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In Time for Christmas: A Social Security Plan Only Scrooge Could Love


In Time for Christmas: A Social Security Plan Only Scrooge Could Love

Monique Morrissey

Donald Trump ran a campaign that rejected Republican orthodoxy on a variety of issues. He consistently and emphatically rejected the party line on slashing social insurance programs like Medicare and Social Security. And yet, Congressional Republicans are ploughing ahead with plans to gut these benefits.


Rep. Johnson’s assertion that “the growth of two earner families has had a negative effect on the (Social Security) system’s finances” is way beyond “nonsensical”, it is a lie. Every analysis ever conducted has concluded that two earner households get the LEAST back in benefits compared to what they contributed over their working lives than ANY OTHER DEMOGRAPHIC.

Two earner households are the best thing that ever happened to the :“system’s finances”.

If those two earners are married add in the 63 sections added to the IRS tax code by 1986 tax “reform” (that constitute the marriage penalty) and those two earner households are one of the few economic engines the US gubmit has.

Sorry i am throwing so many facts out now that Murka is so deep in the abyss of hyperbole.


HRC also wanted to focus on the poorest in the system and was leaning towards those good old public-private partnerships for the rest. Although, admittedly, this will likely be worse, maybe, just maybe, our neolibs in office will finally stand up and oppose something.

Doubtful–it’s everything they want and they can do what they always do–blame the Repubs.


Suggesting these proposals will encourage more savings is beyond idiotic.

With low interest rates couple with an inflation rate that is doctored saving money is the surest way to lose it.

Added to that recent laws passed so as to protect banks and the investor class translates to those savings of the worker bring an asset of the bank which will become forfeit if the bank forced to repay other creditors who by law have first dibs on such monies.


It was the Clinton wing of the Democrats, after ending actual welfare aid, that took the first steps to similarly “reform” Social Security, starting with the disabled. As a result, the disabled became the fastest-growing group of homeless people by 2000 (they did very poorly on the streets). Obama was able to get Congress to restore disability benefits, but the right wing of the Dem Party soon enough resumed targeting the disabled with benefit freezes, etc. Dems kicked off 2015 with voting to virtually end food stamps to the elderly poor and the disabled (cut from $115 per month, down to $10). The public has responded throughout with flat indifference.


HRC took the lead in formulating the agenda that ended actual welfare aid, tearing apart so many families, causing to many people to be trapped into hopeless poverty, with no way out. Bill Clinton had signed on to NAFTA, and before launching her campaign, Hillary Clinton was working hard at trying to sell the TPP to Congress – “free trade” policies that increase US poverty. The Clinton agenda resulted in the increase of workers who can be paid even less than the minimum wage. All of this has taken a toll on wages and the overall economy.


The War on Boomers continues.

Payback for Bearing Witness to what has been done to us, as a People, in our lifetimes.

From the Bogus Reasons and Facts behind the Viet Nam War, to the Overthrow of our Democracy, that started with the CIA murder of our duly elected President in 1963, we are the ones who Saw and Remember, and must, as needs be, by the Controlling Entities, be Punished and Marginalized.

What better way, than by Kicking us when we are at our weakest, after a Lifetime of Playing by the Rules, only to be Targeted by the Sold Out Parasites who grow fat gorging at the Public Trough we call Congress. (Whose Pay Increases are NOT dependent on the Chained CPI.)


True, the Boomers are being preyed upon, but at this point in history the predators are also boomers. What happened to the Love Generation? In the decade starting with the assassination of JFK and ending with the impeachment/resignation of RMN virtually all the Boomers seemed to be on the same page: love, peace, spiritual over material, smoke a bowl and free your soul…Now the strong Boomers feast upon the weak. If Boomer HillRod Clinton had won, she and Boomer Chuck Schumer would have delighted in privatizing Social Security.


I don’t think Chuck or Hill were Protesting the War in the Streets, or at Woodstock.

Only months after JFK was murdered, Hil thought Goldwater was a good idea.

There were always the Dicks amongst us, like Doug Neidermeyer, in Animal House, (who, in the end, got Fragged by his own Troops.) :slight_smile:


Thank you, HowlingCoyote. Excellent response.

I grow weary of the campaign to tar all baby boomers with the same brush. Divide and conquer?

The baby boomers were no more in lock step than any other generation with the possible exception of opposition to the misguided Vietnam War. And they should be rewarded for being correct on that one.


We need to also slash military spending to save for future military needs. We need to slash subsidizes to save for future tax breaks, we need to slash health care cost to save for future needs.


I agree- the public is indifferent to others- is fine when dealing with a small circle like family and friends. Trump mocks the disabled , and the rnc bows down to that like the scourge that they are.


Thank you , and I am a baby boomer. I think we are too old for the baby title- let’s shorten it to boomer.


HRC was actually a republican when she was younger- not so sure that she and Schumer were ever part of the “love” generation.


The toll on wages was actually brought about by greed when CEOs traveled to other countries and found that workers were willing to work for “pennies.” This was done way before Clinton was in office.


It’s already been proven that SS and Medicare are not broke. In 1983 there were adjustments when Rayguns was in office. There may have to be adjustments for preservation, but there is NO reason to eliminate either successful program. In fact this is one of the three legs of the stool for so called retirement. Perhaps we should eliminate salaries for members of congress, and DT said that he would only take a dollar for pay. Somehow I do not think that anyone should believe what he says.