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In UK, Corbyn Warns Against Cycle of War That Brings "More Mayhem... More Loss'


In UK, Corbyn Warns Against Cycle of War That Brings "More Mayhem... More Loss'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

As a wave of French airstrikes targeted the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria overnight and as British Prime Minister David Cameron has called for the UK to respond similarly to Friday's attacks in Paris, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn on Monday warned against a potentially counter-productive military response and said that a political settlement should be the chief priority to end the cycle of violence.


Give Assad the geopolitical space/support (Russia, France, USA, etc.) to reestablish Syrian sovereignty with the understanding that he must exit the door once he achieves this heroic feat. He gets his legacy; the people get progress and, hopefully, peace.


What would go a long way in ending the cycle of wars and terrorism would be to have a regime change in the #1 terrorism country, in the world, that operates on the biggest terrorism budget of all!


Revenge will only bring about more revenge. Killing will bring about more killing. Jeremy Corbyn is right, we need a political settlement in Syria--a conference of all parties outside the avowed terrorists. Even better would be a comprehensive peace conference that would include all of the countries of the Middle East: Israel, Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libya, Tunisia, and the Gulf States, Russia, and the EU to find a permanent peace in the region.
At the same time, it is necessary to do two things to reduce the power of ISIS and al-Qaeda. Trace the source of their funding and cut it off. That will be a problem because it might involve Swiss bank accounts and powerful people in Saudi Arabia. Also, it is necessary to track down the leaders of these organizations through international police cooperation and put these people on trial for their crimes.
The most important, but least likely course of action would be to change US policy in the region, but that will take a long time to accomplish. As they say, though, there's no time like the present to start.


On a couple of possible related notes.
Wikileaks is about to expose a one Billion dollar corruption scandal that involves the White House. Putin announced at the G20 summit that Isis is being financed by 40 countries, with some being G20 nations.



When you use a frame like "the USA" you're really identifying the military-industrial complex, the bankers who profit from war, and the Deep State power-brokers for whom presidents and secretaries of state are mere puppets.

But a fool like you who is paid to sit here and push one-line truisms without the slightest capacity to understand what you are saying--or to apparently care--glosses over that difference.

As I have pointed out for some time: It is no coincidence that there are always 1-3 posters who are FREE during workday hours to push the idea that American voters are to blame; that Americans are sheeple; that Americans don't care; and that Americans = what the military-industrial head honchos do.

NO matter the EVIDENCE that ours is no longer a working Democracy.

That leaders lied the nation into war.

That studies (Gilens & Page) PROVE that citizens' wishes are diametrically opposed to the vast majority of policy decisions enacted from our "leaders."

That significant decisions (TPP and TIPP) are being determined behind closed doors and they are legally crafted to literally preempt ANY form of citizen response... and that includes taking legal action.

Your constant remarks either excuse what power is doing or project blame onto the least responsible targets.

You are a low-level employee of one of those firms paid to spy on citizens and control perception through planting Talking Points (framed as opinions) of this odious nature.


I haven't read Stephen Lendman, but I have been posting links to Ole Dammegard's work on this same subject for some time.

You laid out many of the reasons for this "sudden" attack.

It's so easy for CIA/MOSSAD/MI6 to get patsies to enact things of this nature.

I definitely see a link between closing borders to all the refugees and goading Russia into a bigger war.

Sane people forget that there are very powerful individuals, and yes, they are part of the Bilderberg Group; and yes, they do meet for 2 weeks each year at Bohemian Grove, and these gatherings bring together many of the world's most empowered policy makers.

And some of them have gone ON RECORD advising a major population reduction.

In short, many of them WANT wars and they want these wars to spread. Therefore, ascribing to them the logic of morality, or the goal of protecting citizens absolutely misses the point of what drives THEIR policies and utterly dark agendas.

YOU get it. Welcome to a minority status here on C.D where you will typically find people instead blaming U.S. voters, Bernie Sanders, or the general population described--all 300 million, as one--"sheeple" character.

In other words, welcome to disinformation central. IT'S everywhere!


And insane people remember?



He's the perfect counterbalance to the NWO thugs. If you haven't listen to his Munich Security Conference speech you should check it out. Sitting in the row was John McCain.
During Putin's speech the camera points to McCain. And shows a smirk on his face.


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"Who is arming ISIS, who is providing safe havens for ISIS?" Corbyn said. "To get there you have to ask questions about the arms everyone’s sold in the region, the role of Saudi Arabia in this. I think there are some very big questions and we have to be careful." - Jeremy Corbyn

Careful Jeremy, that may well be obvious to anyone who is paying attention, but dont you know that is a conspiracy theory, and all conspiracy theories are false.

But seriously you have to hand it to this politician. He is the best the UK has had in a long time, and they best that they are ever likely to get.


I grant that you are correct about the use of language, but your first paragraph was entirely sufficient. Ramming it home is counter productive to say the least.


I agree. Jeremy Corbyn's onto what needs to be done... a ray of hope for all of us watching worldwide who are praying for a peaceful settlement to the present crisis...and, I think, more. Go Jeremy!




It seems unlikely, given that the US has no monopoly on psychopaths. They're fairly evenly distributed all around the world. The ones in the US just have more lawyers, guns, and money available to them. But to a psychopath's victims, the differences are insignificant.

A solution more likely to work is that we non-psychopaths take over government and systematically box up the psychopaths all around the globe, putting in place a modern, tech workalike of the elders who prevented new psychopaths from reaching adulthood.


You do have a choice in America and that is Dr.Jill Stein. Her policies are similar to that of Corbyn's.