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In Trump’s America, You No Longer Need to Pretend to be Against School Segregation


In Trump’s America, You No Longer Need to Pretend to be Against School Segregation

Steven Singer

School segregation is kind of like war.

When asked point blank, no one wants to admit to liking it.

To paraphrase Motown singer songwriter Edwin Starr:

“Segregation. Huh, Good God.

What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing.”


If everyone were better educated (not just trained/indoctrinated) this country would be in much better shape.


Trump has assembled the most Bigoted administration in recent history.

Time to work on the Courts.


There is a reason that the white South has become the most reliably Republican region in this country. It consists of many things, one of the primary ones being the sixty-plus year efforts to
find ways to circumvent Brown v. Board of Education by any means possible. This also applies to Upper and Upper Middle Class “White Flight” suburbs and enclaves nationwide.

Racism and prejudice never went away, it just became more subtle and creative. We are, in some ways more than was the case 50 years ago, a society very divided by race and class.


Although racial segregation was the crux of segregation during the 21st century, charter schools cherry picking their students adds economic segregation to the mix.

Betsy Devious’ charter school crusade already made segregation a priority for Murka.


the majority of the middle of the country has been pining for the days of white supremacy for decades.
I had students in the late nineties that got in my face about busing.
I was an immigrant teaching Critical Thinking.

What does the progressive morality have working their favor right now?
Not much.

Vitter is from Metarie, Louisiana - an exclusivist white segregationist suburb of Nyalins (I went to school at LSU)


And most parts of the white north are every bit as bad and probably worse. Recall the savagery MLK faced when he went to Chicago. And it hasn’t changed a bit - as I learned when I moved from central Kentucky to Pittsburgh. The most segregated cities in the US where the visible white affluence/black poverty is the starkest, are the upper Midwest cities - Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee.


Indianapolis was where i was


Yeah, Indianapolis along with Columbus are cities I have zipped through on I-70 too many times to count, but for all practical purposes never visited the cities.


There’s no time left to get people educated enough to grasp what’s happening and to organize ways of opposing and changing thing. Unless someone comes up with an instantly injected "truth serum-like process to awaken at the very least a large minority of the people to turn psdonatelt against the warlike was we’re headed, World War III which we thought has been left behind when Internatonal Comunusm self destructed now is on the front burner of possibilities.


I see no examples of anyone who is advocating segregation of the schools—no one. Zero.


Is Wendy Vitter married to or related to former Senator David Vitter?


I don’t believe so.
But to paraphrase an old John Laroquette joke, they are all inbred.
sorry - just quoting.

May still be related through marriage- I really don’t know.