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In Twist of Climate Crisis, Study Finds Extreme Arctic Snowfall in 2018 Caused Near 'Complete Reproductive Failure of Plants and Animals'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/16/twist-climate-crisis-study-finds-extreme-arctic-snowfall-2018-caused-near-complete

This is very worrisome because of the increase of methane. Methane breaks down into CO2 and water vapor. Increased water vapor means more snow and rain and stronger storms. Yet another tipping point being documented.


It seems all that needs to be done to fix all environmental collapses is rid ourselves of Trump. He caused all of the fires, storms and tidal waves, killed the reefs and raised the water. Our savior Pence will rapidly bring justice to the commons… or as some might say: Leave it to President Biden, I have confidence he and Hunter will ‘fix’ this.

I’m hoping I detect sarcasm. :blush:

Global warming is real, and this is but one more indicator of that. Hoping for the best…

This is just a slow return to cooling generally. There are significant cold events happening in both hemispheres, with all time cold records being set widely. Rutgers snowlab shows even N hemisphere snowcover way up from normal. CDAS global anomaly has been a notably lower lately. I know that climate alarmists love to say that solar cycle (minimum) has NOTHING to do with climate, but they are wrong. Recent research showed past events WERE global. Just keep watching, temp decline WILL get more noticeable as we go along. And, it will not be a happy thing. Well yearn for the greener earth CO2 days.

“This is the first time wmayo44 has posted, let’s welcome him to our community!”

I think not. Let us hope he disappears. We don’t need anymore knucklehead trolls.

As research and study of the poles is still in its infancy, doesn’t it seem ignorant to continue working within an already finished conclusion? We know that the poles have undergone major changes throughout the ages, billions of year before man and up to today. How can anyone say with any definity the major causes of weather in the arctic? Please allow science to move forward without the caul of catastrophism. This has been the bane of science all along: People “know” the answers then sift through the “evidence” to prove their preconceived notions. A more proper method: Lay out the evidence, throw all notions aside, and make correlations between what is observed today and what is assumed to have happened in the past. Key word is “assumed.” No one was around billions of years ago, let alone 100,000 years. I demand science! Not pud-pulling and consensus mongering. If this trend continues - science will die.