about the bible, and all women were responsible were men’s behavior! Huh??? Wonder what he was smoking and if he had dementia? Yes, this cannot be all women who are talking- mature and responsible men need to be heard big time!