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'In the Name of Our Shared Humanity,' Groups Say Conflict in Syria Must End



Those little faces speak volumes. Aren't they also worthy of Obama's tears?


All humanity has been lost when there is no compassion for the defenseless.

There will be a day of reckoning. On that day, hell will seem like heaven to those responsible for all the carnage and death of the innocent.


True, except Obama's tears are nothing more than the disingenuous, crocodile tears of a sociopath!


Articles like this appealing to human rights without any linkage to the political cause of the problem serve only to make matters worse. The article could be used by Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to call for more US involvement, when that is the problem already. The U.S. political war machine wants to build a middle-east empire and is trying to take down all the regimes and countries that disagree. It is the alliance we have built with the Saudis and Zionists that is the problem. The article should state that and not hew-haw around.


Especially when the MIC profits by arming both sides in a conflict. Weapons funneled through Saudi Arabia go to ISIS via the CIA and others. And, we need to drastically increase military spending to counter the ISIS threat according John McCain, all the Repubs, and Hillary. They CAN have it both ways!


One problem with so many of the NGO's that call themselves humanitarian groups is that the disgusting CIA and US Government has poisoned that well.

The US Government has admitted it uses these groups to collect DNA samples of individuals and then use that information to target and assassinate the same.

Now many of the people belonging to these groups are sincere and wanting to help. That their good will would be used to do harm just shows how disgusting and venal those in power are.


Peace would be easy to achieve. The wars could end in a minute. All that would be necessary is for the victims to give the arms merchants and the MICC the amount of money they make by selling arms and supplies, with an additional percentage, of course. And, of course, this would have to be on an annual or monthly basis forever.
* A drop in profits from peace is the only thing that widens these endless wars. The merchants of death fear peace. To them it means a decrease in bottom line. To them, that's all that counts.


War must be made illegal.


How about, "Saudi-Zionist USA Facilitated Terrorist Network"


C-Span January 12, 2016: Combating ISIS (1:49:57). Former US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford (Obama Administration 2011-14) tells Representative Beto O'Rourke D-Texas, "The point is to inflict enough pain on the Assad government and it's supporters so they will negotiate." Rep Beto O'Rourke returns, "Haven't the Syrians suffered enough pain?"


It is already. Read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Nuremberg Principles for a start. Read the UN Charter.
* The main problem is the fact that the big boys ignore what the world wants. They just ask Big Business what it wants, and they do it.
* The US Fourth Reich and its Axis of Evil just do what they damned well please. Any nation, leader, or person who objects is subject to death by drone, assassination, invasion or worse.
* Makes the pursuit of peace or sanity a difficult and dangerous process.


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"In the Name of Our Shared Humanity"

All the secrets have teeth.
Some force like gravity or magnetism
pulls them to the nests
of all our loveliest little things
the birds that belong to no one
but some song to survive
in spite of secrets that gnaw
and bruise the rivers
and pillars of the ancients
as the winged things melt
and fall into the stew.

All the secrets have bombs
and phosphorus plumes
that eat into your kindergarten yard.
Someone is rich.
Someone is running.
Someone is burned until there is no name.
A kitchen and a garden
plundered by whispers
and the great shrinking distance
between the seas and the oil.

Such is the poison of swelling
that cannot control its own blood,
such is the ignorance of money.
The children float to the surface
when they can, all the weeds and harpoons
make a concerto of air
through the remnants of the heart.
Razorwire and men without tenderness
protect the last thing that will be known
before our children are dismembered
on the altar of what we are not allowed to know.

mundane as a bad meal,
banal as habit and orders,
a handshake in the dark
a diversion from the inevitable handjob
in the closet of a plastic saint.

In the name of our shared humanity
all trees will shed their load of leaves
before their time and the great icefields
will be bereft of the great beasts
that gave The People their names.
The secret
does not care.

We will poison entire cities,
great forests will defoliate
in the weather of the lies
that will be protected like gold
or an idea that growth can never end
even as the suns
one by one
fall into themselves and die.


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