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In Victim-Blaming Response to California's Wildfires, Trump Ignores 'Inextricable' Link to Climate Crisis


In Victim-Blaming Response to California's Wildfires, Trump Ignores 'Inextricable' Link to Climate Crisis

Julia Conley, staff writer

Critics of President Donald Trump shredded his first public comments of California's most recent wildfires on Saturday, denouncing both the cruelty of a victim-blaming tweet he posted and the president's active curtailing of efforts to curb the climate crisis, which has exacerbated extreme events like the fires.

Trump threatened early Saturday morning to end federal support for California's efforts to fight wildfires like the ones raging in the northern part of the state as well as near Los Angeles, scolding the state for what he deemed poor forest management.

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So what is the benefit to California of being in the union of states?


But hey… as every good hard-leftist knows, Trump ain’t so bad! Ly’in Hillary would have been worse…


Trump = domestic enemy of the Republic and direct threat to planetary lifeforms.




No doubt about it these wildfires were caused by " POOR FOREST MANAGEMENT!" Sarcasm, but one has to wonder how anyone can be that stupid!


Dear President Trump: I found some obvious errors in your tweet, so I corrected them.

Please retweet

" There is no reason for this SAD management from our WAR departments, except that the management of theses areas is so subpar----terrible and so sad! Billions of dollars are given and it’s obvious that you military people have no clue----terrible, terrible people that you are.
Since you can’t win anything—why do we have 800 bases around the world if there are no winners? Put the money where it can do the most good. I am serious----we need money for forest management in places like CA----put our federal money into trees, or perhaps into creating magical taking ENTs-----those are some real winners --------besides Google is in CA and I don’t want to mess with them,. DJT"

I think that’s an improvement on what America needs : )


Does the Idiot-In-Chief own any golf courses in California? Perhaps when one of those go up in smoke he’ll change his tune. NOT! What a complete asshole we have for president and the Rethugs have as standard bearer. Some remnants of the dystopian hellscape coming from the climate crisis are already here.


The mantra of some from the “real left” at that time was 'trump would “shake things up” and HRC was evil incarnate…both fictions were then, and now, utter rubbish, as you imply, and Bernie is still hearing it from the same fools and/or trolls and agents provocateur…trump and his regime have been the most destructive, ignorant, extremist, and frankly evil force on the planet and nation, and are growing in their insanity and stupidity…
HRC remains a creature of corrupt politics and outsized ambition, also in service to extremist for-profit wars and big-money, and banker/wall st powers…but the position taken by Bernie Sanders was that trump was the real destructive evil and threat. Hill was at least somewhat rational and sane, even given her very ugly history as warmonger, tool of banker usury, and cackling mirth at the torture murder of Qaddafi…trump and all who sail in him are truly evil lying MoFo’s and corrupt, and warmongers, and ignorant beyond belief! The idiot of orange is a clear and present danger to all and everything in his malignant arrogant stupidity and narcissism!


Common Dreams: Stop posting links to conspiracy theory articles that falsely claim geoengineering is responsible for these wildfires! Stop it, please.

Focus on the facts:


What do we expect from an idiot which includes is whole administration and most of republicons. Since Reagan our planet has deteriorated more rapidly because of their tear down regulations.

Growth ignoring costs is not discussed by lamestreet media/mainstreet.


This is one more item on the list for Trump. When I get meds in the mail from the VA the print out comes in an accordion fold up fashion about 25 ft, long. This must be what Trump’s rap sheet will look like by the time we kick him to the street.


Gads, way to extrapolate to the brink of idiocy, dear.


You have pretty good English for a Russian troll.

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I was no Clinton fan either, but U saying she would be worse than this asshole is F$cking ridiculous!

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He was being sarcastic.

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That comment you replied to was sarcasm. Just letting you know, not being critical of not getting sarcasm.

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My bad. Sorry Yunzer.


Thanks to Global warming deniers we now have access to really cheap California real estate. Why isn’t the military there fighting this mess instead of on the Texas border threatening to shoot mothers and toddlers. And what is this vigilante thing? When did we go bat shit crazy as a nation?


I’m perplexed by this comment, and the likes received. Anyone care to explain what the point is?