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In Victory for Food and Biotech Industries, Congress Passes DARK Act 2.0


In Victory for Food and Biotech Industries, Congress Passes DARK Act 2.0

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

President Barack Obama is poised to sign the so-called DARK Act, a GMO labeling bill critics say notches a win for the food and biotech industries but will still leave consumers in the dark about whether or not their food contains genetically modified ingredients.


As the 99%, I'm pretty sure we all know what we are eating all day, every day: shit.


Big Corporate Governance runs amok.

In some far fetched fantasy world, I imagine those responsible for this institutionalized hoodwink, going out for dinner.

The karmic waiter or waitress hands them a menu that has only the names of the dishes, but none of the ingredients. Hearing their protests the service personnel confidently tell them that if they don't like it, they can just go F themselves.

Enter the bouncer, kicks them out, and they get the same damn treatment wherever they go, forever.


Well of course the POS will sign this give-away to corporate secrecy and greed! Has he done anything different his entire tenure? Typical Chicago machine politics of the most corrupt sort. My contempt for the man runneth over......

All you who still defend indefensible Dem betrayals of the people - environmental groups and apologists, fearful of change - need to wake up and vote against such political rot from Dems! We and our issues are being betrayed daily and still you weaklings beg for scraps that never come.......


A note to all Hillary supporters: this is exactly what you voted for.

It will be worse under a Clinton presidency. The corporations will have an easy time getting their nightmare legislation through the House and Senate, and the first female POTUS will gleefully sign it. I had no illusions about Obama, and I have no illusions about Clinton. This should be a cut & dry case: why on Earth would anyone deny Americans the right to know what is in their food? Answer, because it's probably riddled with GE crap that will kill us all before we can reach our 80s.

Much like the overturned COOL law forcing me to become a vegetarian, I guess I can look forward to growing my own food.


In all the stuff on the "Dark Act" I never read anywhere that what they were actually voting on was the reauthorization of the National Sea Grant College Act which provides critical funding for oceanography and marine ecology research through Sea Grant Universities. The stuff on GMO labeling was just an attachment to it.

It is dishonest reporting to not point this out.

I am also disappointed at some of the racist comments here.

Edit: Racist comments are now gone.


Perfectly in sync with the morally bankrupt ethos of Shock Doctrine style Capitalism, the Powerful Elites would rather have gigantic numbers of people suffering from Diabetes, Neurological disorders, Obesity, Depression, Heart Disease, and Cancer than promote a HEALTHY society by not only labeling what's IN foods, but not subsidizing those entities intent upon POISONING the commons/Nature and human beings, as well.

There's LOTS of $ to be made TREATING the disorders that stem from the FAKE FOOD diet, if it could be called that.

With a track record like Monsanto's, those murderers are still in the Driver Seat determining what people will eat. And those promoting this Con Job have the NERVE to speak words like "freedom" or "Democracy"?

They are paving the way to Soylent Green. After all, if you cannot by law KNOW what you are eating, and anyone so bold as to try to take photos documenting what's in food is treated as a dangerous pariah or worse still, an "Eco-Terrorist," at what point in time might not the UNTHINKABLE end up as a basic food source?

Mad Cow Disease was partly the result of cattle being fed cattle.

There IS precedent for Soylent Green!


That is the last straw.
No more eating for me.


I gotta get outa this place! More like the old Soviet Union everyday.


The Republicans cannot sustain a veto override, they don't have enough votes to do this. That is unless the President goes ahead with the plan to sign this abhorrent bill. We need to know exactly what is in our food, without question. Some people because of allergies have to know exactly what is in their food and if by chance they ingest something that is an allergen they'd need to be in the hospital immediately if not sooner. It is entirely appropriate for the president not to sign this bill that lessens the voice of the people in any manner.


You know half the Democrats in the House and senate voted in favor of it too right?


No doubt about it, the USA has the finest government that money can buy.


"We urge President Obama to remember his campaign promise...."

bwahahahaha. This was funny for 4 years. After nearly 8, it's just pathetic.


Veto the bill, President Obama!!!!



Better get moving then before you need an exit visa.


Aren't compromise and bipartisanship wonderful? Thanks very much Debbie Stab-us-in-the-back-enow.


This is not a complicated problem. If most of the people truly want to know what is in their food (and who wouldn't?), but the food industry won't tell, NATIONALIZE Big Agriculture. The are corporations. WE are PEOPLE! If our elected Congress won't stand with us, send them to Guano-tanamo. Lastly, if our war-criminal President won't stand with the people he is supposed to serve, send him to The Hague to answer charges for his America-endangering drone attacks. In fact, send him there anyway! I am tired of being always ashamed of the deeds of "my" dirtbag Government.


Oh Bernie, Bernie, Bernie...this is the Democratic Party you are trying to reform. Good luck with that. With friends like these, you have even more enemies.


That brings up an interesting scenario. If Drumpf is elected, will Obama tell the FBI to indict Hillary just so he can pardon her before he leaves office? This world is so effed up I would not be surprised at anything.


When I wrote to my congressmen about the DARK act I pointed out that food should not be a partisan issue. If we can know the contents of a pair of socks and the country in which they were manufactured we should know about the ingredients of our food and its country of origin. I need to check to see how they voted. This really pisses me off.