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In the US Killing Fields, We're Now Way Past "Thoughts and Prayers Are Not Enough"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/06/us-killing-fields-were-now-way-past-thoughts-and-prayers-are-not-enough

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With Trumponzi it is more like touts and players.

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Seems as though the two main political parties must be renamed :

R - White Supremacy Party and
D - "Corporate Bought Party"

How this is so apparent to me and not to everyone is beyond my ability to understand.


White Protestant terrorists are getting bolder as the next election approaches.


“Thoughts and prayers” plus two bucks buys a cup of coffee (tip not included).

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Thoughts and prayers might have their place but in this case which reflects our entire US American history can be smoke screens for no action and no fundamental change:


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Yes. The 2nd admendment needs to be repealed.
U.S. militarism needs to end and support for the other murderous white supremist nation, Israel needs to end.

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This is an excellent news commentary, Phyllis.


Right on Phyllis! White supremacy and its terrorism are not just the historic foundations of the US, but the foundation of the current US empire. Capitalism is built and maintained on violence and theft, and as the capitalist dominator of the planet our society therefore must reflect in some way the violence our government visits on the world. “We” have been at continual war for the past 30 years, (since the overcoming of the “Vietnam Syndrome” - the opposition of the populace against foreign wars). Mass shootings are a consequence. This is also why our “leaders” do nothing about it. They get rich from mass death.


We’re way past Trump’s slit-eyed, dry husk teleprompter act of faux concern and blaming everyone but himself.

There once was a ban on these weapons, but Trump’s party of Republicans did not renew it. All of the terror, shattered bones, splashed brains and crushed families are on Trump and the Republicans.

The only question: Which American city or town will be next? Ask Trump and Mitch.


Shall we end the 1st and 4th amendment while we are at it? Fortunately your whims do not determine U.S. law. If you want to amend the Constitution there is a process for doing that, it is quite onerous I assure you.

The article said:

“There’s a pattern. The shooters were once again young white men, armed with easily available military-style assault rifles. And once again, in ways too familiar to have to name, even in cities collapsed in collective grief, the motivation for the violence was white supremacy: racism against people of color, xenophobia against migrants and asylum seekers, hatred of those whose skin is a different shade or who speak a different language or worship a different way.”

False most mass shootings are perpetrated by young black men against other young black men with relatively small semi-automatic pistols:

“Over all, though, nearly three-fourths of victims and suspected assailants whose race could be identified were black.”

What next try to smear the New York Times for it’s deeply right wing bias?

What do you shootings by lunatics have to do with this sophomoric dribble of canned rhetoric?

The 1st and 4th amendments have been abandoned. Member of the House and senate have openly stated that they are in their office to promote their religion. Free speech is criminal when certain topics are discussed. So much for the 1st amendment.

There are secret courts which authorized death warrants and those warrants are then carried out. So much for the 4th amendment.

Yes, it is time to include doing away with the 2nd amendment. We could then disarm the police which would cut another 10 plus percent of stranger on unarmed stranger murders.

I know, you like it that cops get a paid month vacation every time they kill someone.

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Because “lunacy” does not explain what is happening here. The shooters have a consistent and coherent ideology that in their minds justifies their actions. That ideology is White Supremacy. White Supremacy should not be understood as an ideology of white people per se, but of a white ruling class. It it used by the (overwhelmingly) white ruling class to divide white working class from the working class of color. It is a divide and rule mechanism. It allows unspeakable horror to be done to the “other.” It is the ideology of the US empire that goes back to its foundation.

It looks like time to support research into ways to permanently darken the skins of white supremacists.