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In the Face of Hatred, Americans Can Speak Up or They Can Look Away

In the Face of Hatred, Americans Can Speak Up or They Can Look Away

Leonard Pitts Jr.

There is a strip mall across the street from Auschwitz.

From the commandant’s house at Plaszow it’s a short walk to McDonald’s.

Belzec is in a residential neighborhood.

I didn’t expect that.

In 2005, when I joined an interfaith pilgrimage to these camps where the Holocaust happened, it kept surprising me to find them located, not in deep woods hidden from prying eyes, but smack in the middle of urban areas.

It is encouraging that these Muslims have raised money for the vandalized Jewish cemetery. It is also encouraging that several Jewish groups have vowed to help Muslims if Trump orders a Muslim registry. All the groups that might be the targets of this white nationalist movement that Trump has brought into the mainstream need to stick together when any of the groups is attacked.


The kind who don’t see when white peeps are the victims of bias and violence?

Agree. This is a kind of convoluted finger pointing that ends up with Israelis again claiming victimhood. Apples and oranges.

You must not be hanging around Jews. Other than the orthodox Jews most American Jews are very critical about the way the Palestinians are treated. I read a book on this subject and it claimed that the division among Jews is now so great that you can’t even bring up the subject of Israel in many places where Jews congregate. This also has spit American Jews from Israeli Jews. The latter now don’t care what the majority of American Jews think about Israel. The treatment of the Palestinians has gone a long way to divide Jews in the diaspora from Jews in Israel and American Orthodox Jews form other American Jews.



Einstein said it also. To paraphrase Einstein: all it takes for evil people like Trump, to be triumphant, is for good people to do nothing and be apathetic.

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Yes, I agree about the doing nothing part. It’s true- acting like Stockholm victims won’t cut it for anyone but their evil ilk.