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In the Northeast, Survey Shows Strong Interest, Big Potential for Electric Vehicles



Though we seem to be going glacially slow (slower than the glaciers are melting anyway) on switching to electric despite a willing market for the technology, you can see where in a decade or so that drivers will start to have solar roof top panels on their garages and will be erecting simple car port solar awnings over their driveways where their cars will automatically charge when not in use and where parking lots will be roofed over by solar to charge vehicles while their owners are at work making the daily commute gasoline free all week long.

But that is if we can elect a sane president who would act logically in the face of climate catastrophe.

Just sayin'!


Electric vehicles are an improvement, but not near as nice or effective as the far simpler changes that would preclude the need for a car at all.

The way suburban USAns think that having to spending 20-30 hours a week in a car that consumes an enormous amount of their income in order to simply commute and run ordinary errands represents some kind of superior "convenience" over any other possible alternatives is one of the great con-jobs of all times. And, we are not even talking about the environmental, health, and sociological impacts of cars yet. we don't need more cars, we need to get rid of the suburbia that makes cars necessary at all.

The UCS's refusal to even mention public transportation and walkable urban design in its sweeping environmental proposals is why I don't bother supporting them anymore.