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In Victory Against Pointless Plastic, Microbead Ban Signed Into Law



Precautionary Principle, PLEASE!


There was no mention of a ban on the sale of these products.I'd wager that most of the products are manufactured outside the USA.


Yes there was. Take another look at the article. One might argue whether the sales ban should be imposed sooner than 2 1/2 years after signing the law, but there is a sales ban.


Yeah, great, but taken all in all, too little, too late - "phased out manufacture by July 2017", sales by July 2018 - wow, how proactive - that gives purveyors of this rubbish time to make more, then sell all their stocks......maybe I'm too cynical & fault-finding, but I still call BS!
This administration has been pathetic on many issues I believe are critical (and Congress worse), especially on environmental stewardship, animal welfare & habitat protections, consumer protection, or setting aside massive lands and ocean areas for really meaningful protection! I have said before that Obama's apparent understanding of, and respect for, wilderness begins and ends on a golf course.....I have little but contempt for this failure......


We get the crumb of micro beads being banned but the banks and frackers get bailed by lifting the ban on exporting oil and Earth heats even faster; and Franken salmon get approved and we get the side effects of shot gunned genes and disease carriers.


Thanks, I don't know how I missed that.


Material I've read elsewhere say that the genetic modification techniques that people on this forum object to are like a 'rifle shot', while earlier techniques were (and are) like a 'shot gun' approach.
-- They also say that inter-species gene transfer has been going on for about a century.
(-- ignoring the inter-species gene swaps that bacteria have done for billions of years.)


I would be curious to see a statement in the industry or financial press about why makers thought microbeads would solve some problem in washing faces or brushing teeth.
-- Based just on this article, the lawmakers are entirely too generous in not cutting off production and sale immediately.


To call them a rifle shot would imply that Genetic Engineering is done with better control than is the case. The latest GMO approved, salmon, show multiple responses different to their environment than non GMO salmon of the same species. The GMOs are more susceptible to some fish diseases, have other immunological differences, and some do not gain weight any faster than non-GMO salmon of the same species.

Oh, and what interspecies gene transfer was done in 1915?


Responding to jhoj72.
'Rifle' vs. 'Shot gun' is a comparative analogy. If jhoj72 complains that modern genetic engineering techniques have poor control, it is still better than the control that existed 100 years ago, when plant engineers had to back-cross-breed for several generations to get out traits that got in that they didn't want.
As for the example, I have just spent more than an hour looking. That is the short-coming of most person's human experience. I saw an article within the past two weeks. I remember some concepts from it but I don't remember the title or the terms used well enough to find it again. I recall that one example involved triticum (wheat). I conclude by invoking 'The X Files': The article is out there. (And I know that unless the article can be presented (and for many even then), my statements will be dismissed by many. ...)


Be Honest. Cross-breading is not genetic engineering. Hybridizing as it was done 1000 or 100000 years ago was not genetic engineering. It was not taking a gene segment containing a gene coding for a desired trait, attaching it to a viral activator gene and then shot gunning it into multiple cells of the target species, taking those cells and through tissue culture raising them to be individuals.

Hybridizing is taking two cross fertile individuals, breeding them and then raising their offspring. In some cases the offspring are fertile in others they are infertile.

How much are you being paid to troll ?