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In Trump’s America, Your Privacy Is for Sale


In Trump’s America, Your Privacy Is for Sale

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

Unless you’re reading this column in a good old newspaper, odds are your internet service provider (ISP) knows what you’re up to. ISPs are the on-ramp to the internet; it is through these gatekeepers that we all access the internet. They set the price and the speed of your connection, but were legally prevented from sharing or selling details about your personal internet usage without your permission - until now.


One would expect eventual Supreme Court defense against attacks on our Privacy, but the "Originalists" who now Infect it,( and are now Nominated for it), seem to be pretty freaking picky when it comes to deciding which of our Constitutional rights do, and don't, deserve Protection.


who came up with the title for this piece? trump's america! every which way i turn i run into the "age of trump," the "era of trump" and other such tributes to one old man's singular control of everything. gee, trump has been in office for barely 60 days! well folks, if the mere image of the donald so overwhelms and obscures our vision so as to totally block from existence the other almost 350 million of us who call this u.s. home, so be it. according to your faith in his omniscience it is so.


"were legally prevented from sharing or selling details about your personal internet usage without your permission - until now"

Actually the regulations were not in effect yet. The were supposed to take effect in Dec 2017. So we're basically exactly where we were last Friday.

"Social Security number, medical conditions,"
While i can see some people being upset about others making some money and them not getting cut let's not exaggerate. The ISP won't have access to your medical data. That is protected by HIPAA and e-HiPAA which are not affected by the new law. Your ISP should also not have access to your SSN, unless you send it unencrypted to whatever Mickey Mouse company requests it.


So be it? Well, I guess you're ready to worship him on bended knee.


Just as Trump is credited for the jump in the stock market. Yet Obama got next to no credit when the Dow went from 7,000 3/09 to 18,000 10/16.


One would think a real conservative would support privacy-----of course democrats could destroy republicans in an election on this issue but they won't-----because they would have to go after their pay masters.

Most people won't remember this but the ss number was only to be used for social security. This was a big deal at one point-people worried that they could be tied to a number---AND MOST PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY DID NOT WANT TO BE TIED TO A NUMBER------PRIVACY WAS HELD SACRED! Its amazing how brainwashed we have become.


How much different is this than hacking? Oh, it's legal.


I'm in agreement that our Internet wanderings should not be for sale to anyone else. What I find somewhat puzzling is all of the concern about this when the law that gave us that privacy was only instituted last October...which tells me that our information was up for grabs before then and the world didn't come to an end. If this has been such an important thing, why was it only approved so recently?


"So be it? Well, I guess you're ready to worship him on bended knee."

marie! you must have missed my point that the donald sees the fear in your eyes as a compliment. do not forget that bullies think if you fear them, you respect them.

no ma'am, i will neither fear nor honor the child-man on bent knee!


In Trump's America they go after Whistle blowers to the point of termination with extreme prejudice, but think that American citizen's privacy is a commercial commodity! Whatever happened to lead by example?


In DJT's Amer-Ugh-ka...everything has a price or is for sale...and he will make you one fantastic (great) deal, believe him. (Everything except that which he owns and even that might have a price, if it is high enough...)