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In Victory Over GOP Suppression Scheme, Court Rules Thousands of Georgians Must Be Allowed to Vote


In Victory Over GOP Suppression Scheme, Court Rules Thousands of Georgians Must Be Allowed to Vote

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In what civil rights groups celebrated as a massive victory over one of the many egregious voter suppression schemes by Georgia Secretary of State and Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp, a federal court on Friday ruled that thousands of Georgians who were improperly flagged as "non-citizens" in state voter databases must be allowed to cast a ballot in next Tuesday's midterm elections.

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HI FascistFokker–Yes! This is wonderful news, and Georgia still has some justice living in it’s justice system : )


Last year they were successful in Wisconsin with troubled access to dept. of motor veh. This year it’s the Indian tribe in North Dakota because a last minute requirement of addresses. Another moves the polling place outside of town. Some needs to fix this with a baseball bat if nothing else works…


Hang on there sparky, you won the rights for 3000 voters, according to Greg Palest, there were more than 100,000 disenfranchised voters in GA. What about them ? More importantly who’s going to watch the votes being counted ? We already know they will commit vote suppression, there’s no reason to think they will be fair in the counting process.


I’d say one step at a time, but that turns my stomach as much as Kemp and the others do.

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Good thing there’s a A.C.L.U. paying attention, but when you have many voting machines that don’t leave a paper trail, that begs a certain amount of credulity to say the least. Trump accidentally told the truth, when he said it’s a rigged system folks.


Right On. This is but of a fraction of the voters whose franchisement has been stolen by Kemp. The GOP and Kemp have no respect for our voting rights or the judiciary. Good luck in enforcing this judge’s decision. What are you going to do after claims that voters were denied access? The election will declared and the Dems will be flapping their lips into the wind.
Look at the Kavanaugh hearings, the Dems are useless
Chris Kobach ignored a judge’s decision in Kansas and struck tens of thousands off the ballots. He was found in contempt of court and just kept on doing his thing.
The liberals joy at this paltry decision is just sad.

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…It was Greg Palast that brought this to Georgia Court’s attention in the first place. He had to sue Brian Kemp for the list and there are hundreds of thousands of names in question just in Georgia. Greg has sued probably a dozen red states for their lists. He has said in the last year fourteen million voters have been scrubbed from the rosters. It is a felony and should be punished, yeah right…such great follow through we have with these greedy mfer’s. Always remember the GOP IS A CULT, period, paragraph…and a good bit of deprogramming we’ll have to do in the future…

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Good news this morning, AP is running a follow up story where the GA. Dem party says they are staging a massive voter protection operation, including poll monitors and a voter assistance hotline (the story didn’t list the number, sorry).

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See recent post above.


See recent post above to ToniWintroub.


…thanx for the update…so grateful for Greg Palast starting the ball rolling…


Great news! Thx.

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I feel your frustration. But the right wingers have been setting up this infrastructure and planning how to do it ever since 1954. And they already had the script–which was Jim Crow and lynchings, the KKK and fire hoses, Bull Connor and the dogs of Hell. All of these mofos that created the racist machine of slavery have been walking among us, sewing the seeds of hate, oppression and death, since the beginning of our nation. This is a struggle to alter the arc of history. Maybe we have to burn down both parties. But for now, you should check out Stacy Abrams. This woman has a plan, and she is not y our typical Democrat. Get with the program, brother. WE may not live to see the promised land, but being an American should mean working to move the needle of justice every day of our lives, even if it is only an inch.

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