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In the Face of Flaming Racism We Are Well and Truly Done With Decorum

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/07/16/face-flaming-racism-we-are-well-and-truly-done-decorum


Doctored photos. Seriously?

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Its only a matter of time before Trump starts talking about “final solutions”


In the video:
“I make a point of order. The gentleman’s words are unparliamentary”
They’re not his words, you shit-stain from GA., they’re the racist presidents words, that you support.

This is about to spiral out of control real fast, if we don’t get a handle on it.


That’s you’re takeaway from this story? Seriously?


Weed2020 must be into some of that leftover Paraquat-laced poison weed from the 70s…screwed up his cognitive functions if he wasn’t able to detect the ironic imagery. Probably doesn’t read any Tom Tomorrow cartoons, either, and probably never went to see George Carlin and actually listened to the words being spoken.

Sorry RF, it has already spiraled out of control. It is amazing how fast things can go down the crapper. Seriously spiraling. And the Dems aren’t gonna save us, either. The wealthy own both faces of the corporate party, the unSupreme Court, the paramilitary police armed with war weapons and training, and and and…everything else. Remember those earthquake/hurricane bags, though, dude… make sure they are together because we most likely might be needing them when the this massive t-cell storm hits. Storms like this do enormous amounts of damage and the wrong people have the most power…



No personality based comment intended

Fuck Trump


I second that statement, rolson, wholeheartedly , and enthusiastically!!!


Holy Fuck.


Yeah, you might be right. It’s real irony for me, I used to debate a govt. teacher in high school about this very situation we find ourselves in. She used to tell me this was likely to happen in the future, I thought she was crazy for believing it, wish she was alive today, so I could apologize to her, she nailed it.


I find that the world of fungi is an excellent parallel when searching for metaphors. First, because like so many and so much of who and what MUST BE externalized / marginalized in order for the wiggly-fingered hypnocrats to sway and swat, the victims are excluded from being mentioned and the perps go unnamed with impunity. The masks are the poor man wannabe’s claim to impunity. The actual dynamics of the Stockholm Syndrome the white racists suffer from will at some point be recognized.
Few think about the sheer scope of the natural world necessary for life. Fungi are the interface of diversity with the creative evolutionary dynamic.

These characters really need to reach beyond poison puff-balls.


You crack me up !!!

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I think our Amerikan Fuehrers final solution could be the same as Nazi Germany’s Fuehrers final solution. Hitler started the second world war and it would not surprise me if Trump started the third world war by attacking Iran, but of course would love to be wrong!


Hi Shantiananda:
Speaking of Germany, does the Trump know that Henry Kissinger was not born in America—but immigrated here with his family? So-----if Trump is wanting to throw out Ms Omar, who was not born here , but immigrated here and became a citizen---- then I guess he forgot that Kissinger wasn’t born here either— I guess that Henry would have to leave town first… : )

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Some of us have been working on that for years.
Talk about a teflon don


Why would my butt hurt, you’re the one who got spanked.

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Why not? Fake images are a very effective propaganda tool. A lot of people don’t read the articles and just look at the images and that’s what will stay with them.

I’ve said this in another tread but

President Caligula cannot afford to lose 2020. If he does, both He and his kids, and myriad others, are going to Jail and will be tied up in courts until they are broke. Now given that as their future, what are these people willing to do to prevent it?
A n y t h i n g !
Here’s one possibility (but there are others)
If Caligula (and his minions) can foment a Civil War, or at least enough blood in the streets, so he can declare Martial law and suspend elections, they will. Call me paranoid but we seem to be building and escalating in that direction.