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In Video Campaign, Renowned Iranians Call for 'More Peaceful Tomorrow'


In Video Campaign, Renowned Iranians Call for 'More Peaceful Tomorrow'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


It takes a lot of courage to live in a country where one can go to jail for creating unease in the public mind or attempting to attend a men’s volleyball game while being a woman. And where gay people, as young as 14, are hanged. Still, I am disappointed to see a human rights lawyer covering her hair. I see a man in the back of the photo whose hair is not covered. Do men in Iran have more rights than women?


Assange, Manning, Snowden.

Do bears shit in the forest?


Jail for attending a men’s volleyball game? WTF? I had no idea it was as bad as all that for women over there. Sad.


It would seem that, as usual, any nation’s or people’s customs that do not fall in direct line with that of the US Fourth Reich are evil.

  • Most Muslim women cover their hair by custom. Gradually, that is dying out, but because a woman covers her hair does not mean that she is mistreated and oppressed. I know a number of Muslim women. Some cover their hair and some don’t. Seems to be more of a personal decision than a religious mandate.
  • Granted, some Muslim sects, like the Wahabis, take their customs to extremes, but that doesn’t mean a universal control of the opposite sex.
  • Little by little, emancipation is taking place even in Riyadh, but it is taking a long time. Iran was a largely secular nation until the CIA killed the legally elected leader of Iran and put the Quisling Shaw in power.
  • The revolution against the Shaw put the Ayatollahs in command, but as time goes on, things are slowly liberalizing. Instead of demanding instant “Americanization” of the peoples of the world, perhaps we should let things evolve.
  • The desire of the Iranians along with most of the People of the World is for peace, freedom, and a world free of fear. Perhaps we could learn from them.


Personally, I’m wondering if Iran’s Supreme Leader will sign off on the deal. Unless I’ve missed something, he doesn’t seem to have much good to say about it. I guess we will see.