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In the Trump Era, The Enemies of Our Enemy Are Not Our Friends


In the Trump Era, The Enemies of Our Enemy Are Not Our Friends

Rebecca Gordon

You know you’re living in a looking-glass world when former Vice President Dick Cheney speaks out against one of Donald Trump’s executive orders. He’s a good example of how past adversaries of movements for peace and justice are lining up against our current adversary, the new president.


Thank you Rebecca for trying mightily to pen an objective piece about the sorry state of truth today in this world.

As an agnostic and a secular humanist I too am alarmed at Pompeo's "lifestyle" profiling. As many observers have noted (that would be millions of us) this is not just an aberration burning through the US, but through all of humanity. And troglodytes such as Lamar Smith would precipitate this crisis of human civilization. I do not believe I have seen it mentioned anywhere on these pages just where exactly Russia alighted wrt the Paris Climate Agreement.


Then there is, besides Putin, that great friend of the so-called "left" (whatever that term could possibly mean nowadays), Bashar Assad, who does stuff like this...

But hey, this is just a screed of that "gatekeeper" Amy Goodman and that shill for American imperialism Amnesty International. Amy STILL refuses to believe, believe, believe that 911 was an inside job!


"Amy still refuses to believe 9/11 was an inside job."

I have no proof, but friends of mine have told me that Amy has been told not to go there. And she was told by her superiors that could jeopardize the broadcast license of Democracy Now!

True or not, I have to believe Amy is too smart to believe the fairy tale.


Clearly it's almost impossible to wade through the years of lies and agendas. Both Democrats and Republicans have created this maze of deceit and it is they that have brought the foul stench of it all right back here. They have created the Trumps of our time and given them legitimacy to destroy what's left of our society.
It's hardly a surprise that we are where we are. The disgusting things done in the name of this country assured that one day we would be facing a total collapse of our perceived democracy. Oh, what tangled webs we weave.
As much as it hurts to watch this collapse, it is well deserved. It's just sad that we in this country will be the one's most hurt by the sick machinations of these leaders of doom. I'm sure the rest of the world is thinking it's about time we get back what we've dished out for so very long.
The ball is falling through the cracks and into our laps. It's time the people in this country make a stand and join the rest of the world in the fight against the oligarchs and merchants of death in both parties.


After making a good point about not making common cause with the "worst of the worst" Repugs and their opposition to Trump, the writer puts her foot firmly in her mouth with the Russia crap, lacking the wisdom to let that dangerous canard die, and being foolish enough to challenge as eminent an expert and scholar on the matter as Stephen Cohen. I'll stick with Cohen, who makes far more sense than the politico-media circus Ms Gordon, with her veneer of seriousness, apparently can't keep from looking to for support.


What "superiors"? The only people who could even remotely be called "superiors" to the tough and strong Ms. Goodman is the dysfunctional governing board of Pacifica - which is full of truther, chemtrail, vaxxer, and orthorexia kooks and who are largely hostile to Ms. Goodman. Pacifica has become a microcosm of the US-left.

And broadcast licenses are given to operators of transmitters, not news programs.

And the fairy tale you are referring to is the secretly-planted-demolition-explosives-plus-secretly-planted-remote-controlls-into-crashing-airliners-for-extra-dramatic-effect, right?


The GOP, now being in full control of the federal government and most state governments, is engaging in a lot of good cop / bad cop theatrics. John McCain and other GOP operatives, elected and appointees, will continue to pretend they disagree with Trump on issues that they don't really care about so they can distract us from the agenda they really care about...accelerating the transfer of wealth from the 99% to the 1%. This transfer will made manifest in many ways including but not limited to regressive tax "reform", environmental, safety, and financial decriminalization disguised as deregulation, gutting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other "domestic programs".

I will sell my ocean front villa in Phoenix AZ at a 50% discount to anybody who doesn't understand that every GOP operative, elected and appointed, at every level of government is 100% on board with the Trump/Pence/McConnell/Ryan agenda that will reduce the US to a neofeudal paradise for the 1% post haste.


DICK is just jealous he couldn't be the one to normalize torture and Ban everyone's civil liberties.

It's torture to me just looking at his dishonest WMD face again. I thought vampires melt in the daytime. Good thing for him it was raining.

If trump is right that God wouldn't let it rain on his inauguration, then why in this photo is the bushmonkey hiding under plastic? Afraid rotten tomatoes will ruin his suit?


Yes it probable. Do you think FEMA had no meetings at all after the unsuccessful 1993 WTC bombing? Of course they did. I remember them being extremely concerned about the Sears Tower in Chicago. The half-brother of Bin Laden, who was captured, said he had planned for his exploding van to tip one WTC building into the other.

It's completely logical that FEMA under the rumored program Operation Godzilla pre-wired tall buildings to prevent losing ten blocks in a tip over. We know GWB's brother Marvin Bush of Securacom/Stratesec oversaw the wiring of the building's "security system" right before it fell.

Marvin P. Bush:
(Brother of George W. Bush)

seen on 12/26/09 at http://www.911blogger.com/node/22120

On September 11, 2001, Baker was at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington DC, for the annual investor conference of the Carlyle Group. Also present with Baker was Carlucci, "representatives of the bin Laden family,” and George H. W. Bush.[19] Carlyle had been doing business with the bin Laden family since the early 1990s.

Baker’s grandfather started the law firm Baker Botts, which had offices in Saudi Arabia and which, after 9/11, represented the Saudi Arabian government in a lawsuit filed by families of those killed and injured in the attacks. The Saudi connection is interesting considering that Carlyle owned, through BDM International, the Vinnell Corporation, a mercenary operation that had extensive contracts in the Middle East since 1975, training the Saudi Arabian National Guard and also training Turkish security forces.

Vinnell was considered “by some experts to be a CIA front.”[20] Of course Frank Carlucci was Deputy Director of the CIA, and George H.W. Bush, who was Baker’s boss for many years, was in the CIA for a majority of his career.[21] Perhaps as a result, in 1995 Vinnell was reported to be one of the first targets of al Qaeda, in Saudi Arabia.

BDM, Vinnell’s parent company, was sold to TRW in 1997. Directors at BDM at the time included Carlyle Group executives and a former assistant to Henry Kissinger, Philip Odeen, who went on to become the CEO of TRW. Directors at TRW at the same time included Robert M. Gates, former Director of Central Intelligence and current Secretary of Defense. Arden Bement, who was appointed by George W. Bush to lead the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) one month after the 9/11 attacks, had left his position as TRW Vice President in 1992, moving to Purdue University in the interim.

In 1998, at the time that Barry McDaniel moved to Stratesec, TRW merged with Lockheed Martin, the company that sub-contracted the WTC security job to Ensec.[22] Stratesec and Ensec, along with E.J. Electric and Electronic Systems Associates, worked to build the security system that was in place at the WTC when the buildings were destroyed. All four of these companies had done significant work in Saudi Arabia before working at the WTC.[23]

Marvin Bush was a director of Stratesec from 1993 to 2000. It was during that time that Kroll and Stratesec planned and executed the extensive rebuilding of the security systems at the WTC complex. As his stint with Stratesec ended, Marvin Bush became a principal in the company HCC Insurance, one of the insurance carriers for the World Trade Center.


Marvin Bush was the cofounder of Winston Partners in 1993, a company that benefited greatly from the War on Terror. In 2000, Winston Partners invested heavily in a defense contractor called AMSEC that was 55% owned by Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). It has been noted that SAIC was not only a major contributor to the NIST WTC report, it was also a company that had expertise in nanothermites, explosive materials which were found in the WTC dust as mentioned earlier.[24]

Founded by a scientist from Los Alamos National Laboratory, SAIC had a long history at the WTC, having evaluated the basement levels of the buildings as a potential terrorist target in 1986.[25] Interestingly, the company was hired to investigate the 1993 bombing of the WTC, an event that was “remarkably like the one which” they had foreseen in 1986.[26] In fact, SAIC later boasted that — “After the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, our blast analyses produced tangible results that helped identify those responsible.”[27]

After 9/11, SAIC supplied the largest contingent of non-governmental investigators to the WTC investigation conducted NIST. At the same time, “SAIC personnel were instrumental in pressing the case that weapons of mass destruction existed in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, and that war was the only way to get rid of them.”[28]

SAIC was also a pioneer in the intelligence contracting business, as a founding member of the Security Affairs Support Association in 1979, along with companies like TRW, Booz Allen Hamilton, Lockheed and Hughes Aircraft. A special taskforce of the Defense Science Board, which was led in 1993 by BDM’s Philip Odeen, recommended a vast increase in the outsourcing of intelligence, which all these companies ended up benefiting from greatly.

Today a majority of government intelligence work is outsourced, and SAIC is known first and foremost as an intelligence contractor. SAIC sells expertise about weapons, about homeland security, about surveillance, about computer systems, about “information dominance” and “information warfare,” and has been awarded more individual government contracts than any other private company in America. In fact, the company was paid huge sums to rebuild the NSA and FBI systems that supposedly failed before 9/11.[29]

SAIC is integral to the operations of all the major intelligence collection agencies, particularly the National Security Agency (NSA), the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the CIA. In fact, the CIA relies on SAIC to spy in its own workforce.[30] But SAIC has also played an integral role in the “War on Terror”, and was even responsible for capturing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. It was SAIC staff and technology that “tease[ed] out crucial clues about Mohammed's activities from intercepted text messages that he sent to his al Qaeda operatives using as many as 20 different cell phones.”[31]

In an interesting coincidence, while the Carlyle/BDM subsidiary Vinnell Corp was training the Saudi Arabian National Guard, SAIC was training the Saudi Navy and bringing Saudi military personnel to company headquarters in San Diego for further study. Simultaneously, Booz Allen Hamilton was managing the Saudi Marine Corps and running the Saudi Armed Forces Staff College.[32] Vinnell now works with SAIC to train the Iraqi military.[33]

SAIC employees or board members have included Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, former Deputy Director of CIA Bobby Ray Inman, former NYC OEM director Jerome Hauer, anthrax attack suspect Stephen Hatfill, former CIA Director John Deutch, and Lawrence B. Prior, a military intelligence officer and former TRW executive. Also formerly with SAIC, during the time of the planning and implementation of the 9/11 attacks, was Dick Cheney’s undersecretary of defense, Duane Andrews.

Duane Andrews considered Dick Cheney to be his personal, lifelong hero.[34] While he worked for Cheney, Andrews supervised Stephen Cambone, who went on to become Donald Rumsfeld’s “special assistant.” When Andrews left the Pentagon in 1993, he became chief operating officer for SAIC, where he supervised “much of the company's work on secret projects with defense and national security agencies.”[35] Andrews and Cambone both later hired on to the British intelligence firm Qinetiq, along with George Tenet. Coincidentally, The Carlyle Group was a major shareholder in Qinetiq as of February 2003.

Conspiracy Theory? No. It's just another day in the tangled web of Wall Street.


Thank you Thomas, keep up the good work!


Agree Clovis. How Putin is being used is the issue. The same propaganda campaign that was used to convince Americans that an invasion of Iraq was required because of WMDs is being used to convince
Americans that war with Russia is inevitable. The field of war is being fertilized bit by bit by the dung of propaganda. The author of the piece accepts as allies those that oppose talking to Russia to establish stability and peace by attacking Cohen. Cohen is right--the entire neocon and government officials oppose detente with Russia.


Right now, the resistance to Trump is all about a sole person. Given what Obama did with immigration regarding deportations and refugees, the movement against Trump is about Trump. Now Trump is wrong about the ban, but the protests are not about the ban. Those who oppose Trump on this do not mention that it is violent interventionist policies which caused the refugees. That would mean at least for democrats having to confront Obama's war record which they won't. Now it does not matter the motivations why people oppose Trump, but it does matter the day after Trump leaves because the same policies that created the problems will remain in tact. The same happened with the anti-war movement over Iraq. When Obama took office, well wars run by democrats was not so bad--in essence the anti-war movement was not anti-war, but anti-Bush. It looks the same will happen after Trump--same of shit, new face.


Putin had nothing to do with our election. The Dems gave us Trump by destroying Bernie. The Repubs stole the election. Once again (sigh, this is getting monotonous but I soldier on):

"Before a single vote was cast, the election was fixed by GOP and Trump operatives.

Starting in 2013 – just as the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act – a coterie of Trump operatives, under the direction of Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, created a system to purge 1.1 million Americans of color from the voter rolls of GOP–controlled states."

And BTW, there are at least 2 reasons we should be more sympathetic to Putin: 1/ He's not crazy or stupid, and 2/ he's not an ideological fanatic like our neocons and corporate liberals who are on a drive for world domination.


Indeed and that is why I think an assassination organized by the GOP themselves might be in the cards. If Trump is assassinated, all that progressive resistance no longer has a target, Pence and the GOP are still in power, and Pence will have the perfect excuse to enforce a police state, and the mainstream won't bat an eye, especially if they have a convenient Muslim to blame.


While I agree with you main point of Putin not being involved in our election I don't think he deserves sympathy. He is still a neocon that is harsh dissenters. He is just arguably not "quite" as evil as the U.S. leaders.


Putin is a neocon? Just how do you arrive at that conclusion? Among other things, the neocons want war with Iran and to bring Russia under domination of the US, either by military force (war) or political means (so-called regime--change). How does this describe Putin? May I recommend to you the definitive neocon policy statement, "Rebuilding American Defenses", which includes a specific call for a "Pax Americana" (a slap at President Kennedy who specifically rejected such a drive for world domination in his famous "peace"speech at George Washington University).



Soft on Trump. Soft on Putin. Modern progressives.


Amy, Bernie, threatened to keep silent. You really think this little fantasy world you inhabit is "progressive"?


Putin is your sane murderous dictator. Cool dude.