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In the Grip of a (Wheezing) Madman

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/10/05/grip-wheezing-madman


“[D]iscussed in history books for decades to come”

Abby, I must say, I like your optimism as I find it increasingly difficult to imagine even a short term future.


the thing is that I watched the coverage of his trip to ,his stay in ,his joy ride outside , his little fake 'I,m working hard for you " shows and announcements, and his trip home from the hospital–as a retired RN-I have to say he did not at any time display the symptoms of being exposed to or having the virus–and certainly was not sick at the level requiring the interventions he is claiming to have been administered–all we really have is the words of people who’s jobs depend on Trump and we all know how vicious he is to people he feels betrayed him–barring independent confirmation of his Covid status I will continue to believe this is one big stinky scam


Unless you have been around a person whose breathing is severely impaired,
you would not know the symptoms of ill health, to watch for.

My father had tuberculosis from the war and had one 1/2 lung and the other at 1/3,
so he was always looking for more air.

First notice is the grimace of the lower jaw. Like taking in air required a painful effort just to inhale, hence the jaw tightening and short low volume inhales.

After about 4 of these low volume inhales, it gets really bad, so every breath is a grimace.
Every breath, then becomes shallow, giving no relief.

Finally after you have minimal air intake, you notice he starts to just space out.
Eyes have no focus other than to just maintain standing and posture.
Thinking becomes only about just holding on, no thought process visible.

And the person slips into no thought, really nothing else, just get air.
All breathing becomes short, rapid, intakes of “not enough air, need more”

Then spaces out, does a few tricks to look normal, like the salute, WTF was that?
Looking across the wide plains shielding your eyes from the sun are you?

This boy is in trouble.


He labored to breath as he stood outside the white house yesterday. He struck me as a man desperately sucking the final bits of marrow off the bone that is his despicable life.


Quite interesting how you put the last sentence. The trump parasite is such a malignant thing, thinking how much better it would have been if the parasite in chief would have just “Kicked the fucking Bucket” while it was there. Definate waste of time, money, and resources to save that worthless piece of shit. But then, that’s just my thoughts on the matter.


I guess the lighter side of this, is the staff can turn those signed blank papers into $10,000 bills.

“Trump Says His Autograph Is Worth $10,000 On eBay”


Today he’s back spouting the “Covid is no worse than a bad flu” meme. If people are foolish enough to believe him simply because he is their primary authority figure, and follow him without question, then a whole bunch of folks are going to die in the next few months. Even worse, they will expose the rest of us even if we make only essential trips outside. Time to find a nice cave somewhere deep in the Himalayas, far from the madding and maddening crowds. Best of all, far from any cell phone or WiFi coverage. I’ll take a shipload of books, of course, and learn to enjoy butter tea.


Himalayan honey. Check out YouTube on it.

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You are not alone.

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Are Americans allowed in other places now?


How many more times do I need to tell you trump is a psychopath. I said it repeatedly in my book Save America from Itself and in letters to Common dreams nobody listens unless so fancy assed “expert” tells us it is the truth .
Psychopaths wear a mask of sanity t hat allows them to mimic humans so that humans think they are one of them. The psychopath is ANTIHUMAN NOT HUMAN just because they look like us does not mean they are like us
the alien species amongst us

Rich powerful psychopaths are destroying Humanity and planet Earth for their own profit at the expense of our lives.They are the root cause of all our national suffering and global despair Theirs is dehumanizing dark forces and sick state of mind of the ruling white-collar psychopaths/sociopaths, masquerading as human beings. They control governments, global corporations and world economies. They are sucking the life out of Humanity and the planet for their insane, insatiable greed, profit and power. They have no conscience, no morality or authority but their unprecedented wealth puts them above the law.
We are victims of their limitless power, deprivation, and social murder. Their behavior is antithetical to caring human behavior. They are anti-human humanoids, not humans. We must recognize them as the alien species they are, ban their psychopathic behavior, or die in the darkness of human extinction.
Once upon a time, there was a man who loved money and power. Using his undoubted charm and TV star good looks, he easily suckered the voting public into believing in him. He filled the public with lies and endless lies and fear then promised to save the public from them.
Seen as a real gentleman and a hugely “successful billionaire” mimicked care for the voting public and they, feeling happy and confident in this “amazing businessman,” happily stepped into his lair. As they talked together, the public noticed there was no way out of the calamity they had bought into; was now the President and he was killing America.

The public complained; they felt trapped. They shouted, “I want this orange guy out of the White House NOW!” The once charming man, smiling happily, repeatedly hit the public in the face with the full force of his office. The public were rendered unconscious.
The American public had made the assumption President was like them, a human being with empathy, conscience and love, not knowing he was a psychopath and had no empathy, conscience or love. and he wants control of all people and planet for his own wealth and power.
The President took his victim public to a desolate spot in his mind off the beaten track. He pulled the nation into his lair, many screaming in terror. The President smashed the public in the face over and over to “quieten” them. He played with their hearts, minds and inner feelings; aroused, he raped the body of the public excitedly, brutalizing and tearing the money out of it, bit by bit, until America was critically injured, the President was still not satisfied. Protected by the law, that was never made to control such a horrific monster as him, his rage never stopped.

The President sensed relief; he felt good. He had really enjoyed frightening, hurting and ripping off the public. He loved playing with them, watching them squirm; ruining their hopes and dreams. He had done it all “non-violently,” it was, for him, “so great.” It made him feel sexy.
The President was a little annoyed that the public didn’t fight back more. He loved the screams and gurgling last gasps of American democracy. He got a great sense of enjoyment torturing the public, but he thought, “they really gave up a little too easily.” He was elated knowing there would be more people’s lives to ruin tomorrow.
The President dragged the public’s deadened nation, naked and bloody, into the underclass, creating a nation of broken lives. “Stupid losers,” he muttered, denying them all help or care or control of their own lives.
The FBI published horrific photos of the murdered nation and checked out the President’s past: he always had a criminal MO.
The President, killer of America, was eventually exposed but did they have the right man? It was obvious to the public that the FBI had the wrong man! The President was “TV gorgeous” - his “man of the people” charm and debonair good looks told everyone he was a man to trust.
However, learned psychiatrists determined the President’s smiling public face was in fact a “Mask of Sanity,” created to fool his victims, beneath it he was a violent psychopath, a serial killer, who used direct, indirect and collateralized violence to get his selfish way at the expense of millions of American human lives.
No human being can claim to be a human being
without being an exponent of empathy, compassion and love.

The President and his associates are a nest of psychopathic vipers, killing human life with deprivation and fear. See them as the alien species they are, defend yourselves from them; remove them.
The President is a new kind of psychopath. He is not out there killing individual women like a serial killer He has bigger fish to fry. He wants to control the world. He has no problem taking a few thousand lives here and there, polluting and depriving or starving people. To him it’s legal violence, “collateralized,” without blame; excusable homicide. Having control over others, he salivates over his sexual power.


Why, after so much deprivation, disaster and 207, 000 deaths, is this psychopath still in power? Hasn’t he as a NOT human done enough damage? If he gets another 4 years? We are protecting his rights and sacrificing all of America. Are we as a nation so weak and terrified we cant remove this psychopath from his power over us humans, for the good of the country?
We must remove all the psychopaths from power in the knowledge they are killing the world and everyone in it You want to save the planet end the rule of psychopaths right now.


Over the weekend, I was struck by the same thought as you. Please don’t take this as a wild-eyed QAnon-type of conspiracy theory, but I had to wonder if this was TrumPutin’s “October Surprise”: He fakes getting COVID-19, has a quick, if not miraculous (appealing to the Christofascists with magical thinking), “recovery” from which he emerges as strong, if not stronger, than ever.

For the base, it becomes validation of the Trumpenprinzip of the omnipotent leader vanquishing the “China virus”; I noticed on Fox last night Laura Ingraham and her guest belittling a “mere virus” hobbling the US economy and the “media meltdown” over TrumPutin’s triumphant return to the White-Supremacist House. For any undecideds, it might sway them into a similar affinity for the “strong leader,” although anyone undecided in this extremely polarized political environment likely spends more time weighing which laundry detergent to choose than which president to choose.

It sounds wacky, but it’s also the kind of brazen pro-wrestling stunt TrumPutin is famous for; let’s not forget that he is the only US president ever inducted into a pro-wrestling hall of fame (WWE). I realize that the virus has been spreading through Trumpland, but I wouldn’t put it past him to pull yet another government-by-stunt move like this. When you’ve already declared more than once that you will decide whether to abide by the election results, faking COVID infection to boost poll numbers is just another totalitarian charade. The lack of transparency in reporting his condition does smell like, as you put it, “one big stinky scam.”


I agree…and I will not say what I really want to say – so all I will add is: no sympathy from me


Jim Jones is resurrected

Hallelujah Hallelujah He has risen from the dead Hallelujah
Risen as he truly said Hallelujah…
groan, choke



But NYT is reporting Stephen Miller
America’s most Loathed NAZI and Companion to the proud boys
No…not Those proud boys


Trot out the Twain

I never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.

Two for Two here God.
You’re Up

Nice Touch Ruth


Excellent advice!

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OMG! That’s great news. I can only hope he feels the full brunt of COVID-19. He should not die, that would be too easy, let him suffer like he has made the children and parents on the border suffer. They deserve the retribution. The man is human scum!


I am beginning to think you are right. What better for the monster than to give the media some fake news and at the same time strengthen the support of his deplorables?

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