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In 'Unhinged' Call, Trump Urges Governors to 'Use the Military' and Throw Demonstrators in Jail 'For 10 Years'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/01/unhinged-call-trump-urges-governors-use-military-and-throw-demonstrators-jail-10


“While Trump has yet to deliver a formal address to the nation on Floyd’s killing and the uprising it sparked,”

Still waiting…


“If I had a rocket launcher.” ~ Bruce Cockburn


The asshole needs to be dominated right out the door into a not nice,not comfy, padded cell! We the people have the numbers to over run, then overthrow the current racists in our government! Yes I am anti facist, but not part of any group except the human being group. Arrest us all, I don’t think so! Peace


He’s against anti fascists, antifa, because he’s a profa.


The coward hiding in the basement wants everyone else to do his dirty work.



DT can’t stop projecting; he’s the one who belongs in prison (not that that will ever happen).


A similar incident closer to election day will guarantee an attempt to delay, or outright cancel, the election. The military will hesitate for a few minutes, and what they decide will determine the fate of the Republic.


This from they guy that told his rally fans if they punched someone he would pay their legal fees?


“He’s describing fascism.”

Being against Anti-Fascism = Supporting Fascism

FDR, Eisenhower, Churchill, My Father and Uncle, Everyone who fought in WWII for the Allies WERE ANTI-FASCIST . and ANTI-NAZI

Trump, and anyone who supports or makes excuses for Nazi’s or Fascists, is pissing on the graves of every Soldier, who fought in WWII.

No one, on the Allies side, fought and died in WWII so that Fascism and Nazi’s could run free in America. They fought and died TO WIPE FASCISM AND NAZI’S OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH!


The president reportedly urged state leaders to crack down even more harshly on demonstrators—

Trump means more George Floyd’s would not bother him at all!

Folks if we do not have millions of us patriotic citizens surround the Fuehrer’s house in D.C. and make a citizens arrest and frog march Trump out in an orange jumpsuit to match his hair, anyone in Trump’s Amerika that wears a dark suit could be the next George Floyd!


Trump is projecting his fear, all other leaders according to him, should be strong and dominate, while he gets hustled off to a bunker for his protection. Trump’s afraid, good, time to take that sentiment to congress now, once they’re afraid, they will start listening to the people, instead of who fills their wallets.


It’s also time for junior military officers and NCO’s to start talking to the men under their command, explaining how they are not going to kill their family members, friends, and neighbors if they are deployed on US soil.


The hope is that the military will honor its oath, and also recall the criticism that DT has leveled at it over time.


Good point that I missed in the above post, contrary to what most here believe about the members, many take their oath to protect the constitution from enemies, foreign and domestic, seriously.


“You have to use the military” (DJT) Good idea. Let all good US Citizens call on the military to remove this dangerous dictator from office. Since congress won’t do it, maybe any military who still believe in democracy can? Trump is killing us via this virus AND the response to police brutality and racism. He must go now by force and led to jail where he belongs. #militarymustremovetrumpnow


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"Possession is 9 tenths of the law" … think property, ‘consumers’ being turned into ‘product’ by ventures such as Facebook. Understand the system

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Add to the list:
the lower-the-Barr AG
the Blackwater pyramid sister who was bought into office in Dept. of Ed that is extracting from students
the dead-Bolt-on
The hacks and hackers that have been eating the voting system from the inside and
the fools trying to “privatize” the USPS

By the by … where is Gullianni these days? … another one bites the dust

organize locally, respect and treat all with dignity


I am sure your father and uncle were anti-fascists, but not FDR and Eisenhower.

FDR undermined socialists working for anti-fascist change and convinced the plutocratic power structure to take a mild hair cut, in order to maintain their ability to extract wealth, resources, blood, sweat, and tears from the masses. FDR was the war criminal who launched firebombings of civilian cities as well as the effort to develop the atomic bomb and the panel that choose to demonstrate it by slaughtering masses of civilians. FDR was the fascist pig who locked up US citizens of Japanese heritage because he questioned their loyalty, then extended the arrests to Indigenous Alaskans because he was a vehement racists in addition to being a fascist.

Einhower was the war criminal under whose leadership, the US launched numerous overt and covert military and CIA initiatives to impose US influence in many parts of the Global South.

I don’t believe in hell, but if there were such a place, these two are prime candidates for an eternity of punishment for their crimes against humanity.


I sorry but your post is completely biased and out of context as to border on just more propaganda.

Try reading a little on the Japanese Empire’s Opium wars to the Pacific wars.

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