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In 'Tremendous Vvictory for Taxpayers, Public Health, and Panet,' Federal Court Rejects Trump Admin.'s Attempt to Suspend Methane Rule


In 'Tremendous Vvictory for Taxpayers, Public Health, and Panet,' Federal Court Rejects Trump Admin.'s Attempt to Suspend Methane Rule

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A court has once again rejected the Trump administration's effort to suspend an Obama-era rule aimed at reducing releases of methane from oil and gas operations on federal and tribal land.


A tidbit of good news - always welcome. Let’s hope it lasts and is not overturned by an appellate court.

One question - and if any of you rare Trump supporters who come to CD read this, I’d appreciate a response, as this is directed to you: how do all you MAGA Trump worshippers deal with all of the environmental destruction being wreaked by Trump and his administration, and remain devoted, enthralled supporters? This one, the methane rule, is an obvious, bad one, endangering the health and lives of countless Americans, but there are dozens and dozens of other rules and regulations that once protected Americans - water, air, food safety, drugs, etc. - that have been rescinded/removed/obliterated under Trump to enrich corporations while endangering American citizens. All pretty widely reported on even in the MSM. Do you Trump worshippers not care about your and your childrens’ health? Or you DO care, but your worship of Trump somehow overrides the fact that he is endangering your and your childrens’ health with these rule changes? Or do you convince yourselves somehow that these things won’t have any impact on you or your children - that somehow methane and pollutants won’t get into your lungs or your water or your food, so Trump removing the regulations will only affect snowflake Libtards? Or do you believe it is all “fake news?” Are you really willing to risk your - and your childrens’ - lives on that belief?

Seriously - I’d like a response if any Trump lovers happen to stop by and see this. I’m genuinely curious. Thanks in advance.


They expect to be raptured as soon as President Pence can jump start Armageddon.


I would like a answer also, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for one.


Patience, their working on it. Moving Israel’s capital was the latest step.


I doubt if you would get an honest answer but if you did it would go something like this “Trump is a racist and nothing else matters.”


lol you’re probably right. And some might even go to the extra effort of camouflaging the racism, like “he stands for America, and that’s more important!” :slight_smile:


A logical, sane question to ask. I am afraid those you are asking left logic and sanity behind some time ago.


I have actually gone to Breitbart and posed a question in that same vein, and got… crickets. Zero, zilch, nada responce. Not even" fuck off libtard ".
It’s like their keyboards glaze over into lala land or something.


Just put one of those long smokestacks over Trump and burn off his methane. He is probably the methane champ for all of the BS he is spewing in all directions all of the time.


Aspiring extreme capitalist websites ignore or lash out at differing opinions that question their mantra of greed and war enrichment. Trump worship is paramount, no breaking through that wall.


This methane rule is far too little too late. Artic is releasing methane from phase changed fire ice.


Yes, i too have visited Breitbart to see what type of political engagement might arise . . . . received a lot of denial and attack dog vitriol without substance. The polarized mind is a dangerous thing.


I have spoke with Trump supporters and what I have found, is exactly what you said, their worship of Trump overrides any environmental concerns. And the way they have answered your question to me is this: “WE LOVE TRUMP BECAUSE HE IS NOT A POLITICIAN!”


This tends to be the kind of thing I read before the corporations appeal to some higher court, get the sentenced reversed and then immediately begin raping the environment to lace their pockets. I hope this time I am wrong…but what they want they seem to get. They never give up and always have some other way…


Trump worship on one side…and the fanatical big lie of Russiagate on the other. You just couldn’t make up this nightmare even if you wanted to. Even if you did, nobody would believe you.


Arctic is melting. Has the arctic goes the planet goes. Climate engineering and Geoengineering which alot of people never heard of has been going on for decades. An EPA scientist was fired under Obama for exposing this … Here is the link


If one gets a chance listen to the 2-24-18 Global Alert News. The reality is lot worse than main stream media tells us. The ozone layer is also getting destroyed. This President is cutting all kinds of environmental regulations. The democrats were also not so great on the environment . If Hillary was president she is on record stating she wanted to Frack the world.




The Trumpenstein Republican monster? Yup!!!

“DAVID CAY JOHNSTON: Well, Donald Trump was not prepared to win the election. And so, he didn’t have people in place. And it was understandable, in the beginning, that he didn’t fill a lot of positions, but he also fired every U.S. attorney—presumably to get rid of Preet Bharara in New York, where Donald lived before being elected. He fired every U.S. ambassador and didn’t have people in place—.”