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In 'Trumpian' Tantrum After Work Requirements Struck Down, Kentucky Gov. Cancels Dental and Vision Benefits for 460,000


In 'Trumpian' Tantrum After Work Requirements Struck Down, Kentucky Gov. Cancels Dental and Vision Benefits for 460,000

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In what was described as a "Trumpian" temper tantrum that comes just days after a federal judge struck down his attempt to impose work requirements on his state's 1.4 million Medicaid recipients, Kentucky's Republican Gov.


It is almost as if they want a revolution.


Next up: Bevins rolls out state-sponsored euthanasia and cremation clinics for any poor Medicaid folk who’d rather go to sleep forever than live in GOP dystopia.


Yes, and when we reach that breaking point, all hell will let loose, and no amount of police will save them.


Soylent Green


Well, there you have it people of Kentucky and all other states that bought the GOP-R’Con lies and deceit! All who somehow believed in trump, only to hopefully finally witness his malignant nature and those around him. They don’t care whether you or your family lives or dies; don’t care about your children’s future, health or safety! They are pure greed and contempt for the lives of others! Beside being greedy and arrogant, they are also ignorant and corrupt in the extreme!

The politics of the GOP - “grand” no more - serve wealth and power exclusively - profits above all else, and the inhumanity, injustice, abuses and usury that goes along with that MO; all others beside their 1% masters - the “little people” - are of no consequence - no importance, except as wage and debt/interest slaves, modern serfs, to be used to increase their wealth.

The people are waking-up to the political two-party con - to the good-cop, bad-cop charade scam by both parties…both serve themselves and their client “contributors”…read bribers…they all gain wealth and power at the expense of society, our nation and honor.


Vindictive and cruel - that pretty much describes how Bevin behaves - all the time.

Why should one man have this much power?


Tasty tasty, and full of protein.
Perhaps washed down by a hearty glass of Brawndo!


Somewhere in Kentucky, a sturdy hemp rope is hanging from a tree, and it whispers,
“Bevin, Bevin, where art thou, Bevin?”


Let’s fight for Improved, Expanded Medicare For All.


Lets fight to hang all the traitors in DC… better buy a rope factory.


Before any trots out the failures of Single payer (as in Canada) and or a National Health Service (as they have in England) while pointing to waiting lists those Countries might have (Typical Fraser Institute crap as they funded by the right wing and Medical care for profit Corporations).

1>A system that guarantees health care for all will ALWAYS have more people using it over one that RATIONS health care by excluding people with no money. It obvious waiting lists go down if you say 30 percent of the population will NOT have health care access.

2>Once these systems in place in a given Country it political suicide for any Political Party to try to get rid of them. At the same time Corporations are plying these Political parties with donations so as to ensure they gotten rid of so the “for profit” model replace it. Political parties have found that they have to try and make these systems fail without being too obvious about it and so deliberately underfund them.


Hopefully those of you working to get dental and vision coverage restored in Kentucky can also work on getting Medicare to cover dental and vision…and acupuncture and natureopathic medicine as well.

Pushing toward "Medicare for all’ will be worthwhile only if Medicare’s shortcomings can be addressed.


“Why should one man have this much power?”

Probably what the slaves said on the plantation. These people - the Trumps and the Bevins - see themselves as the white, rich plantation owner and we - we are their slaves to be treated as they please.


Ah, the dark and bloody ground. They never disappoint do they?


Whatever universal not-for-profit health-care coverage may be called…Right there with ya sister!


I was thinking maybe they can remove guillotines from wax museums and get them warmed up and working again right there in Kentucky. That’s in jest, but I’m having a hard time imagining why these vicious GOPs think they can just wipe out everyone’s medical care just because they want to. This is way beyond mere contempt and viciousness. This is often life and death for many on that set of people who will be thrown out of care. It should be considered mass murder. Forget the mass shooters. By comparison they are pikers. Wiping out healthcare is more deadly to more people, it just isn’t very visible.


No matter, people will continue voting D or R like clockwork. Why would either care about your health when they don’t care ahout you period.


This is a good case in point about Trump caring about his racist, white supremacist base voters more than the rest of Americans ( the majority).


The government giveth and the government taketh away.