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In 'Twisted' Push, Trump Admin Encourages States to Impose Work Requirements for Medicaid

Guess they’re not aware that many on Medicaid are children, families headed by single mothers and disabled.

Think it’s really time to “impose” a straight jacket on Trump.

We’ve had at least two presidents – LBJ and Nixon – go totally off the rails

in the White House.

If you are notified of any changes there is usually a way to request a hearing. It might not come to all that. Here is some info I found and they list the Area Agency on Aging as a resource. Sorry that link would not post. Google benefits for Seniors by State.

Legal Help
If you need a lawyer but have limited resources,
contact the AAA in your area for help or go to:

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Wow Fren, thanks for all your help. It’s very kind of you.

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Very understandable. It may actually be that when we are in so much pain, when we know deep down such pain, that we would not wish it on another.

Aaaannnnndddd…once again we are reminded of our Puritanical roots, where “deservedness” reigns as supreme arbitrator of who gets access to public services and who does not. And of course, it is the “haves” who get to dictate whom among the “have-nots” will receive what, for how long, and under what conditions. Tied in to the social-Darwinist concept of those who"have" somehow “deserve it” (they are the “survivors” and it is after all the survival of the fittest, right?) and those who do not have brought their plight upon their own heads. Social Darwinism was big during the late 19th century in the US and it lives happily on within the conservatives, who hoard money, material possessions and power, clutch it to their chests with frantic fingers, and try to deny their fellows even the minimum of human dignity because they are not “personally responsible” according to some old, Puritanical definition. Okay, I am done.

Sigh… I almost hesitate to make this comment because there are so many intelligent, dedicated, and sincere activists from the Indian sub-continent, and I do not wish to stereotype by “race” or cultural heredity. Most of what you said could be tweaked just a little bit with the insertion of the words “caste system” and “untouchables” throughout your very true commentary. Perhaps it is a very deeply ingrained cultural memory on the part of Seema Verma, which is blind to the injustice of what she advocates.

With all the other Bad New Bears ushered in by Trump, this one escaped my notice. What is reported above is exactly the same bullshit she pushed in Indiana where she was appointed by Pence, when he was governor. Maybe, if the whole Trumpian nightmare gets flushed out she can return to her native roots where her attitudes will not be subjected to political debate or electoral nullification. But, I get ahead of ourselves.

For sure. I haven’t used this legal service and there are others too. My roommate some time ago use to work at the Area Agency, but in a different state. They are pretty good here.

I saw somewhere just the other day, maybe yesterday…pain realized is evidence of life or something like that…I look around and see so many in denial, so many numb from exposure, so many crushed by pain…you cannot have dark without light.

His base doesn’t care. They are so consumed with hatred they can be taken down themselves as long as they hurt someone they don’t like (gays, women, blacks, etc.)

It takes a special kind of twisted perverse lack of morals to be this stupid and selfish, but here we are. Poor people siding with rich 1%'ers in a quest to screw over everyone.

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The United States healthcare and budget reform could result in reduced Medicaid funding to those in dire need: specifically, scaling down this funding could limit services that help the elderly, the poor, and the disabled live to their fullest potential.

I think I remember you live in a blue state on the west coast? I’m in a red state in the desert and it’s a dry heat, so dry that I have been waiting for a renewal of one of scripts for 2 1/2 weeks. Everything here is a fight. I may have to use their services just to get a script filled…bummer!

Yep, Blue state but Conservative area. The state is a little polarized that way. I’ve been to Arizona once. Anyway, there are rules about how long it takes to fill a prescription, Federal rules, you just have to find out where the problem is. I would call your physician first or go to the hospital if needed. You probably already know this.

Press on, my friend. We care about you and your future health and well-being…you are not alone.

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Got to vote that asshole—and that’s what many of these people are, sorry—out of the governorship. That’s going to be tough in Arizona, admittedly, but it’s the only way.

gawd how the battle rages on, thanks for the support it is very handy right now…

there is a tide shift here, it may be slow and low but it’s happening…

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I hope so. Had family there for a decade. But back then, it wasn’t as right wing as it has become. There was actually a Democratic governor part of the time they were there.

As the clown in charge will say soon “You little shits–get to work.”

Agreed. And I did not mean to be critical of your research at all. I’ll bet, as you point out, the numbers may be much worse than any statistics available.