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In the Face of Powerful Protests, Parts of Middle America Enter the Twilight Zone

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/16/face-powerful-protests-parts-middle-america-enter-twilight-zone


Twilight Zone, indeed–that’s where decades of right-wing paranoid projection has gotten us. They pre-emptively accuse us of the very things they plan to do to us, then go out and beat the drum for donations.

How will we ever win a war against these liars without abandoning honesty as a value?


Our government institutions are in the protection racket, protecting fascists’ from the anti-fascists. It’s no surprise Barr is onboard, he comes from the CIA, our first institutionalized fascist protectors since their inception. Followed by the FBI under the small minded, blackmailer Hoover.
Oh how far this country has fallen in just a few generations, most of our WWII vets are gone, a good thing I guess, knowing their sacrifice in war was in vain would surely kill most of them now anyway.
When I was a teenager, with my family from Germany in the 1800’s, I often wondered how the German people lost control of their nation in the 1930’s. It’s not a mystery any more, I’ve got a front row seat as to how evil takes control.


Why don’t we just starting calling them profa? They are pro (if not over the line) fascists. There must be a way to turn this stupid designation against them. The right understands the use of language better than the left. I don’t even know how this is possible.

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William Barr is Martin Bormann.

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By not abandoning honesty as a value, for openers.

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Just watched Sen Tim Scott chew out Judy Woodruff for asking “democrat leaning questions”----she asked if he supported getting rid of immunity for police officers???

Look at Graham and all the crap spewed out of his mouth—this is all politics they don’t care about doing anything

Who sings the song entering the twighlight zone—this song always pops up at the right time-----we are clearly in the twilight zone.

Just watched Sen Tim Scott chew out Judy Woodruff for asking “democrat questions”–she asked if he supported getting rid of immunity for police officers.

And Graham today spewing out all kinds of crap----they would not be doing this if they wanted a real bill-----it’s all show or what it needs to be called BULLSHIT!

The WSJ tried to turn these protests into a red blue state crap thing----but then people in “red” states also rose up.

This is all about dividing us so we can’t fight back



Hey Tim Scott you a millionaire yet------do YOU have your membership card with Thomas.

It is really amazing how we don’t call these things out----three Supreme Court Justices voted for discrimination against gay people----they can say again all the BULLSHIT they want but they in effect said all these people should be dead or imprisoned------if you can’t work how do you survive.

These fake grassrots groups have been with us since the days of Harry and Louise and they are likely created by right wing PR firms.

The sock puppet epidemic was associated originally with the tobacco industry which created fake “smokers rights” groups.

Over the decades they have morphed again and again, but basically they are paid by deep ocket groups and used to manipulate public opinion.

The US political process is now almost completely fake.

Phony groups likely are used to give a phony impression that the right is much bigger than it really is - my guess is to make election fraud by the right seem plausible.