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In 'Tremendous' Steps Toward Peace, North and South Korea Vow to End War and Pursue a Nuclear-Free Peninsula


In 'Tremendous' Steps Toward Peace, North and South Korea Vow to End War and Pursue a Nuclear-Free Peninsula

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a historic meeting on Friday that sparked hope of lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula after decades of hostilities, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in embraced at the border village of Panmunjom and agreed to work toward bringing an official end to the Korean War and fully denuclearizing the peninsula.

"I was very moved by the scenes of Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un together, in part because I know all my friends and comrades in Korea were watching with deep love and hopes for their country."
—Tim Shorrock


Will be interesting to see how the US “Deep State” will attempt to screw this up. If agreement is reached one of the next steps will be to ask US military presence to cease and desist which would mean a very large US foreign policy shift and reduce the US influence in that part of the world.
We shall see what we shall see.

  1. As the article states, rump will take full credit for any peace achieved by the two countries, and it will be all about him.
  2. In order for a fully denuclearized Korea to be achieved, US nuclear weapons must also be removed from the peninsula.
  3. A peace treaty will finally end the wasteful and belligerent war games that the US holds with South Korea.
  4. The MIC will not like #'s 2 and 3 AT ALL and will do everything in their power to make peace in Korea a non event.
  5. Ain’t no way rump is going to go through with his meeting with Un.


“Every time I plant a seed
He say kill it before it grows.”
–Robert Nestor Marley, “I Shot the Sheriff”


Hopefully the North and South Korean people can relatively quickly get to the point where they can live in peace without the threat of nuclear and/or conventional conflict with one another.

Interesting how many in the US mainstream media, including some of the ‘progressive media’ are suggesting a Nobel Peace Prize for Donald Trump and some are suggesting a second Presidential term for Trump.

http://www.wbur.org/onpoint/2018/04/20/nk-comey-starbucks (start at 28:00)


First Kissinger, then Obama—oh hell, why not Twitler?


I don’t see any progressive media embedded in your post. If there are some out there saying similar things, it would have been a good idea to post them also since you are lumping them all into the same boat. I am not saying there aren’t any, haven’t taken the time to research this, but to say “including some of the progressive media” you might want to back that up with examples. The articles you show just don’t cut it.


Hi buffalospirits.

Good point. Progressives do not always agree on what is progressive media. Democracynow is considered by some to be progressive. Check out:



Peace on the Korean Peninsula!

All due to Trump’s “My button is bigger than your button” approach to Diplomacy.



Maybe out of a fear that the unhinged idiot really would attack the North forcing a response by the North on the South though. Hard to say but it smells of mutual protection from the US which is something more countries should consider.


Unfortunately, I don’t see this ending well for the Korea’s, or the world. Hope I’m wrong.


How could it not be better than it was?


Opinion pieces, not nearly US “MSM,” quoting others, and I have no idea what you thought was in the WBUR link, which goes to a weekly roundup that includes the news of Pompeo’s trip.


No matter how djt tries to take the credit, the change will be for and wrought by the Korean people (singular). It’s time we backed off and let them have their sovereignty again.


I eagerly await ROK’s renegotiation of their Status of Forces agreement with the US. When my stepson was serving in the Army there, he was made to understand that his role, and the role of his comrades, was to be tripwires—that is, sacrificial pawns whose deaths would provide the US with a pretext for all-out war.

National sovereignty is nothing but a cruel joke wherever foreign troops are allowed.


I’m so happy I don’t mind Trump getting the Nobel Prize, whether he has anything to do with the reconciliation or not. To those young friends I met nearly forty years ago - An Daejung, Kim Ki-Hwang, Park Jean-jaul and many more - if you’ll can read this, I hope to celebrate in Seoul with you all in the near future.


Yup, never count your chickens before they’re hatched…


Not any of our chickens.


I remember that someone once asked the great satirical songwriter Tom Lehrer why he wouldn’t come back and write more of his great topical songs? He replied - “In a time when Henry Kissinger has won the Nobel Peace Prize, I can’t write anything funnier than that.” The idea of Donald Trump winning the Nobel Peace Prize makes me want to wretch. Of course, there have been other mistakes. I don’t think that Obama should have received the prize but Trump?! I think it should be a standing rule that the Nobel cannot be awarded to sociopaths.


I really don’t understand your comment. I’m delighted at this news as well. However, the Nobel is one of the most prestigious awards in the world. Why the hell should Trumpo the Klown receive it if he had nothing to do with the reconciliation? That would just deeply cheapen its significance. It would also be another example of this puke’s life in that he acquired something that he didn’t earn.