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In Their Own (Hateful) Words


In Their Own (Hateful) Words

In a climate awash in Trumpian vitriol, Palestinian advocates are calling out the same kind of bile long expressed by U.S.-backed Israeli politicians who insult, threaten, dehumanize and incite violence against what they likewise view as "the other" in their midst. By simply quoting Israelis' own toxic rhetoric, a new ad campaign by the Palestine Advocacy Project urges Americans to "connect the dots" between both sets of slurs and threats and walls, and denounce them.


If you have difficulty believing, that such hate could be spouted in the 21st century, just look at Trump.
When will we ever experience some enlightenment?
In order to make a new spirit a reality, we cannot just let things happen. We must get together worldwide and flush these relics out of office.
Here in America we are stuck with two totally unacceptable candidates, on Nov. 8, but there is still a good chance for a progressive Senate then and for producing a much more progressive House in 2018.
Just get your shoulders to the wheel and PUSH!
We have to repossess the nation for the people. That will set an example for the world.


I could go to any nation in our world and find this or that hate-spouting person and then cite him or her to indict an entire nation.
How many Palestinians spout hatred not just for Jews but for those not Muslims?


The vile opinions described here are the opinions of a majority of the Jewish citizens of Israel. Recent polls show that a substantial majority of Jews in Israel want all Arabs forcibly expelled from Israel and Palestine. The rest support the status quo of deep inequality pursuant to a slower form of ethnic cleansing.


Having met a number of Palestinians, I have yet to meet one who has "spouts hatred" toward Jews or anyone else. But should I dare bring this issue up with a Jew in my city? Hoo boy!

PS. I noticed that you joined our little community only 5 minutes before the above post - your first!. Welcome! I am very impressed with the rapid-response of you Hasbara trolls. How much does the Israeli Government or your local synagogue pay you?


I look at and read the quotes from Bibi and his 'justice' minister and all I can come up with is " It's a topsy-turvy world." Up is down, round is square, victims are perpetrators.....


The paucity of comments here is worrying - a total of five, but one is a Hasbara troll and the other two are totally off topic comments about the Evil Hillary and Trump. In the old days, there would have been a hundred comments. Is everyone writing off the Palestinian people?

Please; there are some awfully important things out there that the US election has nothing to do with.


Those two photos; I didn't know that Nazis looked like that. I always thought they wore brown shirts, were blonde and blue-eyed, and shaved.


“I could go to any nation in our world and find this or that hate spouting person...”?

No, postroad, you can't. Your invader and occupier for two thirds of a century won't let you. You are contained within a prison environment which controls everything. Your shelter, your sustenance, everything that you need to exist your occupier controls. And it's kept to levels such that you barely can exist. Your occupier keeps any and all sources of assistance from entering your prison. Your occupier and their abetters have propagandized and tried to rewrite history every chance they could to defame and discredit you and your fellow victims. Victims of what the Nurenberg Trials called the supreme crime, that of aggression.

Will it change in the near future? Here's what officials of the occupiers say about, you know, people like you, postroad:

The Prime Minister: “...the wild beasts”.

Minister of Justice: “They should go, as should the physical homes...the snakes...”

A Deputy Defense Minister (and a cleric, no less): “...beasts, they are not human”.

So what do you think, postroad? Do you see the light of freedom any time soon? And this is the continuation of the past. Take former the Prime Minister, the benign, benevolent, dearly beloved Ben Gurion. He granted you and your fellow prisoners the 'right' to leave you home land. Or be treated as dogs, as he put it.

So I'm afraid you can't go to any other country, postroad. Unless you promise never to return. But since you and your fellow victims are considered 'terrorists' there's no guarantee for even that. It's enough to change one's world view of things, postroad.


The two Ben Gurion sentences. Looks like they came right out of the youtube text editor. Scramble city.


It does not take long for the Zionists to start putting forth their propaganda.


And these are Israeli LEADERS. I can only imagine the filth that's spewed by the average man on the street. If Ms. Shaked wants to see a real snake she should check out the nearest mirror.


Half the truth is as good as a lie. A balanced story would also include the statements about Jews and Israelis made by Palestinian leaders--statements that make these look positively benign. But Zimet is a propagandist, not a reporter.


Absolutely not writing off the Palestinians. I wish I could write off Netanyahu and the minister of justice. I have visited Gaza (2009), with Code Pink, under the auspice of UNRWA and the West Bank with the excellent Code Pink relative, Global Exchange (2011). I made the first trip because I wanted to find out the truth and who was telling it, the Palestinians or the Israelis. The potshots being fired at Gazan fishing boats during my very first night there virtually convinced me who the oppressors were. I need to add 2 things:
1) during neither trip did I hear nor read ONE WORD of hatred, self-pity, or bitterness come from a Palestinian. Not even from the mouths of the few Palestinian Parliament members remaining in Gaza.
2) Never in my travels, West or East, have I met more generous and hospitable hosts than the Palestinians-- particularly the women (the men, like so many over the world, tended to huddle in groups of their own sex, drinking tea outdoors).
I returned to the US with both massive anger at Israel, the US, mostly at myself for having allowed myself to be deluded for so many years by 2 countries I had once so admired. Once your eyes are opened, if you have a conscience, you'll never close them again.


Just want to appreciate your comment up to where you lapsed into antisemitism.


Actually, I didn't look at it until today because the title gives no indication whose hateful words it's about. I stayed away assuming it had to do with the election. Shows where that's going, that I can assume the hate is in my Presidential election.


Remember that Israel's is a parliamentary system. The chief executive (PM) is not elected directly, but appointed by the party winning the majority of seats in the Knesset, or the coalition of parties able to nuzzle up together to form a majority. Netanyahu's party cuddles right, which gives the right parties power they could never achieve on their own. So more right-party or right-leaning ministers get appointed, and you get the mess accounted here.


The propaganda is failing and more and more are seeing through the lies. In the USA and Israel the gloves on the iron fists are off, both rhetorical and physically. There's apparently no reason to keep pretending that either is a civilized nation with respect for all humanity within their borders, and without.


Said on Palestinian TV: "Butcher and kill the Jews. Have no mercy on the Jews, no matter where they are, in any country. Fight them, wherever you are. Wherever you meet them, kill them."

Songs about stabbing Jews to death -- including one by the winner of the Arab equivalent of "American Idol" -- are all the rage on West Bank airwaves, a year after the twisted hit parade featured calls for running down Israelis with cars. Videos posted on YouTube to accompany the songs regularly feature images of Palestinian terrorists stabbing Jews.

What do the Palestinian schools teach? Ninth-graders study from official textbooks that assert, "treachery and disloyalty are character traits of the Jews and therefore one should beware of them." Jews are cast as Satanic, violent and cunning, as "thieving conquerors" who have stolen Arab land and must be fought and defeated.

Jihad and martyrdom are glorified as the means to liberating Palestine and children's poems contain calls to war and bloodletting. Fifth graders memorize such lines as, "I shall take my soul in my hand and hurl it into the abyss of death." The same verses are recited by children on official Palestinian television. Sixth-graders read of a young boy growing up with "the love of Jihad flowing through his veins and filling every fiber of his being." "Joy" comes only at "the sight of the enemy lying dead" or "fleeing for their lives."


You need to say when and on what "Palestinian TV" you heard that, and who said it. I didn't read the rest, and won't unless you can get specific with dates and verifiable sources.