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In Tweetstorm, Bernie Sanders Eviscerates Donald Trump on Trade and Taxes


In Tweetstorm, Bernie Sanders Eviscerates Donald Trump on Trade and Taxes

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Bernie Sanders bore down on Donald Trump's economic agenda in a series of tweets on Friday morning, calling him "the poster child of failed trade policies."


Bernie hates everything that Trump stands for and so he wants to see him defeated in November.

As long as he keeps blasting Trump and doesn’t begin praising Hillary he’s OK with me.


BERNIE! If you really think Trump’s policies are so bad, may I ask: why did you sell out people like me and decide to back HRC? Her policies are just as bad, if not worse!


Some revolution…tweeting at Twitter.

Maybe I’m missing something, but Bernie, corporate media, fake progressive blogs/sites like HP, RS, TROF etc, and everywhere I look has Inevitable Hillary Is The Winner.


That means the fix is in, the voting machines and tabulators are set to be flipped…so why bother with elections?

America, you are truly ****ed.


You are correct, Bernie has lost his most precious asset; the moral high ground.


Excellent barrage of tweets from Bernie Sanders. He may be challenging Elizabeth Warren as the best tweeter on the left. All this tweeting no doubt is dumbing down America even more than it has been in the past, with extensive cogent arguments now apparently no longer paid attention to except for the most dedicated people this is what we are stuck with for the present. Trump is a wealthy real estate developer who certainly is an example of those who rigged the economic system as he has admitted giving a lot of money to politicians for favorable treatment. Clearly his tax plan would highly favor the 1%. Clinton’s tax plan on the other hand would make the 1% pay far more taxes.


On the other hand isn’t forcing the 1% to pay more taxes a good thing?


Energy Pioneer Solutions is owned by Julie McMahon, Andrew Tobias, Mark Weiner (all very close friends of the Clinton’s) Scott Kleeb, and Jane Eckert.
In 2010, while Hillary was the Secretary of State, Bill and his Clinton Foundation lobbied Energy Secretary Steve Chu for $812,000 in start up money for EPS. Which they got.
Not only does Julie McMahon live two doors down from the Clinton’s, but she’s also said to be Bill’s main squeeze.


Please provide me with a recent example. Like in the last two weeks.


And just who the hell do you think the Clintons are? Commoners?

Why are you so blind to the fact, in this latest pro-Clinton message of yours, that Hillary and Bill belong to the exact same class of human slime as the Trumps, Kochs, Adelsons, and all the rest? They didn’t create an in-your-face money laundering multi-billion-$ “charity” so that they could be just like you.

I can always depend on your eternal dedication and fondness for Hillary, who wouldn’t give you the time of day if your life depended on it.


Actually I think Lrx is voting for Trump.


Yes, Common Dreams, please stop running these useless pathetic articles about the now pathetic grovelling Sanders. It is rubbing salt in the wound and is not appreciated.


Bernie is still in the Senate so it might be wise to hold your fire until the dust settles.
You never can tell what Bernie might say after the election.


We saw the current Administration agree to the continuation of the Bush Tax Cuts while the Republican Speaker had already conceded that they would have to end. Now Judas Goat Sanders is trying to use the very thing he filibustered against and his president signed, as a scare tactic to herd voters to more of the same.

And Hillary and Barry are pushing TPP and TTIP as hard as they can. See the bankruptcy of the Corporatist arguments for your votes.

Reject the politicians and parties that got us into this mess, vote for what you want, not out of fear. I want the Green New Deal, what do you want as government policies?


Common Dreams does one helluva good job, and does report on Stein. Your smear against Common Dreams is completely without merit.

Common Dreams is “mainstream yada”? What, publishing content, most of which cannot be found in MSM, is MSY?

You don’t know what you are talking about, yadda yadda yadda.


Solidarity is our only hope, and that has to be built around a positive goal. The Green New Deal is just such a positive goal.


I’ve got your back on this one.

My question is why are these Bernie haters so vitriolic?
What did Bernie ever do to them that warrants such negativity?

I suppose that had he taken a very large gun into the Democratic convention hall and killed Hillary and the rest of the Clintonites they might be satisfied?
But short of that…???


Trying to influence Trump followers with reason is a waste of time and effort. They are impervious to it, otherwise they would have abandoned his bandwagon a long time ago.

  • Join Bernie’s “Our Revolution” (https://ourrevolution.com/)
  • Vote for Jill in November (Bernie would want yo to, but say so, while working for his (our) program within the Dem. Party)
    And do not buy that crap, that ‘a vote for Jill is a vote for Trump’. The GOP as well as the Dem establishment as well as their corporate string pullers won’t let that happen.
    A vote for Jill is a vote for our future!


Bernie: A great way to move your movement ahead would be to work to get Jill Stein into the debates.

That would accomplish what you are trying to do from the inside:
1.Move the Dems to a more progressive position on many issues.
2. Keep Hillary Clinton Honest.
3. Jill would also go after Donnie Trump.
4. Bernie keep working from the Inside…Jill can help you accomplish your goals.


You might be surprised about what Bernie IS doing on the QT.
Where do you suppose the news media gets it’s leaks about the Clinton’s nonsense from? Out of thin air?