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In the Face of Right-Wing Strongmen and an Economy Rife With Insecurity, We Must Reject the Politics of Despair

In the Face of Right-Wing Strongmen and an Economy Rife With Insecurity, We Must Reject the Politics of Despair

Maude Barlow

Maude Barlow, Honorary Chairperson of the Council of Canadians, delivered the following remarks Thursday at the Seventh Annual Tommy Douglas Institute at George Brown College in Toronto. Her keynote speech explores the interconnections between poverty and populism and its implications for the environment.

2000 billionaires, that’s not enough, we will have to drop down into the ranks of the upper millionaires. You can’t feed the worlds poor with just 2000 bodies.

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Excellent, excellent, excellent! Thank you Ms.Barlow, for an informed and passionate description of your country’s status, and the activists who work to bring about change for health, welfare and just ends. You’ve done this for decades, please keep on keeping on…your words inspire and, I hope, motivate. The challenges are huge, yes, but the winning of many struggles (in who knows what time frame) would be wonderful, transformative even.

Rightwing “strongmen” is the wrong word. Reactionary chickenhawks is the correct one.

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Ms. Barlow served with PM Justin Trudeau and the Federal Liberal Party of Canada many years ago.Why she’s speaking recently at a " Tommy Douglas Institute" event is unusual. Tommy Douglas was a Democratic Socialist…Ms. Barlow is a Liberal and still supports Capitalism. Hmmm…

Mr. Blair M. Phillips
St. Catharines,Ontario
Retired Autoworker

Telling it like she feels it - is Maude Barlow.

And yes - Tommy Douglas was a socialist (today’s NDP).

The current Liberal Party under Trudeau is in fact neoliberal, i.e., as bad as the Conservatives.

I’ve been thinking, in reading about the Anthropocene - that the United Nations, for all its faults, is a not for profit organization, and the only organization representing all of the world’s people.

Despite, or perhaps because of, their lack of hard power, they are our best, perhaps only real hope.

Climate Change, Biodiversity - these are being highlighted by the UN - and as such, the world can know what is going on.

That then leaves it up to the world’s citizens to act, or not to act, as they see fit.

Are we going to follow the Easter Island example and the trash can ?

I vote no.

That was so inspiring and energizing. Thank you thank you…

Great article. I always find it hard to describe why I keep struggling for the Green party in what so many deem a lost cause. The poem by Galeano puts it into words better than I ever can.

Oh and as to that cartoon of Tommy Douglas at the gates. It was very fitting. From everything I know of the man he was exactly like that. This one reason I lose so much faith in the current NDP which seems to have abandoned those principles so as to make them more “electable”.