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In the Middle East, Our Enemy's Enemy Must Be Our Friend


In the Middle East, Our Enemy's Enemy Must Be Our Friend

Patrick Cockburn

The ghost of Osama bin Laden will have been chuckling this month as he watches the movements he inspired conquer swathes of the Middle East. He will be particularly gratified to see fighters from Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) storm into Al Mukalla, the capital of Yemen’s eastern province of Hadhramaut from which the bin Laden family originated before making their fortune in Saudi Arabia.


This is priceless: “It’s always easier to conduct counter-terrorism when there’s a stable government in place,” said the US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, rather plaintively, last week. “That circumstance obviously doesn’t exist in Yemen.”

That, of course, explains why the US Military & CIA run around the world destabilising stable governments.

Ever wonder why it doesn’t work where there is no stable government, Secretary Carter?

Have the neocons finally conned themselves into believing what they have been proving everywhere they leave their fingerprints? Don’t count on it. They are the most radical deniers of reality on the planet.

Meanwhile, the war-mongers do not have to deny that losing every military contest the US participates in is, in fact, the primary objective of every war they enter. The point is to grow war on every front. Losing is the only way to do that. The US Congress is so dim-witted neither party’s leaders can see (unless, of course, we assume they see exactly what they want to see) what has been increasingly obvious since WWII: first, deploying the military is a tacit admission of political defeat, anywhere that military gets deployed, from Korea to the current frantic US military spasms in Afghanistan, Pakistan, across the Middle East and across North Africa. Second, while the political failure may not be intentional, it might as well be: the result is a war spending boom, the media beats the drums for war, advertising revenue goes up as the drums beat for more war, expanding war, endless war. Obviously, losing is winning.

Orwell was a profound prophet of our time.


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