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In Victory for People's Movement, Ecuador Protests End With Government Capitulation on Fuel Subsidies

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/14/victory-peoples-movement-ecuador-protests-end-government-capitulation-fuel-subsidies

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I don’t get it. Aren’t we supposed to create incentives to use less fuel?

With austerity aimed at the poorest and most vulnerable? Really kind jesture from your friends at the IMF. Should you do some businessman ‘splanin’ along with the editorial board at the NY Times, I really think so.
Should Bill Gates, The Zuck and the Mega-Billionaires send them 250,000 Teslas and Priuses as a goodwill measure? Then wish them good luck and god’s speed. Not really the answer they’re looking for, either.
How about something in between?

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Thank you for your info –

Talking with a former citizen of Ecuador the other day at beauty parlor –
Her Mother was expected to arrive sometime that day from Ecuador –

This hasn’t as near as I could tell been a nation of car drivers -
It’s mainly still agricultural and may still have some fresh air and clean water?

The austerity threats, etal have left many without food or water.

Obviously, news we all need to catch up with.

Again – citizens create economies based on NEEDS, not nonsense.
But those economies are then manipulated by banks and financial institutions and
international financial institutions to manipulate those economies for the benefit of Elites.

Ecuador certainly has been of interest for the US/CIA for it’s oil and natural resources –
and highlighted by their protecting Julian Assange with a long period of Asylum …

subsequently interfered with by John Kerry/State Department on his visit to UK to gain
their assistance in permanently disconnecting Julian Assange from the internet –
and then there was a change of government in Ecuador.

All you say is quite true.
I’m sure the IMF would enjoy cutting a deal on the booming Galapagos Islands tourist and fishing areas, as well. It is " all of a piece " to them, isn’t it?

Hi mrs –

There seems to be nothing that Trump wouldn’t sell away – or the IMF take, imo.
That’s the horror of all of this –

As one of the protester’s signs said in leading CD article today –

“If the environment was a BANK, it would have been bailed out immediately.”

– Keep on tellin’ it –

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The fuel is used to cook, and to heat their homes, I think–they aren’t using it for driving around in cars. Whatever fuel they might use, including wood, will have a negative environmental impact, but it’s necessary, in order for them to stay alive.

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I guess I have made the same point about Americas.
Example: Someone posted a while back that they gave up their car years ago. What is then used to bring a couple of hundred dollars worth of groceries home, your bicycle?
How about those remodeling materials, 4x8 drywall or plywood? And how about the 30 or 40 mile commute to work and back?
I would be in a bind if my gas or NG price was jacked as well. The best answers are not available to us just yet.

Other articles in commondreams.org discuss the need to put an end to
subsidies for fossil fuels. This decision eases life for poor people
in Ecuador in the short term, but increases the danger for people in
general (and the natural world) in the long term.

It would be better for Ecuador to provide more aid to poor people, so
that they can cope with the increased price of fuel, but would still
have an incentive to reduce their use of fossil fuel.
Ecuadorians who are not poor would also have that incentive.

IMF has a bad habit of pressuring countries into service cuts austerity, and the people rise up when that happens … standing up to the central banks when they do wrong, this one’s a victory not only for the people of Ecuador but for all people around the world … The protest movement in Ecuador began on October 2 after a coalition of indigenous groups, the Confederation of Indigenous Nations in Ecuador (CONAIE), launched demonstrations against the Moreno government's proposal to eliminate fuel subsidies in an effort to reduce the country's debt to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Moreno also proposed slashing salaries for public workers as a way to generate funding to pay down the IMF debt.

Redacted Tonight has the followup … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zEDxd7KGQ4