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'In This Dark Hour for Iranian People,' Groups Demand Trump End Inhumane Sanctions Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/20/dark-hour-iranian-people-groups-demand-trump-end-inhumane-sanctions-amid-covid-19


Just looking at that picture, I’d say that airports are death. Not for you, unless you are in your 80s in which case you have a 15% death rate. If you’re under 40 years old you have a 0.2% death rate, and those of you in that age group who are at heightened risk pretty much know who you are.

Wait, that’s not an airport, that’s a pharmacy. So drug stores are death.

If you have to stand in a line, turn to the person in back of you and tell them to back off 6 feet away. Tell them that you don’t have the coronavirus but that you do feel a tickle in your throat, and that you’ll try and not cough in their face. They won’t trust you.

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There’s a blowback problem with biowar. If the Iranians have the virus then the Iraqis have the virus. Then our troops have the virus in turn. Then the parents of our troops have the virus.


One human race, one home planet:

Sign, donate if you can to help Iran:


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Does anyone else get the impression that Trump and his cronies are using this as a way to “soften them up” for an invasion?

What’s the difference between: a) deliberately introducing a pathogen into a civilian population; and, b) denying a civilian population that which they need to battle a pandemic? The first is a deliberate act of biowarfare; the second is a passive act of biowarfare. Either way, it’s criminal. But I guess that’s how we roll.


And we in this country wonder why other nations hate the United States of America so much.

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Hi PonyBoy:
Even though I am not Iranian—I signed and sent messages to Trump, Pompeo and my elected ones. Iran agreed to the Iran deal. Trump erased it. Pompeo seems to want to war incessantly in the ME. America has become a blot on humanity------and as we break many, many international laws----there is no response from other nations. WHY?


I don’t think any of us are really absorbing the POWER that Herr Drumpf
has accrued to himself –

Where are the international organizations peaking out against US inhumanity/wars?

Not happening – except the occasional UN outburst from time to time which the public
doesn’t hear.

Herr Drumpf is now cutting into United Nations programs – threatening them.

This is the way he proceeds in all endeavors – threats and blackmail and it works.


Mentioned in the CodePink tweet but not in the article is the cruel sanctions regime imposed on Venezuela. Several months ago, a Washington think tank estimated 40,000 Venezuelans had died as a result; a few days ago I saw a current estimate of 100,000 (especially as the U.S. is blocking purchases of supplies to deal with COVID-19). The IMF, reportedly at U.S. insistence, rejected an emergency $5 billion load to import medical supplies.

Toady (not a typo) Canada is of course saying nothing.


Hi EMcommon:
sigh----- I really hope that there are actual haunting ghosts-----because. if true, they have a lot of work to do with the currently overpaid government deciders. : (

Strangely enough with all of what trump has done, nobody seems willing to remove him from office.
We the sheeple shall bow before the orange one. Then kiss our own asses goodbye.
We deserve what we refuse to fight against.

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Some people inherit star spangled eyes,
Ooh, they send you down to war, Lord
And when they ask you, how much should we give,
They answer More, More, More.
Fortunate Son

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Remember when you were in elementary school and the big bully was there pushing around kids?

Any kid who would stand up to the bully made a permanent enemy of them.

Same mentality with these neanderthals we have in government and the military.

Seems as though a lack of humanity is required for these positions.

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