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In Victory for Workers Demanding 'Justice and Dignity,' Disneyland Employees Secure $15 Minimum Wage

In Victory for Workers Demanding 'Justice and Dignity,' Disneyland Employees Secure $15 Minimum Wage

Julia Conley, staff writer

Weeks after joining in union organizers' months-long fight to secure a living wage for thousands of Disneyland workers, Sen. Bernie Sander (I-Vt.) was among the progressives who applauded a new three-year contract for workers at Orange County, California's largest employer, giving employees an immediate raise followed by one that will bring the park's minimum pay up to $15 per hour next year.

From the article:

“While only 10,000 Disneyland workers are members of the four unions who reached the minimum wage deal on Thursday, all 30,000 park employees would be affected by the “Living Wage” ballot measure.”

So either join up (preferably) or pay your agency fees, you free riders!


Historically, the highest union representation in the U.S. has been only about 1/3 of the workforce. All the same, hard-won wages and benefits ended up being passed along to everyone, raising the standard of living for the entire workforce, union or not. I remember a line from a commercial for a union that went something like: “Brought to you by the people who gave us the weekend.” They could also have said health insurance, pensions, paid vacation and much more.

I remember my father-in-law, a Boeing employee and staunch union hater, telling me how stupid those strikers were, standing out there, losing pay while he went to work every morning. He said when it was all over, he would get the same raise they did, he wouldn’t have lost anything, and he still didn’t have to pay union dues. Boy, were they dumb.

Except without them, there would have been no raise, benefits would have been much different or nonexistent, working conditions would be “take it or leave it,” and he never figured that out.

Good to know my old union beat the national average, 96% participation, and in the deep south no less.
You’re correct about the standard of living, too few people in this country realize how much we owe the unions of yesterday. Everything we take for granted or enjoy at our jobs, is due to people fighting for those benefits. My great grandfather was killed fighting for those benefits, how many today would put their lives on the line, dam few. Sad to here you’re father-in-law never got that, but I’m glad you did.

Great to here these workers were successful.