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In Victim-Blaming Response to California's Wildfires, Trump Ignores 'Inextricable' Link to Climate Crisis


There is no excuse for Herr Trump’s stupidity and evil heart. The least he could have done would be to console and commiserate before he started in on blaming Californians, but he is not capable of human feeling.

The Liar-in-Chief should take the 15,000 troops he is sending to the border and send them to the fire lines in California.


We can blame some of this on climate changes, but Trump is right.
I live in California and things here are mismanaged everywhere.
So much can be made better.
If California stopped spending so much money on welfare people, the homeless (most of them can work but won’t), illegals and laws that prevent a better way of life, then more of our hard earned tax dollars can be spent on things like fire prevention, safety and other beneficial necessities.
The state is a mess with problems and it’s time to clean it all up.

George Vreeland Hill


Trump’s always say things to divide people. That is what fascists do. He says things to get liberals to react and that gets his supporters worked up. He knows people on the left are going to respond by attacking him and that his goal being attacked so FoX News and other right wing media outlets can air the attacks on Trump and get people on the right angry at the those on the left.


Wow…i had not noticed that they have done something like this… Which articles…I will admit…I still read COMMONDREAMS…but I fo to so many sites now…mi miss some stuff…


We are living in the age of a New Normal; super fires that burn year round, massive global human displacement, rising sea levels, and CO2 levels north of 407 ppm. The nails on our coffins have sealed us shut, sadly. Now we wait, all of us in planetary hospice, to take our last breaths collectively.


I lived in CA for 23 years and you sir are full of shyte. What utter BS.


Oh shut up. You criticize people bringing up the 2016 election when they say stuff like “Bernie would have won” but then you go around and defend Hillary.


That is why his administration is slashing oil restrictions under the excuse that they know climate change will heat the planet over 7 degrees over the next century and are like “well the planet is fucked anyway lets just burn it all”.


I lived in the New Mexico desert for a year. There are things that can be done. The fires that were happening often at that time were blamed on the introduction of highly flammable growth that had been introduced from abroad for its tolerance to drought.

  1. Compassion? Of course!!! Duh.
  2. Funding? Sure, uh, tied to RE building and REmanagement along NEW GUIDELINES that recognize that CALIFORNIA IS A HOTTER PLACE.
  3. Rules for what can be planted. Rules for communities to follow strict fire prevention guidelines for the new weather forecast.
  4. Rules for building. Space between trees and buildings. Though wood tolerates earthquakes better than concrete and brick, some other structure requirements can be declared. Some building materials are fireproof.
  5. Rules for outdoor living. Like maybe no campfires or cooking fires. Like maybe cigarette care.
  6. Rigid laws about electrical installations in all areas.

Don’t give up, California. Live green, live safely.

There was talk as I traveled through Cali about the presence of arsonists in communities. This is a sad truth that also needs to be dealt with. Cali must be vigilant.

Florida has hurricane area building guidelines. The recent panhandle disaster shows what happens when a large hurricane hits an area not included in these rules. California can get rules too. It is not impossible.



When “we the people” refuse to listen to what our bodies, hearts, and souls—and Mother Earth—are telling us, we invite the destroyer to present itself from the “outside”.

45 is the destroyer most AmeriKKKans have voted for with countless care-less decisions, regardless of whether they voted for him in the electoral sense.

Of course I feel compassion for the immediate experience of those fleeing the latest round of fires.

I feel much more compassion for the non-human animals, though…

For how many of the humans now fleeing have ever given a thought to anything BEYOND their own immediate experience?

Did they ever feel into what their unchecked lust for what they consider to be “perfect” weather would bring to the others who rely upon the soils and waters there?

Did they ever really care for the non-humans who also reside there? Or were those animals and plants always merely objects to them, simply pretty ornaments to their egoic creation, their “perfect life?”

The fire survivors seem to be utterly bewildered, and shocked that this could happen to them. How dare Life give them anything so uncomfortable to cope with? It must be someone else’s fault!!! Who can we sue now? What legislation can we pass to prevent this from happening next time? On whom can we wreak our vengeance for this grave insult?

And then they wonder why we have a full-on psychopath for a President…

How could anyone live in California for a single week and not recognize that their “perfect life” could go up in flames, anytime?

How could anyone imagine that the human mind and hands could, should, WILL control the vast movements of Nature?

Of course, Californians are in no way anomalous in this regard. As Hollywood is a physical expression of the archetypal spirit of AmeriKKKa, California as a whole expresses, in the most exaggerated terms, our collective egocentric insanity.

As goes California, so goes modernity. Down in flames—up in smoke.

R.I.P. modernity. May your demise usher in an epoch of genuine peace on Earth.


Sometimes Mr. Trump has no filter on what he thinks and says, so, every so often he says something that the Republican Party doesn’t like. Examples:

–Why are we paying so much money to defend Europe?

–Why does the U.S. pay tariffs or the equivalent, and our trading partners don’t?

Occasionally Mr. Trump comes right out in public with overtly racist remarks. The Party cringes, whispering, “Dog whistle it, you idiot!”

I suspect that Mr. Trump thinks of abortion as a normal way of doing his personal business, but the Republican Party has gotten him to shut up tight on that issue by now.

In any case, I have to agree with Mr. Trump that neither the nation nor the State of California is doing what we need them to do on fire management. We’re not performing the R&D. We’re not burning out firebreaks in winter when the rains and snows are coming.


If you met Mr Trump in a completely different place, in a completely different setting and he had a different name you might feel very different about him. Sorry for him likely. You would discover quickly that he has no capacity to express compassion and therefor cannot understand empathy a feeling of regret. An empty shell adorned with bangles and beads to hide the lonely man inside. An angry man that will not let you know that he is lonely inside.


Yeah! Blame Trump for everything wrong with the world! It’s all his fault! Never mind the fact that Obama and the Democratic Centrists also vote for the fossil fuel monopoly and their endless wars in the Middle East. They’re just as much to blame as the Republicans. Progressives won big in Election Day, and they know who to hold accountable, starting with Nancy Pelosi, who thinks she is in charge of them. There will be no more purging of progressives.


As someone who lives in Oregon, I would say to California…If you were to drop out of the “Union of States”. please take Oregon with you. I’m sure there are many in the state of Washington who would be glad to come along also.
Let the entire west coast become a separate country.


Trump’s criminal cabinet would clear cut all trees to sell off-shore for personal profit. Mine anywhere regardless of carnage again for personal profit. Recklessly take oil off the coast again to sell for personal profit. Trump uses his clueless base to pretend he can bully and rob anyone anytime with their support. Maybe he is correct. He looks like Mussolini Meets soon with Putin in Paris.


Did you just join to post this?


While this observation might speak truths, how about thinking of the actual people who are in these fires, and how about honoring our veterans? In other words stop thinking just about yourself for a minute.


Well, that might work for some, but sorry he is the president ( unfortunately) and I cannot imagine that he is lonely or even capable of being so. He is a sociopath. In the mean time- let’s honor our vets by giving service to those who need it and our communities. If you are a vet yourself, thank you for your service. Today we met a WW2 Vet who had received a purple heart. Despite his super age, he could still walk and had all of his faculties.


Did you leave CA for that reason?


If disasters keep happening in certain places, why do people insist on rebuilding like tornadoes in the Midwest that happen every year.