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In 'Twisted' Push, Trump Admin Encourages States to Impose Work Requirements for Medicaid


In 'Twisted' Push, Trump Admin Encourages States to Impose Work Requirements for Medicaid

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Healthcare experts warn changes would jeopardize healthcare for poorest and most vulnerable Americans

Seema Verma and Donald Trump


The reasons just keep coming in to support Improved Medicare For All. This is no time to sit back, wine, get depressed but to fight!
“Volunteer” time to include working in any anti-Trump organizations, no?


From the article: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/wp/2017/11/07/states-will-be-allowed-to-impose-medicaid-work-requirements-top-federal-official-says/?utm_term=.b7164eb2e9fb

“Multiple times throughout her half-hour speech, she used the phrase ‘card without care’ to make her point that simply enrolling people in Medicaid isn’t effective if they can’t find a doctor who will accept them — an ongoing problem with the program because its reimbursements are lower than for Medicare or private coverage.”

So, by forcing people to volunteer or even find work that has not shipped overseas this will somehow magically get more doctors to see Medicaid patients?? How exactly, Ms. Verma?


I was removed from my job 25 years ago. The doc’s said if I didn’t stop I would die. I stopped and got SSDI. I have remained alive but have gone down hill since then. I cannot work, So I cannot get help from Medicaid? I will not be able to afford my medications or my Medicare premium. So I loose my healthcare? I will die. My government is going to watch? I have written to McCain and others and they will watch? How demented is this?


It’s Nuckin Futs for sure Ditton.


Yes, it is, Thanks…I was raised not to wish ill on others or of others, that is getting harder to do with every breath.


It’s revolting to hear this rhetoric coming from the White House, and it will be deeply damaging to communities across the country if these waivers happen. Do we need reminding that 40% of Medicaid recipients are children? That a large proportion of those who remain on Medicaid for long periods of time are severely disabled? The idea that people are milking Medicaid to avoid work is positively Victorian. There’s a deep sickness among wealthy and may upper middle class Americans, which they have spread to some who ought to know better from their own experience.

Verma’s speech is deeply dishonest in many particulars. She raises issues, such as a lack of doctors who accept Medicaid, which are not in any way solved by work requirements or waivers. More generally, it is an argument without evidence to say that increasing requirements or limiting the term of benefits will cause any positive change whatsoever, either in health outcomes or in the choices of beneficiaries. If moral turpitude is the standard for receiving government assistance, we should certainly be revisiting bailouts for bankers, and subsidies for oil companies, and payments to arms dealers and corrupt military contractors.

The extent to which working people rely on medicaid is drastically underestimated by most Americans - 64% of recipients are working full time. But at the same time, 63% of the spending is for elderly and disabled enrollees. So the image of Medicaid encouraged by the GOP, as some kind of easy fallback for lazy people, is utterly inaccurate.

Wealthy Americans increasingly do not want to allow any kind of safety net at all. They are becoming depraved over generations, and their arguments deserve no consideration from the rest of us. But sadly, they own the media. They own the Congress. So they are forcing radical responses. So far we have seen the incoherent and misguided rage from a faction of socially conservative whites. At some point the broader population will respond in a multitude of ways. It will not be pretty. When people have sick family members, and have an expectation of solutions, and solutions are denied, anger is a natural outcome.

Voting still sort of matters, sort of works, to an extent, in mitigating the worst tendencies of the elite. If suppression tactics and rigging of elections are seen to deny ALL meaning to the franchise… the rich will be consumed by the fires of revolution, and millions of innocents will die in the collapse and its aftermath. This is not a wish, not a call to arms. This is history repeating itself.


DJT should have his access to all medical care blocked because he definitely is not fulfilling nor “working” like someone in his position should. Let him know up close and personally what it is like to suffer from even minor health issues without medical care that, without intervening care, could mean death. If only…

Can this cabal of cruel criminals think of any more horrific ways to cause grief, suffering, and pain for all but their corporate handlers and the uber-wealthy? Every single day brings yet more inhuman, dispassionate, barbaric, wicked and grievous harm to Americans (and all life) resulting from the dictates of the diabolical despot, his cabinet, and the GOP infested Congress.


all that he does to hurt his base, hope it comes back to haunt those dastardly republithugs come 2018. poor folks who voted for this con crook - how sad.


Sorry about that, and besides people like yourself- how about the elderly who get supplements to medicare? Should a ninety year old work as well?


Isn’t deliberately inflecting harm considered to be mental illness?


As of 2010, over 50% of Medicaid recipients were children. Not sure about the latest figures though.


My figures were from Kaiser Foundation. There are multiple ways to break down the numbers, and of course sometimes children are counted as household members of their parents, depends where you look. My point was that the vaguely libertarian account of Medicaid spending is way off, sounds like we agree on that.


I am one of those people…


Herr Trump does a pretty good imitation of Simon Legree (Google him), doesn’t he? What a horse’s ass!


I don’t think this will affect you drastically, depending what state you live in but you have a right to a hearing and to be represented by an attorney. Barring that you can also move. These rights didn’t come easily so we will all have to fight to keep them.


When will this nation require TRUMP to meet work requirements? And I don’t mean working his mouth non stop.


Well Fern, I live in AZ and as McCain cited in the last voting on healthcare he listened to the Gov. about how to vote. We expanded Medicaid in AZ, which had no effect on my current benefits, but Gov. Ducey wants to roll-back the expansion and has already applied for this labor waiver. Yes I could move if I had funds, a place to go and a HUD section 8 voucher. My HUD housing is under a blanket program for the whole facility, not an individual voucher.

With the roll-back of HUD housing, Medicaid coverage’s and the general safety net I stand to loose my housing and my healthcare. Basically everything that keeps me alive With no real income and $200.00 in the bank a lawyer and hearings are out of the question, unless the ACLU steps in. I have contacted them but have not gotten a reply. They are over worked, under funded and the issue isn’t “ripe” enough for a suit.

My future is bleak. Our future is bleak, the 68 million of us who receive benefits from Medicaid.


First as tragedy, then as farce.


in America? I’m pretty sure it’s a virtue here.


I always perk up at the whole “fires of the revolution” bit. I for one, have my torch ready.