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In Three Months, Trump has Charged into Four Mideast Wars, to No Avail


In Three Months, Trump has Charged into Four Mideast Wars, to No Avail

Juan Cole

In his less than three months in office, Donald Trump has escalated four wars, and all of his escalations have been failures.

To be fair, Trump inherited all 4 wars from Barack Obama—Afghanistan, Iraq v. ISIL, Leftist Kurds v. ISIL in Syria, and targeting support and tactical advice to Saudi Arabia in Yemen.

Trump campaigned on reducing such foreign entanglements and focusing on the US and its needs. But in office he has declined to rethink any of these commitments and indeed has escalated in each theater.


Trump is truly America's 'Failure-in-Chief.'

He is undeniably the 'Most Qualified' person, for that job.


The man is an oaf, to be sure.


Kris, know what oaf stands for?

O - Obnoxious
A - Asinine
F - Fool


All of that rush to war, an eleven ton bomb, and his "hands" are still tiny!


The Trillions spent on these asinine wars for Oil are beyond the pale- They just go on and on with no victory intended or peace in sight... Are they meant to just expend ordinance for the arms industry traffickers in blood money?
They say that the longest war, that in Afghanistan, is taking place in the graveyard of Empires- I believe that the entire Middle East is the graveyard of this Empire......


Donald J. Trump has been an absolute disaster as a president so far. It's a drag to say this, but had Barack Obama been a better President, and Hillary Clinton had been a better Secretary of State and a better, less lackluster Presidential Candidate, we wouldn't have ended up with Donald Trump in the White House. It's a drag to have to say it, but I felt compelled to say it, anyway, and I did. Thanks for letting me vent.


I like that!