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In the Heart of a Dying Empire


In the Heart of a Dying Empire

Tom Engelhardt

When you think about it, the Earth is a relatively modest-sized planet—about 25,000 miles in circumference at the Equator, with a total surface area of 197 million square miles, almost three-quarters of which is water. It’s not so hard, if you’re in a certain frame of mind (as American officials were after 1991), to imagine that a single truly great nation—a “sole superpower” with a high-tech military, its capabilities unparalleled in history—might in some fashion control it all.



Oh Tom, still pushing the official 9/11 storyline, how predictable. The old meme of repeat it enough, and they will believe it.


The formerly semi-isolationist, peace-through-strength deal maker Trump has deeply imbibed the neocon KoolAid served up by Bolton, Pompeo, Haspel, Pence and Kushner and now, intoxicated with a deceptive sense of omnipotence and bloodlust, seems to be aiming to start World War III against Russia, China, Iran and Syria. Israel would side with the US, of course, and possibly the UK if May ignores public opinion, as Blair once did. The rest of the world will sit this one out rather than join the US in its suicidal misadventure. Trump could be a great president, with peaceful, shrewd negotiations, but he seems to be on track to be the worst president in our history, the one who destroyed the country through neocon hubris. Those that live by the sword, as the US has always done, will die by the sword. Sic transit gloria mundi.


As in other times when empires fell, ordinary people had no power to change the ill-fated course their country is on and can’t prevent the ultimate collapse. My hope for myself, my wife, my children, and our grandchildren is that it happens not with a bang, but with a whimper; and for you and yours also.

I never did get “better dead than red”. I wanted to live; red, white, blue, or pink.


If the ill-fated American empire is to decline and fall, let it be because of the departure/defeat/expulsion by whatever means of those responsible for it’s existence and for imposing it upon the world and the rest of it’s citizens who wanted nothing to do with it in the first place. Why should we, a peace-loving people, give up when, if we work together, we can let the world know that there are millions of Americans who desperately want to see this country become a benevolent, sympathetic member of the world community? Everywhere I’ve been in the U.S. in my 65 years I’ve come to know kind, peaceful, capable people of all kinds who are nothing like the greedy, warmongering amoral leaders we are and have been dealing with. We can take this country back from them and had better do it sooner than later before someone else takes it from us having been abused and bullied once too often.


A lucid summation of how the fascists calling themselves our leadership funneled the post Cold War “peace dividend” into the pockets of the 1%. Leaving a humiliated, misinformed, and economically broken populace to support the orange idiot out of pathetic desperation. Having said that, I can not comprehend how the author still refuses to acknowledge 9/11 as the self-inflicted wound that will ultimately lead to the death of US empire.


In order to move this country forward and chart a new course will require a wholesale purging of Pentagon top brass and CIA chiefs. Unfortunately, they’ve now consolidated their power to the point it’s even questionable whether Congress or any president can stop them without the serious risk of a military coup or targeted assassinations of key government figures. Both parties are complicit in the sellout. Congress has already abdicated its responsibility to declare war and the office of the president has been downgraded to chief sales exec for the arms industry.

Despite all the evidence that their has been a power takeover by the Pentagon and the CIA, a majority of voters in this country still foolishly think they have the power to shape foreign policy in this country at the ballot box. In the meantime, questioning the military or those in it is considered treasonous by a majority of this country’s citizens.

Oh, yeah, it is later than we think.


Tom, what an asinine statement! You have absolutely no proof! Please do not insult the intelligence of over 2000 Engineers and Architects, many with impeccable credentials and PH. D’S. WHO CLAIM YOUR CONTENTION IS BOGUS! Dogmatic and bogus claims like yours only contributes to the dying of the Amerikan Empire.


I agree, but Amerika, is and has been, in my view, a military dictatorship that has been able to brainwash the majority of American citizens that it is a democracy. The last time someone tried to purge the CIA and “break it into a thousand pieces” they were assassinated in a military. coup. So unfortunately, I do not see any purge happening soon.


Time for a one world government ,one where the resources of the planet are shared. The rights of all human beings are honoured.
Education,housing,fresh pure water ,healthy natural food and dignity .

It’s possble with only 10% of what we spend on the military.

Wake up world before the systematic collapse takes hold …greed and even more violence will end it for most of humanity if we do not awake.

It’s a great book …Awaken The Species it’s going to be helpful for all of us !!!


Lovely, Hemp. I foresee a partitioning of the US in my lifetime. I belief that is why the current decade of leaders has been allowing such grabs.

I don’t think the current government can last in any form. The leaders just don’t seem to care abut the future of anything. I think your vision is a good way , but I don’t see any power willing to make it happen.


so true. when he wrote “Of course, you remember this history as well as I do” i was tempted to say oh much, much better. the more history passes the less sensible the whole business looks according to the “official story.” on the other hand, seven countries in five years, aka the yinon plan, the real motive for the attacks of '01, make increasing, if horrific, sense.

our current president said, on the day of the attacks, that there were bombs involved, either on the planes or in the buildings. he had inspected the wtc after the first, unsuccessful, “terrorist” attack and was very impressed by the strength of the buildings’ design and construction, something he has some experience with. he is also less vetted and financed by aipac, so, especially if he is reelected, not impeached and not assassinated in some fashion, there may be an actual investigation of these unique incidents, perhaps even spending more money than the one that centered on monica’s splooged dress, unlike the Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States.


Raise a question for the people reading this article: Would the death of the American empire be a good thing? Something that we want to see?

And then what do we want of America?