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In the Face of TrumpCare 'Abomination,' Single Payer Energizing Across Nation


In the Face of TrumpCare 'Abomination,' Single Payer Energizing Across Nation

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

If the building momentum for a single-payer or Medicare-for-All healthcare system wasn't already clear, developments this week should more than make up for that.

Declaring that "healthcare is a fundamental human right" and TrumpCare is "an abomination," Democratic New Jersey State Assemblyman John Wisniewski on Thursday announced draft legislation to provide universal coverage for the state's residents.


"As a Democrat I believe that healthcare of course is a right, not a privilege. I believe [in] universal healthcare, for every American—not just a plan or a contract, but the ability to see a doctor and get treatment whenever they need it. We will never get universal care building on a foundation of private, for-profit insurance," Conyers said.

Lived in Conyers' district for ten years. Agree with his statement above.

Except for the "As a Democrat" part. Screw that.


Thank you, John Conyers for staying true to single payer!


Just do not forget, that it was an Independent, who started this movement and is staunchly supported by PROGRESSIVE Democrats, but not at all by the establishment Corporate Democrats, who have fought Bernie tooth and nails in 2016, - a clear distinction, we should keep in mind when selecting candidates for 2018.


PS: I think it is important, that any state legislation, which pursues SP leaves the door open to join their plan with other like-minded states. A single payer coalition would make it also possible for small states like progressive Vermont to introduce SPHC.


I had to visit my local insurance agent (home, auto, personal property) yesterday to update an "inland marine" policy covering all of my son's musical instruments. The young girl there brought me around the counter and for half an hour while talking with an expert at corporate we got all the changes made. As we were about to finish the owner and his son emerged from a back room, came over to this sweet young thing and told her that he was closing the shop on Monday (Memorial Day) and she could use a sick day for her compensation for holiday pay! She didn't hesitate but told him she didn't want to do that and that she would work instead (no doubt she couldn't forego a day's wages.) The owner pleaded "You don't want to work, take the day off." She replied: "But I don't want to use a sick day." "Look, if you get sick, we'll work something out." I was sitting there, remembering times when past employers put the squeeze on me, and trying to maintain an impartial expression as this guy looked at me pleading his position. I couldn't think of anything other to say than: "There has to be a better way." He looked surprised and asked: "What do you mean?" "I mean, other than using a sick day for a holiday." He retreated to another back room with his son, and after a brief discussion, said his goodbyes and left for the weekend.

As we were finishing up and I was about to leave, the owner's son said he just got a cell call from his father, who'd been "looking at the numbers and that all the girls were doing great," and everybody had Monday off as a holiday with pay. I tried not to smile too broadly. Too bad the rest of this shit-storm couldn't be cured so easily. And I also made sure to thank the girl warmly, for the owner's son's ears, for her professional and friendly service.



Wow, actually good news! Thanks Conyers!


It was rude to tell her to use a sick day. It's as bad as my brother's boss telling him he'd be happy to make him a "loan" at Christmas if he needs one because he is such a good worker. Good workers should get a Christmas bonus not a "loan." My brother said no thanks, I prefer never to owe people money. The rest pulled as there are no jobs where my brother lives and despicable ones help people survive right now.


Good for you, for speaking up, suggesting the "better way".
But this is just a stop-gap solution. really need is legislation like any civilized country has, which makes full pay on national holidays mandatory for ALL employers. Otherwise the few, who are a bit more generous, are at a competitive disadvantage.


A 21st century struggle for a 20th century idea


Maybe this business owner's attitude is still in the 70s or 80s and explains why he thinks it's no big deal to use a sick day to get paid for a holiday. (One that taxpayers cover for government employees btw.) Women are particularly in tune to using sick days -- they usually need to save it over years just to have coverage to take time off to have a baby. I worked with a woman years ago that had only two sick days when she delivered her baby. In two days she went back to work because she could not afford unpaid time off, she was only allowed to work with a doctor's written permission. This is a tragedy.


Your comment has made my day, and perhaps my week, too! Thank you so much for backing up this worker, and shaming the insurance agent into behaving more decently. If there were more people like you, there would be so much less suffering in this world.


'Except for the "As a Democrat" part. Screw that.'

No, Tank, I think it's important that the Democrats attach their name to the universal health care movement since it is something that will benefit everyone and it's time these fools who continue to support trump realize who butters their bread...and that most certainly would not be the GOP.


My guess, is that the DLC core of today's Democratic Party ( i.e., the corporate servicing power center born of Al Frum's spawning of Bill Clinton) including Hillary stirring on the sidelines, are all energized by these movements in CA and NJ.

Energized to STOP these movements and fast.

Expect a very concerted effort among these corporate servicing millionaires to do their best to make "centrist" and "pragmatic" arguments against any single payer system. Expect them to work in the background to do everything in their power to keep the Big Insurers and Big Pharma in complete control.


Here is the rub, the power center of the Democratic Party absolutely knows who butters their bread, and in reality work in concert with Republicans to advance corporate governance.

Although it is true, the ACA is better than the proposed Trumpcare, the reason there could be a Trumpcare proposal to begin with, is that the corporate Democrats who rule the DNC made damn sure that the ACA was almost entirely written by the Big Insurers and Big Pharma in the Senate offices of Baucus, with the guiding hand of Obama in that process.

Obama promised the Big Insurers and Big Pharma, in private, that there would not be any "public option" in any bill he would sign, thus completely blocking any such move toward a single payer.

Since the Democrats effectively had blocked ANY any proposal for single payer by Kucinich, and in the Senate only allowed a completely insignificant presentation by Sanders, the Democrats are the ones primarily responsible for killing any move toward even a public option, let alone single payer, or Medicare for All.

The "as a Democrat" comment, was asserting a false equivalency that does not exist, and that assertion being that Democrats by party identity with support of such.

Nothing can be further from the truth.


"...the power center of the Democratic Party absolutely knows who butters their bread..."

Therein lies the problem Chicken as you so eloquently state here.

Any politician 'on the take' isn't worth a 'Clucking' spit to us in the middle and lower classes.


Will it be We the People, or profits scimmed by the "personhood" private insurers? The choice has always been a a no brainer. Immoral abominations like pay-first or die, only makes sense after a session in a torture chamber.


Nothing a few well placed political bribes can't fix.

Direct Democracy


As the more progressive states develop their own single payer plans, those stuck with regressive governments will look on and suffer. It's a total sham that it has to be implemented incrementally like this. I predict Idaho, for one, will continue with its abominable policies, and the jerks who make them suffer will be re-elected to torment them some more. because they always vote party line. Like the Montanans just did.


Totally agree with your comments on the leadership of the Democrats...that's why they need to go and be replaced by Progressives. The GOP and trump's insistence in repealing the ACA is a golden opportunity to make the transition to single payer, so perhaps the trump presidency, as short as it may be, will have its silver lining after all.