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In Trump's America, Gun-Toting Anti-Quarantine Activists Called "Very Good People," But Unarmed Protesters Denouncing Police Brutality Are "Thugs"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/03/trumps-america-gun-toting-anti-quarantine-activists-called-very-good-people-unarmed


The differences between how different groups are characterized by trump can be understood that he was born and raised into a racist family under a racist father - his right-wing pathology can be traced to the tutelage of the McCarthy era and the odious Roy Cohn; his greed just inherent in a terminally despicable human being and pathological malignant narcissism!.

His radical departures from reality and truth can be shown in his statement to reporters that he was “the least racist person in the world. What I’ve done for African-Americans in two and a half years, no President has been able to do anything like it,”



By the way, these armed white “Militias” who claim that the second amendment there to protect against tyrannical governments , are patrolling streets armed to the teeth alongside the Police chanting “protect our Police”.

They did the same thing in Ferguson several years back.

These are the guys with 80 percent of the guns that are out there in the USA.

The reason Trump calls them “very good people” is because they ARE racists thugs just as Trump is and just as willing to shoot Black people for being black.

Meanwhile this piece of work claims the death of George Floyd is just as much on the hands of those rioting as it was on the Police officers that murdered him. Say what?


Now there no doubt that the violence gets out of hand in my mind but had Governments acted YEARS ago to address this racism inside these Police forces and in the Government there would be no rioting. They are so very quick to pass laws and legislation to protect property after there damage or protests that impact the profits of a Corporation , but never seem to act to pass laws or legislation to prevent another “death by cop” when it happens over and over again.


Its not just Trump. During the past decade the gubmit has tacitly endorsed domestic terrorism from the talibundies seizing the Malheur Refuge to assault weapon bearing protesters serially assaulting all corners of the US.


The rich and the middle class depend on a racist, militaristic, overtly violent police force to protect their white privilege. America is not that different than the slave owning South in 1860. At that time, 70% of the population in the slave States were slaves. Though many poor white people also lived amongst the wealthy plantation owners, those same white people viewed themselves as the “budding middle class.” Not being a slave and being poor, was still much more preferable than being a slave after all.
Today we have a similar situation. 30% of our population is financially secure. These are people that will not fall into a major crisis simply because an unexpected $500 crisis arises. This same 30% for the most part is quite willing to sacrifice the bottom 70% to retain their position of privilege and their higher standard fo living. Some of this group is not really financially secure, but just like the poor whites in the deep south prior to the Civil war, this group considers themselves to be part of the “budding middle class.”
Policemen fall under this category despite their stagnant wages and lack of financial security, but at least they are under the impression that the rich and powerful will go to bat for them if or when they step out of line. Though the police never actually come in contact with the very tiny percentage of the rich who control the levers of power, police are in regular contact with the financially secure who they aspire to join some day in the future. But to collect that elusive pension, keep their job and move up in the ranks, law enforcement officers must pledge an allegiance to the 30%. It is all right to patrol and frisk poor people whether they live in a black ghetto or are perpetual trailer trash. But it is unforgivable to disrespect members of the 30%.
As the Civil War showed us, the wealthy can can quite easily subjugate 70% of the population as long as the remaining 30% backs them. This is why the 30% routinely vote for the status quo crushing popular movements like Medicare4All, free college tuition, higher minimum wages or downsizing the military and police. There are exceptions to these groups as you will find those who work hard to deliver social equity and justice from well heeled backgrounds in the same way that there are those poor souls who vigorously support the positions of the ruling elite in spite of the fact that their support for these measures undermine their own financial security.
To maintain this social divide, it is necessary for the middle class to feel constantly threatened by the 70%. Updates on the daily violence across the country is framed in such a way to give the middle class the impression that sinister, dark forces are working behind the scenes 24/7 to 'take away" their property, their liberties and possibly their lives because of the vengeance that permeates the working class. This is turn breeds a culture of a “dog-eat-dog” world where we are all responsible for ourselves and only a sucker can believe that we can help each other out.
The flip side of this of course is if we all spoke to each other, realized that we’re all compassionate beings at our core (with the notable exception of the sociopaths in D.C and on Wall Street) and that if we work together we can alleviate indiscrimination, poverty, violence and insecurity.
This is why scholars like Noam Chomsky believe that violent revolution can be avoided if people just took the time to re-examine their misconceptions about the structure of our society. A simple example is if you sat someone down and explained that every corporation’s primary objective is to increase returns on their investment regardless of the social consequences of their actions and that corporations therefore will do whatever they can to change legislation and undermine the public interest to further their own narrow interests, then any rational human being would question why we allow this to happen. Once someone comes to this realization, anyone with any empathy at all will soon realize the pitfalls of giving a corporation the rights of ‘personhood’ and the urgency required to wrest control of our government by these special interest groups and demand fundamental changes to address this imbalance.
The problem is society has been unable to get this conversation off the ground. The media, a pliant tool of corporate America, is adept at avoiding such debates and instead reinforces popular misconceptions about government, our lack of democracy and the part corporations play in denying the 70% an opportunity to improve their standard of living.
Until we can openly and honestly debate the kind of society we want to live in, the fiction of a ‘free and equal’ society will survive. That debate doesn’t exist amongst the 70% who share their agony and frustration with each other everyday, but it is that same conversation that must penetrate the financially secure 30%, if we’re going to be successful at reining in a new era of equity and social justice.


It took 9 minutes for 4 cops to murder an innocent black man.

It took 4 days for authorities to arrest the cop most responsible for choking the life out of Mr. George Floyd.

It took 5 days for authorities to terminate the employment of these 4 cops.

Then, it took 8 days for authorities to charge the 3 ex-cops who hadn’t been charged, to charge them with aiding and abetting the murder, and to elevate the charge to Murder in the second degree for the ex-cop most responsible for Mr. Floyds death.

If 4 black men had choked the life out of an innocent white man within 9 minutes, whether they were cops or not, how many days do you believe it would have taken before they were all arrested and incarcerated?


In the parlance of our American democracy it is the public officials who work for the people, not the other way round. It is the dominance of the Republic to hold public officials, from the President down, to account, and not visa versa. For the President to say to a public servant, such as a state governor, “To dominate protesters,” suggest the idea of an “alpha" dog mounting a “maga” dog in the act of dominance. Our president obviously believes himself to be the “alpha” dog in this scenario. He’s right on one score, he’s most certainly a dog in the worst sense of the word. Notes, Neil J. Smith

Why should we listen to the Thug-in-Chief?

The movie “White mans burden” with John Travolta is a fair parody of the injustice committed on many black people.

We (they) are protesting debtor prisons, inequality and equal opportunities to exceed.

Our fight in the American Revolution against the King of England, their churches and debtor prisons and serfdom reminds me of this age of authoritarian/aristocrats rule. We now call them oligarchs/corporate rule where the wealthy of this century rules us and looking to rule the world.

Our fathers/mothers fought in ww1 and ww2 to curtail the spread of communism along with Korean and Vietnam and my era lost 58,000 mostly me. Now these wealthy sycophants move all production of American good to communist China and other Asian countries so they can get slave labor wages and us supposedly get cheap products while they make millions/billions. Violence begets violence as we learned after 9/11 and still fighting those wars so defense industry and Pentagon can make trillions. ENOUGH

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I’m confused. Blacks seem to be getting all the ink (justified no doubt) but the US has a long sordid history of murdering/raping/stealing/denigrating…ad sauseum, over Black, Brown, Yellow, Europeans (if not White), Med Easterners, etc. since the formation of this country by elite wealthy racists and bigots. Those “Land Owners”. Those first run politicians who owned the wealth and power…DT has gone after China for allowing the virus to take root globally and incited his gun-toting racist fans to go after those “Yellows”. Shit. Blacks are merely easier to go after since they have been raped/murdered/held down/imprisoned (often on Trumped up charges),fued for fun (in prison and outside), beaten to the point of death–Well, you get it. Migrants and Immigrants built this country, Elites take the credit, but Blacks get all the negative ink. That’s just wrong in some many GD ways. Trump is the perfect example of WHAT is wrong with America. Where the fu would we be without Chinese/Japanese food, the Asian cuisine, French high art, Arabian peninsula exotics, Hispanic/Mexican/Central/South America staples…Well hell, Stuck with biscuits and gravy, cornbread and red beans, what’s where. I was with in the military when Kent State occurred I am tattooed with the death of JFK, Bobby,and MLK. Watts. Waco. I haven’t voted for a DisgustaPub or Dem since Nixon,and guess what, Nothing has changed. Worse. Nothing will… Blacks will keep dying. All those others will get no ink. Guess what? The Dems don’t give a sh** either.