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In 'Victory for Womanhood,' Jury Finds Bill Cosby Guilty on Sexual Assault Charges


In 'Victory for Womanhood,' Jury Finds Bill Cosby Guilty on Sexual Assault Charges

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In what one survivor called "a victory for womanhood," a jury in Pennsylvania found 80-year-old comedian and "violent assaulter" Bill Cosby guilty of three sexual assault felonies on Thursday.

"I feel like my faith in humanity is restored," Lili Bernard told reporters while stepping out of the courthouse. The verdict, she said, is "a victory for all sexual assault survivors, female and male. It's a victory for womanhood."


Can he be equated with tweedledim?


I was surprised after Dickenson - who I believe is paid off to say she lied. Glad Cosby was found guilty, and yes, a big win for women.


No, Cosby is even worse. He drugged women and raped them.


It is a victory because these women have exposed more of the reality
of what has been so long hidden in our culture …

and it took 50 of them to bring Cosby to accountability –

at least two trials –

and how many appeals will follow?

Beyond ALL of these attacks being cruel and cowardly in the drugging of
these women in order to sexually abuse them, many of them were shockingly
violent assaults.

Think of the many people who saw some of the results of these attacks –

or those who aided Cosby by sending young females to him for advice and guidance
on how to break into the business – writing or acting.

Something is very wrong here and imo there’s still a large part of this story which has
to be unraveled.

Was Bill Cosby somehow protected in his sexual attacks on females?


Bill Cosby’s main problem is that he is black. If he were white, like Bill Clinton or Epstein, he would still be walking around free.

The evidence against these two WHITE MEN is overwhelming, yet they are still free.

Hypocrisy anyone?


He also sued women who reported him, for years.


As one of the jurors has made clear, Cosby’s main problem was that in his
testimony in regard to his attack on Constant, he offered the information that
he had drugged women in order to have sex with them.

It’s my opinion that Bill Clinton, Epstein – and very possibly Cosby – were being
protected by the CIA and involved with CIA operations. Some also think that
Hugh Hefner/Playboy were also a CIA operation.

Recently I watched “To Kill a Mockingbird” on AMC from beginning to end. It
was riveting. But when the end came, it was as though I was seeing it for the first
time – and actually the announcer for AMC also commented on it: HAD we really
heard that the accused had tried to flee and was shot dead? Did we never question
that before?

How many AA’s accused of crimes and of rape were frightened or forced into
“running” – or who had never run at all – and were shot. We’ve got a much better
idea today than even ten years ago the immense amount of police brutality it takes
to keep AA’s down. Not only down … but dead … and jobless … and as un-educated
as the Elites can keep them. And at this point, Elites aren’t too fond of the educating of
ordinary Americans either and their attacks on public education will continue on in
order to stop not only the educating of AA’s but “whites” as well.

There used to be an old well-understood saying my aunt used to repeat …
“We are all the American Indian”

Understand the many ways that they were doomed by Elites – and also the many ways
and means Elites have of dooming and destroying any people of color. Watch carefully
because we are all on Elites’ enemies list.